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Advanced Analytics
Seamless innovative features like image Analysis and search exclusion help find the right influencers and advanced sentiment analytics gives insight on customer perception of your marketing campaigns

Whether you are a boutique agency, freelancer or an enterprise we have customized pricing that fits your marketing budget.
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Sentiment Analysis

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Campaign Analytics/Reporting and Dashboard

3 reasons why is the best alternative to Grin

Increased Campaign ROI with Advanced Search Functionalities
Tapping into a pool of the right influencers can offer unparalleled ROI to business leaders running a marketing campaign. But finding a perfect match aligning with your brand values can often be challenging.'s advantage lies in the advanced search functionalities like image analysis, exclusion search and demographics segmentation to discover potential influencers for a successful campaign. 
Supercharged with Features, Affordable on Price
All the advanced features come at affordable prices without any additional add-on cost. has customized and affordable pricing for SMEs, agencies, D2C brands and enterprises in need of high user accounts and gives a free trial of seven days.
Moving beyond Vanity Metrics
Your influencer marketing campaign has generated thousands of comments. Is the campaign a success? If the answer is an immediate yes, then it is time to reconsider and do a deep dive into understanding the overall perception hidden in those comments. helps marketers to get insight into campaign comments and understand the overall campaign sentiment. The AI model to generate higher accuracy is based on 58 million social media data points. 
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"At Norbreeze, we use Affable mainly for Product Seeding. The aesthetically designed dashboard provides meaningful statistics which enabled us to view crucial information at a glance."

Krisha Ramos, Norbreeze Group