Why Grin when you can be Affable!

affable.ai, your Grin alternative to an influencer marketing platform that helps you find, manage and collaborate easily with relevant influencers!

affable.ai gives you 20+ advanced filters on your influencer discovery and 7+ filters to search through as compared to Grin. affable.ai is coveted as the most easy-to-use and affordable influencer marketing platform in the market.

Over 4500 Marketers From Global Brands And Agencies,
Power Their Influencer Strategy With affable.ai

Smart Marketers Switch From Grin To affable.ai

Story Tracking

With affable.ai keep track of stories for more than 24 hours! Read, analyze and assess how these stories are performing whenever you want to.

Comment Sentiment Analysis

affable.ai lets you easily assess the quality of the comments made on the posts whether they’re neutral, positive or negative. You can also assess the quality of the engagement - are there only a bunch of emojis in the comments or quality conversation

Proprietary Image and Text Analysis

Our AI-based on proprietary image and text analysis analyses text, images, locations, mentions, and emojis, to help you find the most relevant influencers in the shortest amount of time. Comprehensive interest and brand affinity filters, powered by image recognition.

Flexible Pricing

Unlike Grin, affable.ai offers value driven pricing giving you a better return-on-investment with its flexible pricing models.

Stellar Customer Support

affable.ai is known in the industry for our prompt support and our ability to go extra-mile for our customers.


“Easy way to connect with influencers. It's great that we can combine them in a campaign where we can monitor all the contents that the influencers are posting.”

Trixie Angelica A

"affable.ai has made us more efficient and automated our manual workflows which previously took a lot of time."

Nicole A

“affable.ai is a great platform to find new influencers across different demographics. Its discovery tools allowed me to make informed decisions using hard data, and its integration with Shopify helped automate internal processes, saving my team time and resources”

Daniella Reda

Features Checklist

Discover Influencer

Across IG, FB, YT, TikTok, TW

Only YT & TikTok

Email Outreach CRM

Measure ROI


Shopify/Magento Integrations

Story Tracking

Comment Sentiment Analysis

Proprietary Image & Text Analysis

Free Trials


IG, FB, YT, TikTok, TW

YT, TikTok, Limited use of IG, FB with no influencer search feature


US$ 14,400 Onwards; Flexible Contract Cycle

US$ 25,000 Onwards; only Annual Contracts

Ease of Use

Seamless (9.0 on G2)

Requires Training (8.7 on G2)

The influencer marketing platform that data-driven marketers love and trust

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