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Seamless E-commerce Integration
Track sales that Influencers drive for your Shopify Store by creating unique discount codes for Influencers. Measure the sales generated by each Influencers instantly.

Product Gifting made Easy
Advanced yet handy functionalities like exclusion search and sentiment analysis to ensure precision in influencer discovery and measuring ROI
Free Trials, Flexible Subscription Packages
Get rid of inhibitions about Influencer Marketing by taking a free trial and subscribing to customized plans based on your needs.
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Sentiment Analysis

Exclusion Search

Customised Subscription Plans 

Image Recognition

Ecommerce Integration

Product Seeding

Influencer Recruitment/ Scoring

Influencer Segmentation/ Collaboration

Audience Analysis

Campaign Analytics & Reporting

Choosing over Taggermedia- Why?

Enhanced Sales Tracking With ecommerce Integration
Want to track whether influencers are driving their followers to buy your product?
We effectively keep track of every step by integrating with your e-commerce store on Shopify. Customized discount codes synced with your e-commerce store gets generated for the selected influencers. Influencers share the code on their social media channels whereby tracks all the purchases to measure the campaign effectiveness.
Easy Product Gifting For Better Brand Exposure
Even if you discover influencers, sending your products for review can be the next challenge that awaits you. 

Gifting can be a tedious task if done manually. helps you in product seeding as you can easily create orders for your brands within the platform and allow influencers to choose the product of their choice. You also get shipment details at every stage until it reaches the influencer.

And, if you are wondering about influencer ghosting, we ensure that you set up expectations clearly with influencers - by first setting up a proposal, campaign brief and payment mode before sending out gifts.

Free Trial & Customised Pricing to Suit Every Budget
Concerned if influencer marketing is an unproven channel to market your product? offers a free trial of seven days to clear out all your doubts. If you are an agency, D2C brand or an enterprise, we understand your marketing stakes and provide flexible subscriptions plans based on your campaign requirements. 
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" is a great platform to find new influencers across different demographics. Its discovery tools allowed me to make informed decisions using hard data, and its integration with Shopify helped automate internal processes, saving my team time and resources."

Daniella Reda, Brand Manager