What we do better than Upfluence?

affable.ai, your Upfluence alternative to an influencer marketing platform that helps you find, manage and collaborate easily with relevant influencers!

affable.ai gives you 20+ advanced filters on your influencer discovery and 7+ filters to search through as compared to Upfluence. Our client success team provides personalized support, advice, and guidance to ensure that you get the most out of the platform and your campaigns. affable.ai also provides detailed analytics and insights to help you make informed decisions about your campaigns.

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Smart Marketers Switch From Upfluence To affable.ai. Here’s why!

Better Search Filters

Get the best search filters for you to not only find influencers across 20+ like age, demographic, gender, suspicious follower list etc but also comb influencers audience through a bunch of filters to find the most relevant ones. From audience interests, to brand mentioned and growth rates (Brand mentioned can be found on an Influencer's profile. Growth rate is within discovery called "follower growth". You can also filter based on their follower growth in a time period), use the right filters to nail your campaigns across the right audience.

Sponsored Post Analysis

Get influencer’s previous collaborations, including brands mentioned, Engagement statistics of sponsored posts, and sponsored post frequency.

Similar Influencers

Discovering influencers is now quicker! Find similar influencers that match with your existing influencer criteria to help you scale your efforts more effectively.

Trend Analysis

Trends helps you find the most active brands, influencers with highest engagements, trending hashtags in your region. Compare your brand against other brands on the number of posts, reach & engagement.


Unlike Upfluence, affable.ai offers value driven pricing giving you a better return-on-investment with its flexible pricing models.

Customer Service

affable.ai is known in the industry for our prompt support and our ability to go extra-mile for our customers.


“Easy way to connect with influencers. It's great that we can combine them in a campaign where we can monitor all the contents that the influencers are posting.”

Trixie Angelica A

"affable.ai has made us more efficient and automated our manual workflows which previously took a lot of time."

Nicole A

“affable.ai is a great platform to find new influencers across different demographics. Its discovery tools allowed me to make informed decisions using hard data, and its integration with Shopify helped automate internal processes, saving my team time and resources”

Daniella Reda

Features Checklist

Discover Influencer

Across IG, FB, YT, TikTok, TW

Only YT & TikTok

Competitor Insights

Influencer CRM

Shopify/Magento Integrations

Search by audience interest

Search by brands mentioned

Search by growth rate

Sponsored post Analysis

Similar influencers

Trend Analysis


IG, FB, YT, TikTok, TW

YT, TikTok, Limited use of IG, FB with no influencer search feature




Ease of Use



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