10 Leading Social Media Agencies In Dubai [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
March 15, 2022
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Considering that there are 9.84M social media users active in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) region, almost every Dubai-based or international brand wants to target them.

With so many brands fighting for customer attention, standing out can be a challenge. 

Social media agencies can help in making things easier for you. They build brand-specific strategies regarding community management, content creation, social media strategy, and influencer marketing to help you catch the eye of the customers. 

You can go for an automated SaaS platform like affable.ai to carry out end-to-end influencer marketing for your brand. It helps you search for influencers by their name, age, interest, audience, location, brand affinities, follower count, engagement rate, and more to discover the right influencers. Affable.ai supports you with tools to manage influencers and measure the effectiveness of your campaign. 

But there are social media marketing agencies too, who may or may not be offering influencer marketing but can help you with other digital services understanding your brand goals. 

Let's look at some of the top social media marketing agencies in Dubai - 

1) Blue Beetle

Founding year: 1988 

Blue Beetle provides services like website production, online advertising, email marketing, search engine optimisation, content marketing, social media marketing in Dubai. It brings together brands and audiences by setting objectives, creating a customer profile, running analysis, and content strategy for the social media platforms. 

The agency creates a digital presence with the help of blogs, landing pages, emails, call-to-actions, forms, surveys, and social engagement. 

Brands like Global Hotel Alliance, Shell, Biz Group, Avenue, Atlantis the Palm, and Emaar are some of the company’s clients. 

2) Igloo 

Founding year: 2004 

Igloo is a full-service branding and social media marketing agency in Dubai providing paid advertising, lead generation, branding, social media management, and web & app designing services. 

Its social media team looks after the objectives, content style, audience preferences, preferred platforms, hashtags, and budget. The free consultation option allows the company to understand brand goals and requirements. 

It has worked with leading brands like Chicco, Mother Earth, Himalayas, Aster, and Louis Widmer. 

3) Traffic Digital

Founding year: 2008 

Traffic Digital is a digital marketing agency that delivers social media marketing services for brands. Offering customer-centric services, the agency has collaborated with leading brands such as Rexona, Honda, DP world, Pepsi, and UNICEF in the past. 

This social media marketing agency in Dubai provides numerous solutions for brands. Like community engagement, social media design, graphics, photography and videography content, social media content strategies, performance analysis, and more. 

It operates from 4 offices located in Dubai, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. 

4) TOP Agency

Founding year: 2018 

TOP Agency is a social media agency in Dubai targeting sectors like travel, education, government, B2B, digital, health, finance and many more. The company provides social media marketing services, including content creation, social media advertising, profile management, and audience interaction. 

TOP Agency provides its services in 25+ countries, including Dubai, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, Toronto, New York and more.  

Other than social media management, the company focuses on branding, copywriting, public relations, graphic design, website development, influencer marketing, and more.

5) Outreach Marketing 

Founding year: 2008 

Dubai-based social media agency, Outreach Marketing specialises in digital marketing, search engine optimisation, website design, animation, social media marketing, outdoor advertising, branding, paid ads, and video creation services. 

The company helps brands manage their social media platforms with content creation, reputation management, community management, advertising, content strategy and development, analytics & reporting. 

Brands can visit the website for a quotation of services based on requirements. Brands like Nestle, Agate Kitchens, Makeup Studio, Delo, Caltex have worked with the agency. 

6) GCC Marketing

Founding year: 2009 

GCC Marketing started in Dubai and later expanded its operations to Saudi Arabia, the UK, the USA and the Far East. 

The social media marketing services at GCC Marketing come in 4 pricing packages, starting from 1500AED. Different packages include services based on brand requirements like corporate branding, copywriting, SEO audit, reports filing, social media calendar, pixel setup, account management, and a lot more. 

It serves real estate, automotive, manufacturing, energy, tourism, eCommerce, retail, mining, oil & gas, dairy, transport & logistics, and construction. 

Some of the company’s clients are Back Rock, Beauty World, Paya real estate, HCM, Jiana, Verve management.

7) Brand Stallion

Founding year: 2012

Brand Stallion is an inbound marketing agency providing various services like digital marketing, website design, social media marketing. 

To amplify the results for clients, the company applies several social media marketing strategies like community management, social media graphic design, social media content creation, and photography & videography. 

The company has operated with known brands Colgate, Adidas, Arif Habib, Miniso and others.

8) Novicom Marketing Group

Founding year: 2012

Novicom Marketing Group, founded in the Netherlands, later procured an office in Dubai. 

The company was started as a digital marketing agency in Dubai, providing several digital services like social media marketing, content creator, data analytics, marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Novicom takes care of community management, content creation via storytelling, social engagement, advertising, and management. 

It has worked with major brands like Red Bull, Nike, Jaguar, and Pepsi. 

9) InCycle Marketing

Founding year: 2016

Based in Dubai, InCycle Marketing provides social media marketing services focusing on content creation, strategy planning, competitor analysis, and management of social media crises. The company creates audience-focused strategies to establish long-term relationships. 

It operates multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Besides, the company provides search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, email marketing, content marketing, website development, and branding services. Top brands like J.K Poulsen, Zagara, Body Maze, and Mio Law Firm trust the work of InCycle. 

10) Kingsmen Agency 

Founding year: 2019 

Kingsmen Agency is a Google, Facebook and YouTube certified social media agency in Dubai. Its social media strategies include content creation, management, development, and community engagement. 

It offers four packages, starting from 1500 AED per month. Moreover, the agency provides event organisation, public relations, SMS marketing, and website development services. 

Kingsmen Agency is currently working with 94 clients, including The Penthouse, Wilken, Wise Production, Citiscape, Dubai Diamonds, and Hypt. 

Wrapping up

Whichever social media agency you choose will determine the success of your social media campaign. So choose wisely. 

But, if you want to leverage the full potential of social media marketing, go beyond the traditional marketing methods. 

Influencer marketing is a new-age marketing strategy that brands use nowadays to reach to their ideal audience. 

Research shows that 49% of consumers trust influencer endorsements more than traditional marketing. For this reason, numerous brands look for influencers to promote their product online to drive awareness and increase sales. 

Affable.ai helps you to identify the right influencers, manage your campaigns without any hassle, and measure the performance to analyse efficiency. 

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