Now Powers Maison 21G's Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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August 11, 2022
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Singapore-based haute perfumery brand Maison 21G has joined hands with to power its influencer marketing strategy.

Maison 21G will scale its influencer marketing efforts across Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, and Australia. 

About Maison 21G:

"Maison 21G is on a mission to make the world of Personalised Perfumery accessible to all, with haute couture and sustainable ingredients.

We are the first collaborative perfumery house for the luxury-lifestyle generation who wants to stand out from the common everyday scents.

Maison 21G helps consumers unlock their inner scent designer, dare to be an early adopter, and discover their signature perfume in just a few clicks! 16,000 people have already unlocked their perfume potential in various locations around the world!" from Maison 21G's website.

About is an end-to-end Influencer Management Platform that allows brands and agencies to streamline their influencer strategies by discovering influencers across social channels, planning and activation of campaigns, and analytics.

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