To Enable FRÉ Skincare Streamline Influencer Campaigns And Boost Brand Awareness 

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February 23, 2023
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FRÉ skincare is an Israel-based company specializing in creating beauty products for women who workout. FRÉ relies on influencer campaigns that can help them connect with its target audience on social media to bring more recognition to its product line. 

However, due to challenges like finding suitable influencers and managing campaigns manually, FRÉ has partnered with, an influencer marketing platform that helps brands and agencies run end-to-end streamlined influencer campaigns. 

With’s advanced features, the skincare brand will be able to find relevant influencers, implement strategic campaigns, and track performance from a single platform.  

About FRÉ:

“FRÉ was born with a passion to create excellent skincare products for an active lifestyle and be a brand that drives social change.We are committed to growing FRÉ, as a force for good. Our mission has always been to lead change around two issues that we consider to be the calling of our generation: protecting our planet and empowering women.

We believe in female leadership, and today women lead the environmental movement. We believe women are a driving force for progress and that strong women move humanity forward. When women are strong, the world is strong. When women rise, societies rise with them. In order to ensure that women will continue to grow strong in society, we believe in empowering the next generation of women. Today’s girls will become tomorrow’s leaders.”

About is a fast-growing influencer marketing platform that helps run data-backed creator campaigns from a single dashboard. The platform not only helps find influencers on social media but also helps implement campaigns, communicate with influencers, carry out product gifting, and measure performance. serves multiple companies in the market, including direct-to-consumer, enterprises, agencies, and more. 

With the help of advanced AI and machine learning, the platform has collected data on more than 6M+ influencers from 4 different social media channels. Users can also use features like campaign reports, market trends, and fake follower tools to run successful campaigns. 

Check out how has helped 100+ companies streamline their influencer campaigns. 

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