Will Empower Evocative LA In Streamlining Influencer Campaigns

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December 1, 2022
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Evocative LA is now using to empower their influencer marketing campaigns. With the help of’s features, Evocative LA can streamline their campaigns, find the right influencers, and measure their effectiveness. The platform will enable Evocative LA to build strong influencer connections and create engaging content. 

About Evocative LA: 

Evocative LA is a communications boutique that specializes in building lifestyle and fashion brands. Based in Los Angeles, the company specializes in influencer relations, media relations, and creative marketing campaign services. 

About is an influencer management platform that runs on advanced machine learning technology that helps brands and agencies find fitting influencers, run automated campaigns, and measure accurate ROI. The platform eliminates manual work required in managing an entire influencer campaign by automating the functions. 

In addition, the platform allows users to focus on building authentic influencer relationships. 

See how has empowered 100+ brands and agencies! 

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