How Agencies Can Save Time And Effort By Automating Manual Grunt Work Using

Sruthi Ramisetty
Product Marketer
March 23, 2023
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Being in a communications agency, you understand the challenges of influencer discovery, onboarding, and collaboration. You may have experienced firsthand how these processes can be incredibly time-consuming and prone to human error at multiple stages. This is especially so if you are working with multiple brands, making it difficult to keep track of everything - delays, impacted efficiency, and ultimately affect your bottom line. Here is how can help you solve these issues for you.

1) Manage and collaborate with multiple influencers that align with your brand

Messy excel sheets make it difficult to keep track of your influencer prospects. The “groups” feature on lets you organize and manage your influencer shortlists based on your own criteria. You can create custom groups based on factors like audience demographics, engagement rate, or content category, and then add relevant influencers to these groups. This makes it easier to track and analyze the performance of specific groups and to reach out to influencers that fit specific campaign needs. Additionally, you can collaborate with team members and share groups with them, streamlining the communication and decision-making process.

2) Manage your marketing team seamlessly within the same platform with Notes and CSV download features

With's Notes feature, you can create shared notes on influencer profiles and share them with other team members using This feature allows for more seamless collaboration amongst your organization, enabling them to easily share insights and feedback about specific influencers. Additionally, the Notes feature ensures that important information is centralized and easily accessible, saving time and streamlining the decision-making process.'s downloadable influencer profiles in CSV provides agencies with an easy way to analyze and compare influencer metrics. By downloading multiple profiles from a group in CSV format, agencies can view all the metrics in one screen and make informed decisions about their influencer marketing campaigns.

3) Scale your influencer outreach efforts's Creator’s Portal and Email CRM features provide agencies with a scalable solution for reaching out to influencers in campaigns. With Creator’s Portal, agencies can easily invite influencers to join their campaigns and collaborate with them in a centralized platform. The Email CRM allows agencies to create customized email templates and insert variables, saving time and effort while still personalizing outreach to each influencer. Moreover with email CRM you can now set up auto replies to make sure they stay updated with the latest status of your influencers applications and proposals. By streamlining outreach efforts, agencies can maximize their influencer marketing ROI and achieve greater success in their campaigns.

4) Say No To Using Manual Efforts and Spending Hours on Reports

Are you manually taking screenshots of influencer stories and posts to track content? Are you spending hours creating reports on PowerPoint? These methods are time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies in your influencer marketing campaigns. streamlines the process of tracking influencer content and analytics. With the ability to easily collate and monitor content posted by influencers, including stories, in one place, agencies can access a comprehensive overview of their influencer campaigns. Additionally, provides valuable metrics such as reach and EMV (earned media value), making it easier for agencies to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and make informed decisions.

This feature also enables agencies to create and export/download campaign reports as PowerPoint presentations. With all the campaign data pre-configured, agencies can quickly generate professional-looking reports to share with their clients. This not only saves time but also improves reporting, providing clients with valuable insights and keeping them informed about campaign performance. 

If you are tired of using messy excel sheets, manual methods, and time-consuming reporting, with its streamlined and efficient approach to influencer marketing is exactly what you need.

"  helps a lot in getting insights for selecting the right influencers, monitoring influencer campaigns currently running, and understanding better what kind of influencers are used by the competitors. With the extension to TikTok, this tool is more robust than before as TikTok is one growing social media platform in my market, and lots of brands collaborate with TikTok creators to deliver the brand message.

The campaign monitoring can help us in getting captured IG story content used by the influencer which usually gone after 24 hours. We can get the engagement result quickly without hassle to ask directly to the influencers one by one which usually takes time.

We also use this tool for competitive analysis. With better understanding on what kind of influencers used by the competitors we can get a better understanding on the competitors strategy. Not only that, we can also get the information of what brand is already attached with each influencer. So, it helps us in recommending the right influencers for our brand, not only based on its followers profile, but also the influencer affinity through its branded content.

The dashboard is easy to access and operates. It made even my junior-level staff can easily use the tools to get the insights.

The team is also approachable and helpful. The team is always ready to give us guidance or direction in using the tools if we are facing difficulty. They are willing to provide refresher training for my new team member, so they can better understand using the tools.

- Fitri Rizayati

General Manager, I-dac Indonesia

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