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Archana Mishra
Content Manager
November 25, 2022
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From creating multiple touchpoints to establishing trust and influencing the target audience, efforts to market your niche products sometimes get stretched and fail to reach their endpoint. Influencer marketing is turning out to be one sure-shot way for brands to achieve all of it.

While brands have the option to work with influencers using giveaways, we see many brands now collaborating with them in exchange for a percentage on sales, leads, or clicks, as affiliates. Influencers acting as affiliates for your company might be a game-changing move at a time when social commerce is on the increase.

But why affiliates? Their recommendations are rooted in trust and authenticity and have credibility with the target audiences. However, doing so calls for the appropriate tools to handle all the minute details of working with affiliates. An AI solution like, which aids brands in managing influencer marketing campaigns, offers an integrated function called Affiliates that makes it simple to run affiliate campaigns using links and promo codes and has an easy way to incentivize influencers.

Feature: Affiliate Settings’ Creator Portal contains ‘Affiliates Settings’, which lets you use codes to track sales and commission. Similar to a promotional offer, a promo code gets customers excited. You can encourage social media users to purchase your products by offering discount codes. These codes can be shared via various platforms and distribution methods, including Instagram captions, overlays on images, videos, and stories, and simple word-of-mouth. Customers can use this at a specific point during the purchase.

Affiliate Settings auto-generates unique codes and links for every influencer. 

The tab features a description box where details can be shared, such as the discount that will be provided for each purchase when reaching out to influencers. After an influencer’s proposal is approved,  the linked with your Shopify store generates unique discount codes that are specific to each influencer, for e.g., Eden10. Influencers post the same information on their social media platforms to inform their followers about the product and its discount.

Tracking Conversions Through  Promo Codes and Affiliate Links 

Tracking the revenue generated by the influencers can be cumbersome if done manually. Once the campaign is active and influencers have agreed to the terms and shared discount codes in their posts, it is simple to monitor their effectiveness. Orders, total sales influenced by the influencer, and revenue may all be easily tracked. The tool gives you all the information under the campaigns in the affiliates section. tracks both cumulative and individual sales driven by influencers over a given time period. 
The Affiliate page reflects the total orders and the influencer commission to be paid with each order. 

The Affiliates page displays the total orders generated by each influencer individually and collectively. It also shows other details, such as the average daily sale by individual influencers and the cumulative total for a specific time frame. You can export it for use in marketing reports and presentations. It also enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns and keep tabs on influencer performance.

Affiliate data can be exported for a given time period.

Influencer Commission

The technology makes it possible to compensate influencers in two different methods (see Image 1): A. Percentage value per sale, which means a certain percentage of every sale will be given to influencers as a commission. B. Fixed value per sale — enabling to give a fixed amount for every sale. In either case, this is the amount you'll compensate affiliates for sales made using their code.

Influencers can provide their PayPal email address before accepting the offer. You can also keep track of the commission given to specific influencers and in total while running the campaign. Even if you have given the influencer incentives from other sources, you can still mark it as paid. ( refer to image 4)

Nowadays, shoppers follow influencer recommendations before buying products or services. Let these influencers work as your affiliate so you may build brand awareness, launch products, and generate sales.

To learn more about affiliate marketing, read our blog, Use Influencers To Power Up Your Affiliate Marketing.

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