Breadcrumbing: A Creative Way To Share Influencer Content 

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April 12, 2023
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Have you ever wondered why production companies release teasers and trailers before the movie premiere? To create anticipation in the audience by giving a sneak peek. That's the art of breadcrumbing.

Breadcrumbing is a marketing strategy businesses use to build anticipation in the audience by dropping sharable content leading up to the main event. HBO successfully adopted the strategy to make 'The Last of Us' a successful game adaptation series. 

They started marketing the series two years before its release by dropping teasers on PlayStation events, generating awareness and capturing the audience's attention. HBO even collaborated with video game creators and lifestyle influencers to initiate interesting conversations about the upcoming series. 

HBO's team first targeted the already engaged video game fans instead of appealing to the general audience. The team let creators create content on their platforms to generate buzz around the anticipated series, making it the second-largest digital debut for HBO. 

"Creating shareable content is vital to converting content visibility into brand discoverability. Breadcrumb content showcases that you've got all the right ingredients, a well-crafted message, and you're ready to serve it in bite-sized, shareable pieces," says Vinnie Potestivo, Emmy Award-winning Brand Advisor and host of LinkedIn Presents: I Have A Podcast.

The breadcrumbing strategy is used by multiple businesses to lead potential customers to a desired outcome. By releasing shareable content, brands can attract an audience, engage them and create hype for the main event. The content can include influencer posts, articles, social media stories, youtube videos, and more. 

By including a clear CTA, you can direct followers to the next piece of content, a website, a product page, or a link to other social channels. 

Breadcrumbing is an effective tool in influencer marketing that you can use to gradually lead your followers towards a specific action and organically drive conversions.

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