[Case study] Affable and Pomelo Fashion

Uyen Le
Digital Marketing Exec
June 7, 2021
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About Pomelo Fashion

Launched in 2013, Pomelo is Southeast Asia’s leading omnichannel platform with a global mindset: on-trend, online, on-the-go. With an undisputable sense of style at an unparalleled price, Pomelo aims to offer women everywhere their best look to become their best selves.

Taking place on November 11 every year, Pomelo Mega Fashion Sale is one of the brand’s largest sale event, offering massive discounts, prizes and exclusive deals to Pomelo shoppers.

About Pomelo Mega Fashion Sales

In 2020, Pomelo implemented a large-scale influencer marketing campaign in 4 countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore to promote its 11.11 Mega Fashion Sale. The brand partnered with 150 social media influencers, creating  150+ Instagram posts and 470+ Instagram stories to feature its biggest sale event.

Despite working remotely due to the pandemic, Pomelo Thailand was able to manage the campaign effectively with the support of Affable. In terms of influencer performance, this is one of Pomelo’s best infuencer campaigns in 2020.

How Affable supported Pomelo to run Influencer Campaign

1.Influencer Discovery

Affable empowered Pomelo to search for potential influencers, provided in-depth insights into their follower base such as demographics, interests, other brand partnerships and their social media performance.

2.Content Tracking & Result Measurement

Once the campaign is launched, Affable supported Pomelo to track influencer’s content (Instagram posts and stories), value influencers as a group and individually, measure the ROI of influencer marketing campaign.

Read our full case study to discover how the campaign was implemented the and role of Affable in supported Pomelo to run a successful data-driven influencer marketing campaigns!

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