Comprehensive Guide to Top Instagram Influencers in the U.S.A for 2022

Sanjana Joglekar
Content Marketing Intern
December 29, 2021
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Since 2013 Instagram has seen tremendous growth in the numbers of its users. We live in the age of visually pleasing and easy to interpret advertisements that can quickly grab and maintain the audiences’ attention. It won’t be wrong to say that Instagram thrives on influencers to advertise various products and services. 

Advertisers have also not failed to notice this trend. They were quick to realize that instead of paying for Instagram ads, to increase their reach, they can pay the influencers who are already popular among their target demographic. Instagram serves as a channel for advertisers to promote their products through influencers. 

Search For The Right Influencers 

Manual Search

Searching influencers manually is a hassle when influencers’ audience has to be similar to the desired target demographic.  It can be a tedious task to track influencers’ progress and impact on the audience. 

  • Time-Consuming: It is physically tasking and time-consuming going through multiple influencer profiles manually. There is no guarantee of satisfactory results. 
  • Delay in the Ad Campaign: The factors given above can lead to a  marketing campaign getting delayed. It is not favorable for anyone’s brand as timing has a critical role in social media marketing campaigns.  

Influencer Marketing Platforms

One can easily avoid these obstacles by using influencer marketing platforms. These platforms make the online marketing process easy and more streamlined for all users. Influencer marketing platforms such as

  • Give you a personalized list of influencers based on your target demographic preferences.
  • Help you execute your social media marketing strategy more efficiently, keep in touch with the influencers.
  • Provide accurate statistics measuring the impact of the influencer’s post and also its effectiveness for the ad campaign. 

Here is a detailed guide of Top Instagram influencers in the U.S.A in their respective industries. 

(@alwina_official  (1M followers)

Alwina is a professional model who is also a fashion influencer on Instagram. She shares a lot of behind the scenes footage from shoots and fashion shows. Candid moments with family are also a part of her profile. She also lets her followers know about  her recent travels. 

@stylinbyaylin (1M Followers)

Aylin a.k.a ‘stylinwithaylin’ is a multi-talented Instagram fashion influencer. She styles herself in various outfits from different brands and outlets and interacts with her followers by asking them about their favourite outfits. Aylin is also passionate about home decor and interior designing.

@adrianna.christina (370k followers)

Adrianna is a model and social media influencer. Her profile consists of various looks from different events and photoshoots. The highlights on her profile give us a glimpse of her personal life like pets, friends, travels, sneak peeks from photo shoots etc.

@lisagermaneau (350k followers)

Lisa is a fashion influencer on social media besides being a model. She shares pictures of her modelling different outfits. She has also made a couple of guides on Instagram, one of them about her favourite piece of jewellery.

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Top Beauty Influencers in the U.S.A


‘Milabu’ a.k.a Milana is a beauty influencer on Instagram. She posts short tutorials on different makeup looks and hairstyles. She also interacts with the audience by sharing important events of her personal life on her account.

@k8_smallthings (348k followers)

‘k8_smallthings’ or Kate Bryan is a beauty influencer on Instagram. She posts videos of herself trying on new makeup looks and showing her followers that they are easily achievable. She also posts videos about clothing hauls and easy hairstyles. Bryan is also passionate about jewellery and cooking.

@amyle.nails (292k followers)

Amy likes to flaunt different nail art styles. She shows her followers that nailart may look tricky but it can be easily done. She shares tutorials and PR box openings through her highlight videos. 

@itslademi (286k followers)

La Demi has her makeup line known as La Demi Beauty. She actively shares news about the brand and her achievements on Instagram. She also posts pictures from various events she attends.

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Top Fitness influencers in the U.S.A

(@yoga.tuts (941k followers)

@yoga.tuts shares various yoga tutorials with the audience. They share useful tips about performing yoga asanas. 

@fitbykaty (685k followers)

On the Instagram account ‘fitnessbykaty’, multiple instructors post videos regarding health, workout, and nutrition. They tell their audience about various workouts, and correct postures to do an exercise. They bust various myths revolving around workouts and exercising, helping their followers lead a healthy lifestyle. 


@samgach (340k followers)

Sam Gach is a fitness instructor. He uploads videos of himself performing different workout sets and stretches to help out followers so that they do not get injured while working out. 

 @yogoskenz (290k followers)

Mackenzie a.k.a ‘yogokenz’ is a fitness and yoga expert. She encourages her followers to lead a healthy life with a positive mindset by posting her workout videos. She also posts about moments shared with her family and friends with her followers. 

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Top Parenting Influencers in The U.S.A

@simplyonpurpouse (381k followers)

Ralphie, who runs the account named ‘simplyonpurpouse’ is a parenting influencer. She gives her followers, also fellow parents, advice on parenting and bringing up their child in a happy environment. She also holds workshops  to educate parents on healthy parenting. 

@janetlansbury (322k followers)

Janet Lansbury is an author, having multiple books on effective parenting to her credit. On her Instagram account, she posts pieces to guide fellow parents.

@indiapaulino (222k followers)

India Paulino focuses on fitness, health and conscious parenting. She shares snippets of her and her child spending time together.

@beausandashley (157k followers)

Ashley Williams runs the account ‘beausandashley’ on Instagram. She often shares candid moments with her family. She also posts about her travels through Highlights and Instagram posts. 

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Top Food Influencers In The U.S.A

@hervecuisine (656k followers)

Herves is a renowned cookbook author. He exhibits his culinary skills on Instagram by posting pictures and videos  of dishes he cooks. He also posts about different cuisines he comes across on his travels.

@twopurplefigs (216k followers)

Mahy is a culinary instructor and a cookbook author. She shares different recipes and cuisines through her Instagram posts and highlights.

 @melissamale (158k followers)

Melissa is a food influencer who likes to visit various restaurants and cafes and shares videos or pictures with her audience on social media. 

@naturallyella (133k followers)

Erin Alderson is a food enthusiast, influencer and cookbook author. She is a vegetarian and grows some vegetables in her garden. The dishes that she makes using organic produce, she shares with her audience and also interacts with them on certain occasions.

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Top Luxury Influencers in the U.S.A

@jeremyaustiin (663k followers)

Jeremy Austin shares images and short videos from beautiful picturesque locations. He also reviews the resorts, and conducts giveaways for his followers, like trips to exciting locations. 

@thebeautybeau (472k followers)

‘thebeautybeau’ is a luxury influencer on Instagram and runs her Youtube channel. On Instagram, she promotes various food and drinks brands, branded clothes, beauty products, skincare products, etc. 

@jerushacoutoure (176k followers)

Jerusha McGrath is a luxury fashion influencer. Her posts are interactive as she usually asks her audience about the product she is promoting. McGrath also posts YouTube videos where she reviews the item. She promotes accessories like handbags,  bracelets,etc.

@christycbuss (169k followers)

Chrissy is a luxury skincare influencer. She also had her skincare brand known as Hedo Skin. Through Instagram, she promotes the brand and keeps her followers updated about any important announcements regarding her brand. 

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Top Travel Influencers In the U.S.A

@professionaltraveler (377k followers)

Catarina Mello is a luxury travel influencer. She uploads numerous pictures and videos of exotic and picturesque locations. She interacts with her audience frequently through her captions which consist of her thoughts about various things.

@tiffany.m.morgan (255k followers)

Tiffany Morgan is a travel influencer on Instagram. She posts her experiences while visiting new places. Morgan shares a few anecdotes  behind pictures or videos,  helping her connect with the  audience. 

@sweetcarolinaj (200k followers)

Carolina is a travel influencer and blogger. She describes her experiences thoroughly and always has mindful advice for her audience. She also provides tips to up and coming creators on the how -tos for up and coming creators. 

@eatlivetraveldrink (122k followers)

Nicole Sunderland is a travel influencer, blogger, photographer and author. Her reviews are detailed, like giving tips to her audience regarding the dos and don’ts at any place she has visited. 

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Top Gaming Influencers in the U.S.A

@uknitedcomics (301k followers)

‘UKnitedcomics’ attracts those audiences interested in comics, gaming and anime. They post fanart related to the said comics and games. Besides,  they also talk about the backstory or facts related to the particular character(s).

@laralunardi (211k followers)

Lara is a gaming influencer on Instagram. They inform their audiences about their gaming updates and anecdotes through their stories and highlights. 

@nicolekopchakk (187k followers)

Nicole is a gaming influencer who posts snippets of herself playing various games on Twitch live stream. She also posts reels related to gaming.

@kinggeorgetv (145k followers)

KingGeorge is a game streamer and influencer. He posts snippets of his twitch streams, which are funny or highlights of the game. 

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Top Gaming Influencers in the U.S.A

Top Technology Influencers in The U.S.A.

@funnygamevidz(774k followers)

This account is quite popular in the gaming community. As the name suggests, ‘funnugamevidz’ posts funny video clips of streamers while playing games. They also post other content like game-related reels created by other influencers. 

@zacksjerryig (746k followers)

Zack Nelson is a technology influencer. Most of his posts are about product reviews of electronic gadgets such as phones, earphones,etc. He also modifies phones and automobiles.

@ingmorrison (132k followers)

Hiddekel Morrison is an engineer and writer. He informs and educates his audience about the various developments and advancements in the technology sector through his posts. 

@detroitborg (123k followers)

Michael Kukielka is a technology influencer. He mostly posts updates of his review videos of phones and other electronic gadgets on Youtube to inform his audience about the upcoming content. 

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Top Entertainment Influencers in The U.S.A

@busysignal_turf (689k followers)

Busy Signal is a musician, using Instagram to promote songs and updates about his latest projects. He also reposts covers that fans make and praises and encourages their talents and efforts. 

@paul_dillet (385k followers)

Paul Dillet is the President and CEO of the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion). He posts content consisting of pictures of the WBFF participants. 

@simobenbachir (374k followers)

Simon Benbachir is an entertainment correspondent. His posts centeres around the events he attends. He also shares behind the scenes stories on his social media account. 

@alliemarieevans (141k followers)

Allie Marie Evans is an actress. She is well known for her roles in Maximum Ride (2016) as Max and Cadence in47 Hours To Live. Her profile mostly  consists of pictures from various photoshoots and her travels. 

Top skincare Influencers in The U.S.A

@karinabnyc (520k followers)

Karina Bik is a fashion and skincare influencer and blogger located in New York. She reviews skincare products and shares it with her audience through stories and highlights.

@kerbom3 (403k followers)

Ker is a Skincare and beauty influencer. On this account, she tries out various cosmetics and skin care products from different companies and brands and gives her reviews. 

@susanyara (369k followers)

Susan Yara is a skincare influencer on Instagram and founder of the skin care line Nutrium Skin. She uploads various videos reviewing skincare and beauty products and shares skin care tips with the audience.

@labmuffinbeautyscience (333k followers)

Michelle Wong a.k.a ‘labmuffinbeautyscience’ is a cosmetic chemist. She busts myths around skincare and various skincare products by providing information regarding harmful chemicals that might be present in skincare and beauty products.

Top Pet Influencers in The U.S.A

@lifeofskylynn (904k followers)

Skylynn is an equestrian and a well known content creator.She posts  behind the scene pictures and videos of equestrian activities and lessons.  

@theasherhouse (732k followers)

Lee Asher is an animal rescuer. Their team rescues stray animals from various places. He also posts pictures and videos of his dog, with humorous anecdotes about their recent activities. 

@petsloveclub (186k followers)

 The ‘petsloveclub’ account reposts funny and heartwarming pictures and videos of dogs.

@ryanlane_official (109k followers)

Ryan Lane is an animal lover. His posts are mainly about spreading awareness about animal lives. He also uploads pictures and videos of his dogs and him having a great time outdoors. 

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Top Crypto Influencers in The U.S.A

@tia_becca_ (648k followers)

Tia Becca is a crypto influencer and enthusiast. Through her Instagram stories and highlights, she updates and informs her followers about the developments in the crypto market. 

@doctoralex (517k followers)

Alex Meher is a crypto influencer on Instagram. He shares all the latest news, trends and developments in the market with his audience. He also updates his followers about the growth of his own business.

@ray.ahn (120k followers)

Ray Ahn, an informative crypto influencer on Instagram, uploads content that helps resolve the doubts of his followers. He also recommends mobile applications for making crypto investments.

@danieldipiazza (201k followers)

‘danieldipiazza’ posts regular updates about the crypto market so that his followers can remain up to date about the ongoings of the market. He also goes live on Instagram, where his followers can ask him questions and doubts. He resolves queries and gives tips.

When most businesses and brands prefer promoting their products and services on social media, these influencers are now a necessity. Brands spending a large sum of money on offline promotions get a wider reach at a comparatively lower price. Learn more about how can help find the right influencers on social media platforms. Request a free demo today. 

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