To Edit or Not to Edit? Assessing the Significance of Influencer Content

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July 11, 2023
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With growing emphasis on providing creative freedom to influencers, marketers are constantly dealing with the dilemma of whether they should edit creator content before publishing. The recent Biore controversy has further fueled this debate. 

In May 2023, Biore Cosmetics found itself right in the middle of a controversy. They faced backlash from the social media community for making light of gun violence in America through influencer content. Influencer Cecilee Max Brown shared a video about how campus shootings affected her mental health. But here's the catch – she was narrating this story while promoting a skincare product.

Social media users immediately started reacting to the influencer marketing campaign, calling it insensitive. Biore and Cecilee Max Brown quickly realized its mistake and apologized to the audience by deleting the video, and issuing a public apology. 

Cecilee Max Brown took down the Biore post and issued an apology on TikTok.
Cecilee Max Brown took down the Biore post and issued an apology on TikTok.

In its press statement, Biore said they review all the content creators but do not edit or censor content. It raised questions about whether or not to edit the influencer content and how much creative freedom should be provided to influencers. 

Creative freedom is important as it allows influencers to express their talent and expertise through content. Excessive editing can dilute their authenticity, leading to scripted or generic content. 

Jeremy Dawes, CEO of Jezweb, a Website Design and Marketing expert, says, "On the one hand, editing can ensure that the content aligns with the brand's guidelines and objectives. On the other hand, too much editing can make the content feel less authentic, reducing its effectiveness. It's important for brands to strike the right balance, respecting creative freedom of the influencer while ensuring that the content serves its purpose." 

To strike a balance between editing and over-editing, you need to:

  • Establish clear communication with influencers to let them know what you expect from the content.
  • Share clear content guidelines with influencers while letting them maintain their unique voice. 
  • Let creators share their real stories to shell out authentic content. 

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