Product Spotlight: Unlock Data-Driven Insights With's Campaign Reporting Feature

Sruthi Ramisetty
Product Marketer
February 22, 2023
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You may already be working on campaigns with influencers after determining who they are — but struggling to find the appropriate analytics to track their individual and collective performance. Unfortunately, you can’t decide whether you are close to accomplishing the campaign’s objective.

As a marketer working for brands and agencies, you often have trouble determining the effectiveness and ROI of your influencer marketing. Identifying relevant data points and then tracking them is challenging. If you perform the task manually,  going through each influencer post can be cumbersome and probably take days. It often leads to making gut-driven decisions instead of being data-driven.

To make informed decisions and draw valuable insights, brands, and agencies need an in-depth analysis of the reach and engagement of their ongoing influencer campaigns and posts.’s Campaign Reports feature gives you this ability, helping you in better campaign management so that you can timely tweak your campaign and get the desired results.

How Helps in Campaign Reporting ?’s Campaign Reporting feature solves this exact crisis for brands and agencies by:

a) Creating a consolidated campaign report of their campaign reach sliced by audience distribution.
b) Evaluating reach and engagement of influencer posts sliced by audience distribution.
c) Conducting  sentiment analysis of comments overall and on individual posts.
d) Export CSV and PDF versions of the report  to share it with your team and clients.

What Are The capabilities Of Campaign Reports?

1. Visual Representation

You can create new reports for campaigns that are already live and completed previously. You can merge multiple reports to get an overall view for all the campaigns you’ve run with The feature helps you look at the important metrics of the selected campaigns like total influencers, posts, likes, comments, engagements, estimated reach, estimated media value.

Get a visual representation of their campaign’s reach by their audience demographics (age, gender and location).

2. Sentiment Analysis

Get a comprehensive sentiment expressed across the campaign through comment analysis wherein they can get a snapshot of all the negative, positive and neutral comments. Brand users also get an overview of average comment length, emoji comments and user tag comments. Understanding the audience's emotions better using sentiment analysis helps detect the polarity of customer’s opinions, to help brands analyze and tailor their campaign efforts. For example, brands can understand if the campaign is performing well when the positive comments are way more than the negative/spam comments irrespective just looking at the total comments which might be a huge number. It’s extremely tedious to sit and do this manually.

Comment analysis shows you the polarity of the audience - worded comments or just emojis? Interacting positively or spam comments?

3. Export CSV, PDF Versions

Get to deep dive into each of the selected posts insights on the major metrics. You can export the entire report in CSV and PDF or just the sentiment analysis as well to get a more detailed outlook on the campaign.

Get an in depth analysis of your campaigns engagement and sentiment to draw actionable insights.

How Can You Make the Best Use Of Campaign Reports?

  1. Make the best of “Campaign Reports” by using sentiment analysis in your future campaign decisions and curate the content for a campaign accordingly.
  2. Check all the sentiments of each post by exporting it as a PDF or CSV to get detailed insights and ensure that the overall sentiment is positive for the campaign.
  3. Analyze the overall campaign performance to get a better understanding of the areas that need improvement and areas that work best for you.

Where Can You Find Campaign Reports Feature?

1) You can create either a new campaign report or update an existing report with the new posts by following the process below.

  1. Go to the Content tab in a campaign and scroll down to Posts
  2. Select the relevant posts for which you want to create a report and click on ‘Generate Report’ button
  3. Add the report name if it’s a new report or select the existing report from the list.

Your report will be generated in some time and you will be notified by email when it is ready.

You can find all the generated Campaign Reports under the Reports tab on the top navigation.

Key Takeaways

1. Brands and agencies can use the Campaign Reports feature to get an in-depth analysis of their campaigns and posts.

2. The feature provides a visual representation of the campaign’s reach by audience demographics, sentiment analysis of comments, and insights into individual posts.

3. Brands can maximize the utility of the feature by using sentiment analysis in their future campaign decisions and analyzing the overall campaign performance.

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