Discover Indonesia’s top Instagram influencers for 2022

Sanjana Joglekar
Content Marketing Intern
January 3, 2022
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With content creators recommending products or services to boost consumer trust, influencer marketing has shown strong growth in Indonesia in the last few years. 

Since influencers have become crucial to marketing, brands must have an efficient and easy way to recruit them. Even as manual outreach may be the first option, it has limitations. It does not guarantee finding the desired influencers fitting a brand’s requirement. 

If you do not find the right influencers, all the time and effort you put in will be in vain. Subsequently, it delays the entire marketing campaign,   affecting your brand name in the market. 

To avoid going through all this hassle, you can use influencer marketing platforms like to carry out your campaign smoothly. It gives access to the customized list of influencers based on your target market. Here’s the list of top-ranked Instagram influencers of Indonesia to follow in 2022. 

Top Fashion Influencers in Indonesia

@bellashofie_rigan (2.2m followers)

Bella is a beauty entrepreneur, fashion designer and influencer. She uploads pictures and videos promoting her fashion line, Bella Shofie and her skincare line Dabe Beaute. Many times her family members don clothes and accessories of her brand. 

@wakdoyok (2m followers)

Wak Doyok is an entrepreneur, actor, and fashion influencer. Through pictures and videos, he promotes his skincare and perfume line.

@sunnydahye (784k followers)

Sunny is a fashion and beauty influencer on Instagram. She posts pictures promoting various fashion and skincare brands and reviews them for her followers. 

@uthygayoong (604k followers)

‘Uthygayoong’ is a fashion and travel influencer. She visits new locations and flaunts her chic outfits. She also shares photos of various cuisines that she tries at different places. 

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Top Beauty Influencers in Indonesia

@abellyc (1m followers) 

Abel Cantika, a beauty enthusiast, blogger and influencer, reviews beauty and skincare products.  Cantika also shares candid moments with her family and friends. 

@mutia_ayuu (934k followers)

Mutia is a musician, beauty enthusiast and influencer. She posts pictures promoting beauty and skincare products. She is also big on self-love and self-empowerment, inspiring her followers to love themselves.

@elmaaa_e (464k followers)

Elma is a fashion and beauty influencer. Her Instagram account is all about pictures of her visit to different places and promoting beauty products and cosmetics. 

@dearizkyer (383k followers)

Deyyaah is a beauty and fashion influencer on Instagram. Her posts are about fun events in her daily life. But she likes promoting beauty and skincare products and providing helpful skincare tips to her followers. 

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Top Fitness Influencers In Indonesia

@denadaindonesia (2.3m followers)

Denada Tambunan is a musician who is also a fitness enthusiast. She updates her followers about  Zumba sessions and promotes sports-related brands.

@andreadianbimo (1.7m followers)

Andrea Dian is a fitness and travel influencer. She likes to post pictures and videos of her workout sessions. Dian engages with her followers by clearing  their doubts about workout and exercising.

@anjamara (1.3m followers)

Anjasmara Prasetya is an actor and a yoga instructor. His posts on Instagram are him performing yoga asanas. He also posts pictures of himself conducting yoga sessions  at various events.  

@jennierbachdim (1.3m followers)

Jennifer Bachdim is an entrepreneur and travel and fitness influencer. On her Instagram,  she shares her fitness journey. She also answers questions from her followers regarding family, exercising and healthy eating habits. 

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Top Parenting Influencer In Indonesia

@genhalilintar (5.2m followers)

 Gen Halilintar is a parenting and family influencer. They are a family of thirteen sharing various events and fun moments of their lives on social media. They also promote brands and products through their pictures and videos on Instagram. 

@jrsugianto (2.7 followers)

Tatan’s account has photos and videos of a baby and his playfulness. Parents post pictures of various brand promotions.  

@syh55 (1.7m followers)

Aisyahrani is an influencer posting  heartwarming pictures of time spent with her children.

@onewithnatalia (1.4m followers)

The family of Natalia Gurerrero’s Instagram manages her Instagram account. Here they post pictures of her posing in fun and adorable outfits. They also showcase her passion and talent for dancing by sharing snippets of her dancing to trending songs. 

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Top Food Influencers In Indonesia

@yummy.idn (2.7m followers)

The Yummy app is a food influencer account on Instagram by IDN Media. They  are a broadcasting and production media company covering food tutorials, recipes and cuisines of Indonesia. 

@dimasbeck (2m followers)

DimBeck is a food and lifestyle influencer, talking about day to day happenings through his posts. Having a fondness for food, he uploads pictures of all the recipes that he tries to make so that the audience can try them too. 

@makanterusss (1.6m followers)

Yeremia Andrenikus is a street food lover, sharing everything he tries. He posts videos of street food vendors making the food.  

@melodyaksani92 (960k followers)

Melody Nurramdhani Laksani is an influencer on Instagram. Apart from posting photos and videos of fun moments with family and friends, she also tells the audience about her favourite food and shows them her grocery shopping haul. 

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Top Luxury Influencers In Indonesia

@cassandraslee (9.7m followers)

Cassandra is an actress and has worked with big brands like L’Oreal Paris, Marc Jacobs, Garnier, and Maybelline. 

@shandyaulia (7m followers)

Shandy Aulia is an Indonesian actress. She has worked with luxury brands and is  the founder of skincare, clothing and jewellery brands like Shandy Aulia Collections SA Naturel, Clarish by Miss Claire and  Miss Claire Jewellery. 

@dianpelangi (5.1m followers)

Dian Pelangi is a well-known influencer on Instagram. She promotes fashion, beauty, skincare and cosmetics brands, including luxury products like Dior. 

@sorayarasyid12 (1m followers)

Soraya is an actress and a luxury travelling influencer on Instagram.  She posts pictures of  her travel locations and promotes various well-known  skincare and beauty products. 

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Top Travel Influencers In Indonesia

@jackmorris (2.5 followers)

Jack Morris is a travel enthusiast and influencer, sharing pictures of all the places he has visited. He also promotes tourism and the places he has stayed during  vacations. 

@rachgoddard (1.1m followers) 

Rachel Goddard is a content creator on YouTube and a travel and beauty influencer. She shares pictures and videos of places she has explored. 

@adinnndathomas (1.1m followers)

Adinda is a YouTuber and a travel and fashion enthusiast on Instagram. She engages with her followers by uploading scenic pictures of locations and behind the scene events that took place during the journey. 

@gandhifernando (703k followers)

Gandhi Fernando is an actor and travel influencer on Instagram. He shares numerous pictures and videos from exotic locations, promoting tourism. 

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Top Gaming Influencers In Indonesia

@rasyahrasyid (999k followers)

Rasyah Rasyid is a Free Fire and Mobile Legends gamer with a large fanbase on Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, his posts mostly revolve around promotional content related to gaming equipment and accessories. 

@kriswantoari (745k followers)

Ari Kiswanto is a gamer and content creator on Instagram and YouTube. He posts pictures and videos related to  the events he has attended and newly launched gaming equipment.

@idang.nia (666k followers)

‘idang.nia’ is a ‘Free Fire’ and ‘Mobile Legends’ gamer based in Indonesia. On her Instagram, she posts content related to her gaming videos and updates her followers on all the upcoming events where she plans to participate. 

@yudisyah18 (553k followers)

Yudi Syahputra is an Indonesian gaming video creator. He also streams games on Facebook. He posts about gaming events and his achievements in the gaming community. 

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Top Technology Influencers in Indonesia

@letda.hyper (5m followers)

Yogi Pramana Putra is a pro gamer. He plays games like ‘Battlegrounds’. His Instagram account mainly consists of gaming events and reviews of gaming equipment. 

@wanwanfortunaa (2.6m followers)

Wawan MKS  is a gamer and gaming video creator on Instagram and YouTube. He posts about  gaming events and snippets of his gaming videos. He also promotes and reviews gaming equipment. 

@kemaspakez (2.5m followers)

Kemas is a gamer and video creator on Instagram and YouTube. He  is a part of the Mantap Kali guild. Apart from photos and videos with his family and friends, his Instagram posts mainly consist of information and updates about gaming events and his gaming channel on YouTube. 

@ff_fdw (2m followers)

Febriansyah streams video games on the live streaming platform named ’Booyah!’. He shares snippets of his live streams and updates the followers of his achievements in the gaming community. He also promotes gaming equipment and accessories. 

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Top Entertainment Influencers In Indonesia

@dannycagur(9.8m followers)

Danny Cagur is a well-known comedian. He actively shares posts like behind the scenes of the skits, his achievements and various events. He also shares pictures and videos with his friends and family. 

@krisdayantilemos (6.2m followers)

Krisdayanti is an actress, singer and politician. She updates her followers about important events she has been to or might be part of in the coming time. She also shares a few candid moments with friends and family. 

@gheyayoubi (3.5m followers)

Ghalia is an artist, musician and well-known influencer. She is also the founder of Youbi Collections, Youbi Entertainment and Youbi Studio. Ghalia promotes her clothing brand (Youbi Collections) on Instagram. She also posts videos of her recording music in a studio with her friends and colleagues.s

@da3_rani (1.2m followers)

Rani Zamala is a very well known artist and influencer based in Indonesia. She shares her dance videos showcasing her talent and passion for dancing. She also uploads pictures and videos from all the beautiful places she has been to along and a  few promotional posts.

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Top Skincare Influencers in Indonesia

@dinar_candy (4m followers)

Dinar Candy is a DJ and famous influencer endorsing beauty and skincare products. She also shares pictures and videos from the events and locations she has played. 

@rahasiagadis (3.3 followers)

Rahasia Gadis is a well known Instagram influencer account. Through this account, women talk extensively about healthcare and provide skin care tips to achieve naturally healthy skin.

@tyasmirasih (3m followers

Tyas Mirasih is a famous public figure based in Indonesia. She promotes various skincare products through her posts on Instagram. She also posts regular updates about her life throughout the pandemic. 

@dr.shindaputri_ (2.4m followers)

Dr Shindy Putri is a well known public figure in Indonesia. Apart from sharing fun moments with friends and family on her Instagram, she also provides tips on having naturally healthy skin. 

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Top Wellness Influencers In Indonesia

@ariefmuhammad (4.9m followers)

Arief Muhammad is an entrepreneur and wellness influencer. His Instagram posts are about his various achievements, family and friends, self-care and healing. 

@andienaisyah (1.7m followers)

Andien is a musician, having keenness for fitness and wellness. She talks about internal healing and self-care. She also shares candid and heartwarming moments with her family.

 @shela_lala96 (1.4m followers)

Shela Lala is a wellness and skincare blogger and  influencer. She tells her followers the importance of healing and self-care. She also posts pictures and videos of fond memories with her family and friends.

@marcklok (837k followers)

Marc Klok is a well-known athlete. He promotes different sports products. He also shares his life updates with followers and also speaks about self-care. 

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Top Pet Influencers In Indonesia

@snoweethegolden (243k followers)

Snowee is a golden retriever. This account shows all the fun moments of the dog with the owner. 

@humbleshadowhunter (235k followers)

This account showcases all the adventures of ‘humbleshadowhunter’ along with his big family. It also has promotional posts related to pet food and pet wellness products. 

@doniherdaru (211k followers)

 This account raises awareness about animal cruelty. It has photos and videos of animal rescue. They also educate their audience about activities taking place against the interests of animals.  

@elvis.barksley (159k followers)

Elvis’s Instagram account is full of adorable photos and videos of him in cute outfits. It also consists of promotional posts on dog food and other animal wellness products.

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