Exhaustive Guide to Running Micro-Influencer Campaign

Sanjana Joglekar
Content Marketing Intern
November 15, 2021
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Have you come across any beauty or food influencers with 1k-100k followers? They may not have a large following compared to other famous influencers, yet you are intrigued by their content that keeps you engaged. These influencers are known as micro-influencers, who have a very responsive and highly interactive audience.

Micro-influencers build a great rapport with their audience that is highly beneficial for brand promotion and maintaining brand loyalty. Statistics have shown that about 82% of the audience is more inclined towards using the product that the influencers recommend.  

With a small number of followers, micro-influencers can connect with their audience personally, which boosts their engagement rate. According to various studies, your engagement rate is the highest when there is a considerably lower number of followers. 

Why are Micro-Influencers Better?


 Employing Micro-Influencers for promoting your business is more cost-effective. Well-known influencers charge a large number of fees for promoting your brand. On the other hand, since micro-influencers have just started establishing their image on social media, they do not charge high fees. They are also up for receiving the product for free to promote it. It works as an incentive for micro-influencers and is also cost-effective for your business. 


The reliability of the micro-influencers is crucial for your campaign. The audience finds them trustworthy and finds it easier to connect with them. They actively support and interact with the influencers since they receive timely replies.  

Specific Niches

Micro-influencers usually have specific niches which make them popular among the audience. These niches are very useful since they help you to determine your target audience efficiently.

Engagement Rate 

Micro-influencers have the highest engagement rate due to their frequent interactions with their followers. It is crucial since the interactions tend to draw the followers in and view their posts which would, in turn, coax them to your product. 

Wider Reach

Despite having limited followers, Micro-Influencers have a wider reach. By employing multiple micro-influencers, you can boost your reach and target a large portion of your demographic. 

Tips for Successful Micro-Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Map out Goals

Brands working with micro-influencers need a solid micro-influencer marketing strategy. For that, you need to establish definite goals. The goals will help the micro-influencers get a clear idea of what the brand stands for and promote your brand effectively. It is necessary to establish goals like a rise in followers or customer retention so you will have something to work towards. 

Choose Relevant Micro-Influencers

For a micro-influencer marketing strategy, you need to be very careful while deciding who promotes your product. When choosing micro-influencers, the number of followers is important but, the micro-influencers' engagement rates matter the most. You also need to make sure their followers fall under your preferred demographic.

Make Coherent Agreements

The agreements officially state what to expect of the micro-influencers and vice versa. It should mention the fees to be paid, deliverables by the influencers, the product briefing, deadlines and frequencies of their social media posts, etc. It is necessary to make the contract with great attention to detail.

Keep on Monitoring Campaign Results

Continuously monitoring campaign results is crucial for the success of the micro-influencer campaign. You have various methods of how you can keep track of the results, like:

Automated Content Tracking Tools

These tools help to track the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. This way, you can analyze your micro-influencer marketing strategy. You can learn what works for your campaigns and improve the areas where you think you lack. 

Referral Codes & Links

You can issue referral codes to each micro-influencer promoting your products to track the progress and impact of their promotions on your brand. Trackable links can also be an option to keep an eye on the micro-influencers' progress at any given time. 

How to Find Micro-Influencers?

Browse Through Social Media Profiles

Looking through micro-influencers  profiles, you get a fair idea of the nature of their content. You can also determine whether or not they are suitable to represent your business, which would be beneficial for your micro-influencer strategy. 

Monitor Tags & Comments

Micro-influencers may tag you or leave comments under your posts, sometimes, if they genuinely like it or maybe in hopes of grabbing your attention. You may use that as an opportunity to employ them to promote your campaign. The fact they already like your product would mean they would sound convincing to their followers without sounding like they are deceiving them. 

Be Attentive to Brand Hashtags

In a similar fashion to tags and comments, micro-influencers use your brand’s hashtag. They do it since they are interested in partnering up with your brand. If they already like/use your brand, they would be naturally convincing to their audience. 

Contact Micro-Influencer Agencies

Micro-Influencing agencies provide complete micro-influencer marketing for a well-organized plan to recognize, brief, contact, and track the perfect micro-influencers of your choice for your brand. They have millions of micro-influencers worldwide signed with their companies. 

Use Influencer Marketing Platforms

Automated marketing platforms like Affable.ai are the best when you want a successful micro-influencer campaign. They guide your business from helping you to discover influencers of your choice to the performance metrics of your micro-influencer campaign that you can analyze and improve.

 Case Studies

1) Mattel Working with Mom Bloggers

Here Mattel approached mothers to help revive a new version of Polly Pocket (a popular toy in the ’90s). They worked with mom bloggers like peaceloveandmommy (above) to make sponsored posts of their kids playing with the toy. They went for a niche demographic to spread awareness about the revival of an old character. It was a clever strategy since the mothers, as kids, would have also played with it so, it comes full circle, like reliving your childhood nostalgia through your kids.  

2) Google with The Sorry Girls

Here, for the launch of their new Pixelbook, Google partnered up with a Duo known for their DIY skills, The Sorry Sisters. They arranged for them to do a giveaway of the new Pixelbook to their followers. They posted a picture of the Pixelbook with the details of the giveaway on their Instagram page.  Just one Instagram post from their account garnered an engagement rate of 59.4% which, is quite excellent. 

3) Forever 21 & Kristal Heredia

Forever 21 is a well-established brand known by everyone worldwide. To promote their plus-size clothing line, they teamed up with Kristal Heredia who, is recognized for her fashion sense and is comfortable in her skin. They collaborated with her to create a  bond with her extremely engaged set of followers. They even shared her Instagram post on their Plus Size Instagram feed. 

4) CVS with Bethany Aroutunian 

CVS Pharmacy approached Bethany, a blogger known for beauty, travel, and DIY, among various other things. She posted two pictures on her Instagram promoting CVS during Easter, telling her followers about how she prepared for the holiday with the help of CVS. Through her genuine and lengthy captions, she gave an honest review to her followers about the various amenities CVS had to offer. 

5) Nioxin with ManForHimself

Robin, a.k.a ManForHimself is male grooming and fashion influencer. Since he takes care of his hair to keep them healthy as they are, it was no surprise when Nioxin, a haircare brand, decided to team up with him. It came as something natural towards his followers and not something forced for the sake of collaboration.


Trey Bryant (59.3k Followers)

Trey is a fashion blogger. Posting many sponsored content on his instagram account which garnes a decent amount of engagement. 

Lauren Carey (47.6k Followers)

She is a travel blogger who posts her experiences  and what different travel destinations have taught her. 

Elizabeth Moye (42.9k Followers)

She is a nutritionist who has a dedication to spread awareness about healthy eating habits. She shares delicious recipes her followers can try while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Connor Trimble (49.3k Followers)

Connor is a travel photographer. He shares serene pictures and videos of his travels. He has partnered with a couple of brands and is an up and coming influencer on Tik Tok.


Arindam Leo (81k Followers)

Arindam Leo is a travel micro-influencer who posts pictures and videos of his travels and adventures.

Kacey Carrig (98k Followers)

Kacey is a fashion model and influencer and shares his pictures with the various brands that he collaborates with.

Mosh Cruz (100k Followers)

Mosh Cruz is a lifestyle micro-influencer who shares her daily life through vlogs and various posts on Facebook.

LizLizLive (35k Followers)

Liz Williams is a beauty and fashion influencer. She shares a lot of tips and tricks for both fashion and make-up. 


Nash Sisters (62.1k Subscribers) 

The Nash Sisters make vlogs and videos about DIY decor items on their YouTube channel.

BeautyW Cat (50.3k Subscribers)

She is a beauty and hair influencer. She shares various beauty tips with her subscribers on YouTube. 

Expert Vagabond (60.5k Subscribers)

Matthew Karsten a.k.a Expert Vagabond is a travel blogger and photographer. He has a passion for travelling and wants to inspire others with the videos he posts about his travels.

Hairlicious Inc. (92.5k Subscribers)

On Val’s channel, Hairlicious Inc., she is dedicated to sharing useful dos and don’ts about hair care and reviews a number of  hair products for her subscribers.


How are micro-influencers better for my campaign?

Employing micro-influencers for the promotion of your brand is cost-effective for your business. They give you a higher engagement rate since their audience finds them relatable. They have a wide reach despite a limited and niche audience. Micro-Influencers are a perfect choice for micro-influencer marketing campaigns since they have an actively increasing following and higher engagement rates.

 How do I find Micro-influencers effectively?

You can choose from a wide array of options when it comes to looking for micro-influencers. You can manually browse through influencer profiles or even keep an eye out for tags, comments, or even hashtags related to your brand. You can also minimize your efforts by approaching micro-influencer agencies or even employing automated micro-influencer marketing tools. 

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