Facebook Puts Creators in Control with Innovative Platform Updates

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July 17, 2023
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Since the millennials and Gen Zs have mostly shifted to TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Facebook struggles to keep up. So it is doubling down on its efforts to rope in creators to publish content on the platform. 

In the last quarter (January to March), Facebook released interesting features, including Ready-made Reels from Memories, 90-second Reels, in-app messaging, and Grooves, to position itself as a content discovery platform and allow creators to begin their content creation journey on Facebook. 

Now in Q2 2023 (April - June), Facebook has launched amazing new updates to facilitate content monetization with Reel Composer, ProMode, Reel Ads, and more. The platform has also put users in control of the content they see through Contextual Labels and Show More, Show Less buttons. Here’s a breakdown of each of the social media platform’s updates. 

1. Reel Composer 

The new Reel composer features simplify content creation by helping influencers and creators edit professional-looking Reels, derive inspiration from trending content, and create quick videos using templates. 

A. Redesigned Reels Editor 

The Reels Editor on Facebook now mirrors a professional editing tool. Meta has combined the music, clips, and text editing features on one screen to enable seamless content creation. Plus, creators can now create teaser Reels to promote their upcoming videos and live content. This update in social media lets you clip a few seconds from the original long-form video to create a Reel. 

Meta's new Reel Editor for Facebook. Source: Meta

B. Inspiration Hub 

The new Inspiration Hub in the Professional Dashboard includes popular Reels, hashtags, music, and topics to drive creativity in influencers. 

The new Inspiration Hub on Facebook. Source: Meta

C. Templates Hub

The Reel Composer on Facebook now offers a new Template Hub encompassing trending templates for the creators to create quick videos. 

2. ProMode Update 

The Professional Mode on profiles is a way for creators to publish content from their existing personal profiles. Influencers can grow their following and expand their audience base, as the feature will now appear on the Creators to Follow feed section. The platform will recommend top creators to users, widening the creators’ follower base. 

Source: Meta

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