Top 6 Father's Day Marketing Campaigns to Inspire You

HyeonA Kwak
Digital Marketing Intern
June 9, 2021
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Every year, like Mother's Day, families across the globe celebrate Father's Day. This holiday is often a busy event for customers. According to a survey, U.S. consumers have planned to spend a total of 3.39 billion U.S. dollars on a special outing for Father's Day in 2021.

Curious to find out how to draw attention to your brand products and services on Father's Day? Check out these marketing campaigns done by other brands for some inspiration! 

1. KFC

In celebration of Father's Day, @KFC.SG offered limited edition Father's Day cards whenever they purchased products, giving fathers not only a feast "fit for a king.", but also a good ol’ laugh! These unique cards were designed with 10 designs, each with Colonel Sanders making references and funny puns with their signature items like the Mozzarella Zinger Double Down. 

2. Circus.Life

There are  Father's Day campaigns that only convey information, but there are also brands that communicate with users and promote their products and services. For instance, @circleslifesg, a Singapore-based telco company, interacts with customers by sharing touching stories with their dads through an interesting Instagram post to celebrate Father's Day.

3. Wonderbly

Brands can not only promote Father’s day campaigns by themselves but can also partner up with influencers as well!

Wonderbly, a personalized children’s book company, collaborated with Instagram influencers to showcase personalized gifts for Fathers. 

@natashanafrini and @beingsummershores, mom influencers in the United States, shared their experience on why she chose Wonderbly’s personalized book as a Father’s Day gift and recommends the book to the users. 

Wonderbly hosted a Father’s Day campaign by collecting influencers' reviews and posting them on their Instagram to allow more users to view reviews and use their products.

4. BIG W

There are also plenty of Dad influencers that you can collaborate with to promote your Father’s Day campaign!  

BIG W, an Australian department store, partnered with Dad influencer, @jamieperkins, to showcase their Father’s Day collection. 

@jamieperkins shared a photo with the BIG W Father’s Day collection and how it reminded him of a memory with his father. 

5. Mayfair 

@hugotaylorlondon, another Dad Influencer in London, recommends @mayfair_ldn’s product as a Father’s Day gift.

@mayfair_ldn shared @hugotaylorlondon’s selection of Mayfair gifts so that users can easily choose the best gift for Father’s Day. 

6. YishionSG

Hosting a contest on social media is another good idea to attract users’ attention and engage with influencers to promote your Father’s Day campaign!, Singapore’s online clothes shopping brand, hosted a contest titled ‘Father’s Day Giveaway’! Whoever participates in this contest needs to follow and tag the brand’s social media account and share why you and your dad should win this giveaway. The winner would stand a chance to receive $100 Yishion eVouchers. 

@maybelinesim, a parent influencer based in Singapore, participated in the contest with her father wearing clothes from YishionSG. She shared how they liked Yishion’s products and promoted the contest on her Instagram so others could also participate. 

@rachelkellyoh also participated in this contest with her father! She shared a childhood memory with her father playing basketball and introduced clothes from Yishion that she gave her dad as a gift!

As you can see in the example above, Father’s Day marketing campaigns can be done in various ways, and choosing the correct way can be a good opportunity for brands to connect with online customers and increase the brand’s sales.

If you would like to find out more about parent influencers in your region or build a successful influencer marketing campaign, contact us today or request a free demo on our website!

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