Our Users love us and we know for sure because affable.ai earned a new set of G2 badges this Summer!

Sruthi Ramisetty
Product Marketer
August 1, 2022
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Much to our delight, our platform has once again received top awards by G2 – earning a total of seven badges across multiple categories in the Summer 2022 report. We’re incredibly proud because the G2 Platform is synonymous with the “best of the best”.

What our users love about our platform:

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

"Affable has been helping us to ensure the quality of the KOLs that we choose, allowing us to analyze & understand the profile of the KOLs prior to engaging them. In addition, post-campaign, Affable has been assisting us in the
collation of insights & statistics. This has increased efficiency and reduced any time wasted."

- Sherine C, Social Digital Marketing Executive

"Having different filters to niche down the influencers we want to reach out to is one of the best things that I find most helpful when using Affable. It's great that we can combine them in a campaign where we can monitor all the contents that the influencers are posting. Also, it's great that we can easily generate reports from the application which we can use for meeting presentations."

- Trixie Angelica A, Brand Associate

"Affable.ai is unlike any other influencer marketing platform that I have used before. They take discovery to the next level with their search capabilities and then allow for seamless integration with your affiliate platform and Shopify backend to send free products. They don't require a 12-month-long contract and won't cost you $20k+ a year. Working for a startup, we like having the ability to be nimble and pivot and the 3-month long contract allowed us to test if it was a good fit or not. Additionally, the monthly feedback sessions with the CEO and product team allow for us to provide our exact use case and for their team to either give us tips and tricks to leverage the platform accordingly or put on their product roadmap to build the UI capabilities. I've never used a platform anywhere before that the team is so dedicated to making your life easier and physically doing something about your pain points as an organization. They also track multiple social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram. Many other platforms we've used in the past focus primarily on Tik Tok and Instagram but did not have Twitter or YouTube capabilities."

- Jesse L, Director of Marketing

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What are G2 badges?

One of the biggest tech marketplaces in the world, G2, allows organizations to find, evaluate, and manage the technology they require to maximize their potential. Verified users can offer their insights and opinions about the hardware and software they use on the site. G2 supports 60 million users annually in making informed software decisions based on real peer reviews. 

Why are they important?

G2 badges are a symbol of excellence and customer satisfaction. G2 badges are awarded based on feedback from customers of a product, which is what makes these awards so prestigious. They provide a way to showcase a product’s performance relative to its competitors. Visitors who see a G2 Badge on the site are more likely to trust the product and convert to a sale.

Momentum Leader badge

Affable ranked highly on G2’s Momentum Grid, which features products that have high-growth trajectories based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence. Products in the Leader tier in the Momentum Grid rank in the top 25% of the category’s products by our users. This is awarded to products achieving the most positive movement over the last year and we’re ecstatic to make it to the list.

Leader badge

These are awarded when products are rated highly by G2 customers and have high satisfaction and market presence scores. And, we received two of these prestigious badges. As we've worked with more and more enterprises and small businesses, we've learned they each have very different needs. By offering more advanced features and emphasizing the customer experience, we’ve reached recognition at the Enterprise level – all while also earning badges as a high performer at the Small Business and Mid-Market levels.

Users love us

The “Users Love Us” badge is earned after collecting 20 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars. 63% of our users have rated us 5 stars - if not us, believe our customers!

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