7 Reasons Why Granfluencers Are Hottest Trend on Social Media

Varshitha Kavali
Content Marketing Analyst
May 18, 2023
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  • Exploring the Granfluencer Landscape
  • 7 Reasons Why Granfluencers are the Hottest Trend on Social Media
  • Examples of Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns by Granfluencers
  • Top 5 Granfluencers in the USA
  • Top 5 Granfluencers in Southeast Asia

The renowned fashion brand H&M, in 2022, collaborated with the legendary Iris Apfel to produce a designer collection that exudes the same boldness and vibrancy as the iconic 100-year-old fashion icon herself. The Iris Apfel x H&M collection launched in the spring of 2022 quickly became a fashion sensation, selling out in record time and receiving rave reviews from customers and fashion critics alike.

But the exciting part is that the Iris Apfel x H&M collaboration is about more than fabulous clothes. It's a fantastic example of how social media influencers over 60 years old can have a massive impact and connect with people of all ages. H&M recognized the power of granfluencers and tapped into this trend to create something extraordinary.

This collaboration shows that you don't have to be a young influencer to make waves in the fashion industry. Iris Apfel proved that age is just a number when it comes to style and influence. It's a testament to the evolving landscape of influencer marketing and how brands can successfully partner with granfluencers to create magic.

Iris Apfel x H&M

Table Of Content:
  • Exploring the Granfluencer Landscape
  • 7 Reasons Why Granfluencers are the Hottest Trend on Social Media
  • Examples of Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns by Granfluencers
  • Top 5 Granfluencers in the USA
  • Top 5 Granfluencers in Southeast Asia

Exploring the Granfluencer Landscape 

1. Widely Used Social Media Platforms by Granfluencers and Their Engagement Rate

When it comes to the number of elderly influencers, Facebook takes the lead, with over 7,468 individuals in this category. Instagram follows closely behind with just over 4,147 granfluencers. On the other hand, TikTok has the smallest number of granfluencers, while YouTube falls somewhere in the middle.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. Despite having the highest number of granfluencers, Facebook has the lowest engagement rate, a mere 0.99%. In contrast, TikTok has almost 34.86% average views. 

Dive deeper into the Facebook influencer marketing landscape and its performance in 2022. 

So why is it so? Facebook has many granfluencers, while TikTok has the highest engagement rate. There are a couple of reasons. First, Facebook is one of the oldest social media platforms, so it naturally has a large user base of people over 60-years. In fact, a 2021 study by eMarketer revealed that 38% of Facebook users are over 65 years old. That's significantly higher than other platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Additionally, Facebook's ease of use, sense of community for older adults, and general awareness about the platform all contribute to its popularity among granfluencers.

But here's the catch: even though Facebook has the numbers, TikTok and Instagram boast higher engagement rates. It's because TikTok and Instagram have younger audiences compared to Facebook. This means granfluencers have a better chance of connecting with their target audience on these platforms. On the other hand, Facebook's older user base can make it more challenging for granfluencers to find their audience.

Another factor to consider is the platform's design. TikTok and Instagram are both built for short-form videos, making them perfect for granfluencers who want to share their stories and advice in a visually captivating way. Conversely, Facebook leans more towards text-heavy content, making it tougher for granfluencers to grab their followers' attention.

Lastly, algorithms play a significant role. TikTok and Instagram algorithms prioritize fresh content, so influencers who post frequently are likely to be seen by their followers. In contrast, Facebook's algorithm favors posts that have already garnered likes and comments. It means granfluencers might struggle to get their posts seen if they don't receive much early engagement.

The analysis of social media profiles, using an Age filter (60-100), indicates that Facebook holds the dominant position for granfluencers, with Instagram and YouTube following closely behind in terms of popularity and presence.

2. Elderly Influencers Creating More Organic Content

Imagine scrolling through your social media feed and stumbling upon a post by a granfluencer. These influencers over 60-years are taking the social media world by grace, providing a fresh perspective on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and embracing technology.

But why are elderly influencers relying less on sponsored posts and more on organic content to promote their message? affable.ai's data from the year 2018 to 2022 shows that non-sponsored posts by granfluencers have consistently increased from 72, 779 in 2018 to 142, 429 in 2022, peaking by 95.64%, while sponsored posts have decreased from 4283 in 2018 to 1551 in 2022.

Interestingly, despite their growing popularity, sponsored content is less common among granfluencers. Possibly, because many older individuals are less interested in monetizing their content and more interested in connecting with their audience on a personal level. It's a refreshing change from the influencer culture that often prioritizes sponsored content and product promotion over the authentic connection with followers.

 The data analysis of Senior influencers on Instagram from 2018 to 2022 reveals a significant presence of non-sponsored content, with over 1,42,429 posts in 2022. However, the utilization of sponsored content remained relatively limited during the same period.

3. Popularity of Granfluencers in the USA

affable.ai's findings have revealed that the number of senior influencers on Instagram varies significantly across different countries. The United States, one of the world's largest economies with a highly developed social media infrastructure, has the highest number of granfluencers. It is partly due to the country's high social media usage and significant influence over the world.

SEA, on the other hand, has a relatively low number of granfluencers. Factors such as lower per capita income, less developed social media infrastructure, stricter regulations, and cultural factors contribute to it. But as internet penetration rates continue to increase and social media becomes more widespread in the region, the number of granfluencers in SEA nations will also increase.

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7 Reasons Why Granfluencers are the Hottest Trend on Social Media

1. Authenticity

One of the key reasons why granfluencers have become so popular is their authenticity. They are unafraid to share their real-life experiences, challenges, and opinions with their followers. Unlike younger influencers more concerned with portraying a perfect image, elderly influencers are often more genuine and honest. This authenticity helps to build a strong connection with their audience and establish themselves as trusted voices in their respective niches.

2. Relatability 

Granfluencers are also known for their relatability. They share stories and experiences many people can relate to, such as raising children, caring for aging parents, and navigating retirement. By sharing their personal experiences and challenges, senior influencers create a sense of community and empathy with their followers. This relatability helps to break down barriers and build connections across generations.

3. Diversity and inclusivity

Another strength of granfluencers is their diversity. They come from all walks of life and represent various backgrounds and experiences. This diversity helps to break down stereotypes and promote inclusivity. By showcasing the diversity of experiences and perspectives among older adults, granfluencers can promote a more inclusive and accepting society.

4. Wisdom and life experience

Granfluencers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with their followers. They often provide valuable insights and advice to help people navigate various aspects of life. For example, a senior influencer might share tips on staying active and healthy as you age or maintaining strong relationships with family and friends. By sharing their wisdom and life experience, granfluencers can provide valuable guidance and support to their followers.

5. Breaking stereotypes

Granfluencers are challenging stereotypes about aging and showing that people can be active, vibrant, and engaged at any age. For instance, a senior influencer might share photos of themselves hiking or practicing yoga, challenging the idea that older adults are not physically active. By breaking down aging stereotypes, granfluencers can inspire others to live their lives to the fullest and pursue their passions.

6. Inspirational role models

Many granfluencers are inspirational role models who have overcome challenges and succeeded in their careers and personal lives. They serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for their followers. An elderly influencer might be a retired business executive who shares stories about their career and offers advice on how to succeed in the business world. By sharing their stories of success and perseverance, Granfluencers can motivate individuals to pursue their aspirations and accomplish their objectives.

7. Niche Markets and Brand Collaborations 

Finally, granfluencers can reach niche markets and collaborate with brands targeting older consumers. For example, an elderly passionate about gardening might partner with a gardening brand to promote their products. By collaborating with brands that align with their interests and values, senior influencers can provide valuable product recommendations to their followers and establish themselves as trusted voices in their respective niches.

Examples of Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns by Granfluencers

1. Aura frames ( #auraframes)

Aura Frames, a digital picture frame company, recognized the power of granfluencers to reach a wider audience and connect with older demographics. The company, in 2020, partnered with several granfluencers, including Old Man Steve and Granny Coy Bundy, to run an influencer marketing campaign on TikTok. These influencers are known for engaging content and authentic voices, which resonate well with their audiences.

The collaboration involved the granfluencers sharing their experiences with Aura Frames' digital picture frames on their social media channels. They posted photos and videos of their Aura Frames in action, showcasing the product's features and benefits. They also shared their personal stories and experiences, highlighting how the Aura Frames helped them connect with their loved ones and relive cherished memories.

Posts by granfluencers were widely shared and commented on, generating buzz and interest in the product among their followers. The collaboration helped Aura Frames reach a wider audience and connect with older individuals who may not have been familiar with their product otherwise. It also helped to break down stereotypes about aging and showcase the vibrancy and engagement of older adults.

Overall, Aura Frames' collaboration with senior influencers was a successful example of how brands can leverage the power of granfluencers to promote their products and connect with older audiences.

2. Urban Decay (#BeautyWithAnEdge)

Urban Decay, an American cosmetics brand collaboration with Helen Winkle, was a particularly noteworthy partnership. In 2017, she was featured in the brand's Troublemaker mascara campaign, which celebrated individuality and non-conformity. The campaign was successful, with Baddie Winkle's unique style and personality shining through and making her a fan favorite.

The collaboration continued in 2018, with Baddie Winkle appearing in Urban Decay's All Nighter foundation campaign. The brand's commitment to diversity and inclusivity was evident in the choice of Baddie Winkle as a muse, as she represents the idea that beauty has no age limit and individuality should be celebrated.

By featuring a 92-year-old fashion icon in their campaigns, Urban Decay conveyed that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

3. The Nutella Nonna (#NutellaNonna)

Nutella, the popular hazelnut cocoa spread brand, collaborated with Nonna Pia, an 86-year-old granfluencer, who created a series of videos featuring her favorite Nutella recipes. The videos were shared on Nutella's social media channels and website, helping to promote their products to Nonna Pia's followers.

The campaign, "The Nutella Nonna, " aimed to inspire people to incorporate Nutella into their favorite holiday recipes. Nonna Pia shared tips and tricks for using Nutella in classic Italian recipes, such as tiramisu and cannoli. 

The collaboration was successful, with Nonna Pia's videos receiving thousands of views and shares on social media. The campaign helped to promote Nutella's products to a wider audience while showcasing Nonna Pia's passion for classic Italian cooking.

The Nutella Nonna campaign is a great example of how brands can collaborate with influencers to create authentic, engaging content that resonates with their target audience. 

Top 5 Granfluencers in the USA

1. Babs (@brunchwithbads, 2.3M followers) 

Babs, the social media influencer behind @brunchwithbabs. Specializing in food and lifestyle content, she has an impressive engagement rate of over 3.18%. Babs has partnered with notable brands like Pillsbury, Roth Cheese, and Talbots, with 31% of her content dedicated to branded promotions. With an estimated reach of 466.69k and estimated impressions of 700.03k, she has established a significant online presence and captivated a large audience.

2. Lynja (@cookingwithlynja, 1.3M followers) 

Lynja is an elderly influencer who specializes in cooking and food content. She has an engagement rate of over 3.1%. Lynja has collaborated with brands such as Zwilling USA, Tabasco, and Lay’s, as 24% of her content is branded. According to affable.ai, lynja’s estimated reach and impressions are 265.20k and 397.80k, respectively.

3. Jentezen Franklin (@jentezen, 968k followers)

Jentezen Franklin is an American pastor, author, and motivational speaker. She generates an engagement rate of over 0.96% with her posts and stories. Having a diverse audience of 51.54% female and 48.46% male followers, his content reaches both genders. Almost 28% of his content is branded, providing valuable tips and advice to his followers.

4. Lili Hayes (@lili_hayes, 865k followers)

Lili Hayes is a granfluencer known for her relatable and comedic content, featuring her family and daily experiences. With an engagement rate of 4.02%, she has a significant following in the US, Canada, and Mexico, mostly comprising women. Remarkably, 89.71% of her followers are above 21 years old. Lili exemplifies how people of all ages can become influencers, connecting with others and sharing unique perspectives.

5. Lyn Slater (@iconaccidental, 757k followers) 

Lyan's content characterizes her unique fashion choices, showcasing her style and inspiring her followers. She generated a 1.04% engagement rate and primarily reached a female audience occupying 79.31% of her follower space. Kellie has collaborated with major brands like Marimekko, Chanel, Hermes, and many more. 

Top 5 Granfluencers in Southeast Asia

1. Poh (@grandpapoh, 10k followers) 

Poh is a Singapore senior influencer focusing on adorable content with his grandchildren. Besides Japan, his followers are from Singapore, the United States, and Taiwan, with 69.44% of them being female. His content generates a 3.63% of engagement rate. His estimated reach and impression are 2.01k and 3.01k, according to affable.ai. 

2. Rizal Ramli (@rizalramli.offical, 380k followers) 

Rizal Ramli is an Indonesian influencer who has gained a significant following on social media. With a focus on lifestyle, fashion, and travel content, Rizal Ramli has over a 0.42% engagement rate. Around 94.6% of his followers are Indonesians, of which 93.47% are above 21 years of age. At least 21% of the content on his page is paid partnerships. He has collaborated with Ketik Media, R66 News & Politics, and The Straits Times. 

3. Thaksin Shinawatra (@thaksinlive, 348k followers) 

Thaksin Shinawatra, a prominent Thai influencer, has garnered a substantial following on social media. Known for his captivating lifestyle, travel, and food content, Thaksin Shinawatra boasts an impressive engagement rate of over 3.88%. Most of his followers, approximately 89%, are based in Thailand, with 82.22% above 21 years old. According to affable.ai, Thaksin Shinawatra has an estimated reach of 69.45% and estimated impressions of 104.17k.

4. Mario Dumaual (@mario_dumaual, 43k followers)

Mario Dumaual is a Filipino journalist and influencer focusing on news and current events. He is known for his in-depth reporting and analysis of political and social issues in the Philippines. Besides the Philippines, his followers are from Canada, UAE, and Thailand, with 75.61% of them being female, generating a 0.44% engagement rate.

5. Sylvia Lim (@sylvialim65, 25.1k followers) 

Sylvia is an elderly Indonesian-Singaporean content creator. Sylvia's influence extends beyond social media, as she is also a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. Her profile drives a 2.56% engagement rate. Around 74.2% of her followers are based in Indonesia, of which 90.24% are above 21-years-old. 

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The emergence of granfluencers in creative campaigns has brought a refreshing change to the influencer landscape. Brands such as H&M, Urban Decay, and Nutella have recognized the power of elderly influencers in connecting with their target demographics and promoting their products in an engaging and meaningful way.

Brands are embracing these inspiring individuals to reach a broader audience and champion diversity. Senior influencers strike a chord with people of every age with their unmatched perspective, genuine authenticity, and relatability. As this trend gains momentum, get ready for a wave of captivating and influential campaigns that defy age limits and ignite inspiration within us all.

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