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Sanjana Joglekar
Content Marketing Intern
November 5, 2021
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Almost One Billion hours of videos are being watched on YouTube every day. Thus It doesn’t come as a surprise that YouTube has risen to popularity as a marketing platform in the past decade. It is due to the immense amount of influencers (YouTubers) that share a large variety of content that these influencers have such a strong influence  on the decision-making process of their audience. The audiences reciprocate the product information better if the influencer is talking about it. On YouTube, the viewers can see the product being put to practical use and gain perspective about a certain product.

Micro - Influencers: Who are they?

On YouTube, Micro-Influencers are content creators with 10k - 100k subscribers. The micro-influencers on YouTube have specific niches for the content they produce, like Dance Fitness Influencers, Street Food Vloggers, Black Beauty Influencers, Solo Travel Vloggers, etc. Despite having a comparatively lower subscriber count, these Micro-Influencers on YouTube tend to have a highly dedicated fanbase who are more likely to opt for the brand recommended by the influencers. They Interact with their audience more frequently, which leads them to form a bond with their audience, which further results in a higher engagement rate.

Dan Flying Solo is a travel vlogger who documents his solo travels. He travels to remote but picturesque locations where tourists don’t visit frequently. He shares his experiences with his audience which may be useful for them in future travels which keeps them engaged.

Miya March, who is a Hair Influencer, shares various hairstyling tips and tricks with her audience. Along with different hairstyles she also shares a fair share of personal life anecdotes in the form of vlogs. This gives her audience a glimpse of her life which makes them relate to her.  

How To Find Micro-Influencers?

Research about what the Micro - Influencers post about and if their content is in line with your brand. You have to go through their videos and other content they create to make sure they are the right influencers for your brand. To look for YouTube Micro-Influencers, you can use the trending page on YouTube to look for upcoming influencers who are often keen on partnering with brands. 

Hashtags are another effective tool when it comes to looking for influencers of any particular niche you want for your brand. You can be very specific while entering the hashtags. It will give you relevant results according to your requirements. You can also narrow down the list by searching for relevant influencers on Google with specific keywords like "micro influencers on youtube, fashion micro influencers etc.

All these methods may prove to be effective at first but as you continue to use them, they tend to get tedious. You need to invest a lot of manual effort and, even then, you may not receive the desired results. 

The sheer amount of influencers that you may have to contact can be slightly overwhelming.  Keeping track of all the micro-influencers manually whom you have contacted can get tiring as well as time consuming.

Automate Your Influencer Outreach 

Micro-influencers on YouTube can be easily found using Influencer Marketing platforms that help you in every step of your marketing campaign. Research shows that the global influencer marketing platforms' market size, valued at USD 7.68 billion, is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.3% from 2021 to 2028.

Influencer marketing platforms like save you the time and effort spent looking for the right influencers for your brand. They give you a curated list of YouTube micro-influencers that suit your preferences. It also helps in narrowing them down to the specs of your choice. 

For micro-influencer marketing, having a curated list of the right influencers may not be enough. You also need to know how successful your YouTube micro-influencer campaign is. 

This is why these influencer marketing platforms also provide performance analytics. These platforms measure the success of your marketing campaign and help you come up with ways of increasing the impact of your campaign.

Keeping track of every post by every YouTube micro-influencer is a task in itself.  The tools on can rid you of this hassle. Managing and keeping track of posts made by the micro-influencer under your campaign is made easier on this platform.  When it comes to influencer marketing, you should keep in mind that there are other brands in the market too. Competition is everywhere, even in  YouTube micro-influencer marketing. 

Therefore, you need to know what your competition is doing. Fortunately, Influencer marketing platforms are well-equipped with tools that can help you keep a track of what the competitor brands are up to.

Now that you have a fair idea of how YouTube Influencer Marketing works Why Not Give It a Try!    

Tips For Effective YouTube Micro-Influencer Marketing 

  • Check Their Relevance

While looking for micro-influencers on YouTube, you must make sure that they're relevant to what your brand stands for and  the content they create reaches the brand target demographic.

  • Offer Partnerships

Offering Micro-Influencers affiliate partnerships and also have them promote your brand exclusively. All this will be effective in building a long-term relationship with them and their audience. 

  • Use Influencer Marketing Platforms

Using Influencer marketing platforms, you can work with numerous Micro-Influencers on YouTube. It is an extremely simplified and automated process to market your brand to your target audience. 

  • Give your Product(s) for Free

 Most Micro-Influencers do not have a team that handles tasks behind the scenes. They do everything by themselves. For compensating them  for all the work they put in, you can offer your products or services to them free of cost. This  will help you to reach a large number of micro influencers efficiently and effectively.

  • Exclusive Brand Deals

You can even offer YouTube Micro-Influencers deals for promoting your brand exclusively. This will  help in creating brand loyalty among their subscribers.


Who are YouTube Micro-Influencers?

Micro-Influencers on YouTube are essentially content creators who have 10k - 100k subscribers. These creators have a small but a devoted fanbase who connect with them and find them more relatable than most celebrities. 

Is YouTube Micro-Influencer Marketing Effective?

Micro-Influencers on YouTube interact with their small but dedicated fanbase as frequently as possible. The frequent interactions tend to build a sense of trust towards the influencers. Due to this, the subscribers are more likely to go for the brands recommended by these influencers.

What are the best methods to reach out to maximum micro-influencers?

Influencer Marketing Platforms such as are the best choice when you want to reach out to a large number of influencers quickly. It is much more effective than traditional methods since these platforms give you quicker and more accurate results.  

How are Influencer Marketing platforms better than traditional methods?

Influencer marketing platforms help you find, manage, measure influencer campaigns quickly and efficiently saving you a lot of . Apart from that, Influencer marketing platforms provide you with performance metrics along with in-depth competitor insights.

Hope you have a precise understanding about how  Micro-Influencer Marketing on YouTube Works. Speak to our dedicated Influencer Marketing Expert and scale your campaigns today.

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