How Brands Can Leverage Live Streams With Influencers

Emily Gouw
Digital Marketing Intern
August 9, 2021
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Live streaming has grown in popularity with the global pandemic and the growing importance of digital presence. According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the global live streaming market size has potential to expand to reach USD$247,275 million by 2027. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have integrated live stream functions, making it easier for creators, brands and public figures to reach their audiences through social media. One way which brands and eCommerce companies can leverage live streams to reach the masses is through influencer live streams.

Benefits of Live Streaming with Influencers

Live streams hold a lot of potential because of their ability to keep audiences engaged. However, the catch is that just like any other forms of content, it needs to be entertaining. As a brand or ecommerce, your daily operations staff may not specialise in content creation or hosting. One way to tackle this is by working with influencers for live streams. Influencers are experienced content creators with talent in hosting and keeping audiences engaged.

With more people staying home and restrictions due to Covid-19, it may be difficult for customers to view your products in real life. Especially with clothing, sometimes a studio picture just isn’t enough. The solution to this for many companies is live streams.

@theeditorsmarket hosts live streams for product launches with influencers who are hosts or models such as @charlottewangwang, @ell4d, @naomiyhs and more.

Not only does the brand get to tap into the influencers’ fans who may join the live, they also leverage on the influencers’ talents such as modelling and hosting to introduce their new products. This allows customers to have a look at what the product looks like in real time and also ask any questions about the items.

Tips for Influencer Live Streams

Choose the Right Timing

When hosting a live stream, you want to ensure that your audience is available to watch it. Based on your target demographic, consider their lifestyle and common active times on social media to tailor the timing of your live stream to fit their schedule.

Have an Administrator

To ensure everything proceeds smoothly, it is recommended to have an administrator that can bring the influencer’s attention to any important comments and tend to any technical issues. This allows your influencer to focus on what they do best: keeping the audience engaged without having to worry about other issues.

Give Your Audience a Reason To Join

One way to attract customers to your live stream is by providing incentives for them to join. @shopee_sg regularly hosts live streams with a variety of influencers. During their live streams, they giveaway products and vouchers, giving customers a reason to watch the live stream in order to win some deals. These live shows usually are not mainly focused on promoting products but also involve activities such as singing, discussions, QnA and others to entertain audiences.

Promote in Advance

Before you begin your live stream, you want to ensure that your audience knows about the event. Inform your audience about your livestream through social media platforms as well as what they can expect from the live stream, just like how @cforcassan did for @theclosetlover’s live stream.

Find the Right Influencer 

Depending on your goal of your influencer livestream, it is important to select the right influencers with a related niche to your business. For example, fashion brands would choose an influencer with modelling experience. If you need help with finding influencers for your next live stream campaign, Affable is an influencer marketing platform that provides you with valuable insights for a wide range of influencers.

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