How Pet Influencers Can Help Your Brand

Emily Gouw
Digital Marketing Intern
July 26, 2021
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When scrolling through your feed or explore page, it is likely that you’ve come across cute animal content that has made you smile. While many are aware of influencer marketing, not many may associate pets with it. In fact, pet influencers are extremely popular and could help brands with marketing. 

Based on Global Market Insights Inc, the global pet care industry is projected to grow beyond USD 269.9 billion by 2025. There is also growing demand for pet services like mobile pet care grooming. With the rise in demand also comes increasing competition from different brands to capture the attention from pet owners. While there is huge potential for brands in the pet care industry, brands also need to find a way to stand out to pet owners.

Brand Exposure

One way for pet care brands to gain brand exposure amongst stiff competition is through pet influencers. Some popular pet influencers boast a larger following than celebrities. @jiffpom, the most followed animal on social media, is a small pomeranian with 10.1 million followers as of June 2021. It has won Guinness World Records and has worked alongside celebrities such as Katy Perry. While not every pet influencer has as many followers as Jiff, most pet influencers generally have a substantial following. By engaging pet influencers, brands can tap into their following and reach to build awareness of any new or existing products and services.

Target Pet Owners

Especially for pet care brands with a niche target audience of pet owners, it is important to reach pet owners as your product or service isn’t likely to interest non-pet owners. A survey by OnePoll on behalf of Mars Petcare showed that 30% of pet owners follow pet influencers on social media platforms. Furthermore, pet influencers help to showcase the use of your product or the outcome of your service, which could help convince pet owners to also want to utilise the same product or service as their favourite pet influencer.

Build Trust in Your Brand

Pet influencer accounts are run by their owners themselves. When your product or service is featured on their account, it builds trust and credibility in your brand. For pet owners, a recommendation from a pet influencer is similar to a testimonial from another pet owner who has tried and tested your brand. 

For example, pet influencer, @nala_cat, showed off its new automatic water fountain by @petlibro.

As pet owners are protective and care deeply for their furkid like a child of their own, they are careful of what they expose their pets to, be it food, product or grooming service. Seeing other pet owners having a good experience with a particular product or service is also likely to build their confidence to buy your product or engage your service.

Pet Influencers for Other Industries

While pet influencers may seem to only be relevant for brands in the pet care market, some brands outside of the pet care industry have actually utilised pet influencer marketing for their products and services. For non-pet care brands, pet influencers could perhaps also be helpful to you when combined with some creativity.

Popular music platform, Spotify, partnered with pet influencers such as @waffles_the_cat to convince pet owners to create a Spotify playlist for their pets. This was a creative way to market a service designed for humans by appealing to them through their pets.

Pet influencer, @mensweardog also known as Bodhi, is known for modelling stylish menswear and has even won a Shorty Award for Best in Fashion. Despite wearing clothing designed for humans, Bodhi models the fashion pieces excellently, making them look absolutely stunning! Unlike regular modelling photos, Bodhi brings cuteness and a novelty factor that effectively captures everyone’s attention.

Get Started with Pet Influencer Marketing

When choosing a pet influencer for your campaign, it is important to identify one that reaches your brand’s target audience. is an influencer marketing platform designed to help brands identify the right influencers for their campaigns. Get insights to information such as influencer follower demographics to reach your desired audience. 

If you would like to find out more about pet influencers within your region, feel free to contact us or request for a free demo.

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