Product Update: Discover How To Easily Edit Products And Search Influencers By Language With’s New Features!

Sruthi Ramisetty
Product Marketer
February 24, 2023
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Share the article: has released two new features to help users better connect with influencers. 

The first feature allows brands and agencies to edit products in a proposal before approving it. This could include replacing products that are out of stock, adding surprise gifts, or changing products based on conversations with the influencer. 

The second feature—the language filter—allows brands to search for influencers who post content in a specific language. This helps Affable users find influencers in their preferred languages other than English, which is difficult to do manually.

1. Edit products before approving a proposal

Users may have product suggestions for influencers that are different from what the influencer has chosen. This could be based on conversations they have had or content the influencer has recently posted. Users may also choose to add a surprise gift to the order in order to build a better relationship with the Influencer. Further, if products in the user’s store are out of stock, they may want to replace them in the influencer's proposal. You can do all of this seamlessly now with this enhanced proposal feature! 

Select the products you want to add to your proposal to the influencer.

Edit your selection according to variants in stock and confirm your selection.

Approve your product and the proposal will be sent to your influencer seamlessly.

2. Find influencers in your preferred language 

Language filters are now available to search influencers by language. This feature helps users find influencers who post content in a specific language. For example, in countries where English is not the primary language, users can use the ‘language filter’ to find influencers who post only in English which manually would be exhausting to do.

Try this new feature now!

Search for influencers who post content in a language that’s relevant to you. 

For more support, we are a DM away on’s Intercom chat. Or contact your customer success team for assistance.

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