How to Write Influencer Outreach Emails & 6 Email Templates

Rachel Smith
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November 19, 2021
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It wouldn't be farfetched (at all) to say that influencer marketing has gained popularity faster than any other marketing trend in recent history. And, all for good reasons!

Let's look at some of the stats:

  • Influencer marketing ROI is 11X greater than traditional marketing ROI.
  • 82% of consumers are likely to follow an influencer's suggestions.
  • Businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

Such numbers are possible as consumers engage with influencers daily (sometimes even multiple times in a day). This level of engagement can help brands promote their products and services to consumers faster and more effectively.

As digital marketers and agency professionals, you need to be on the top of your game with managing influencer marketing for your client brands. Finding the perfect influencers for each brand you work for is the first step, but then comes the challenging part of getting in touch with them and seeking a reply from them so they can collaborate with your client brand.

So, how do you do it? There are two main ways to go about it – you or your team can send a personal message on social media and reach them through email. The ideal way would be to do both, but email is a much more reliable way to go about this. Keep in mind that when you have several influencers you need to reach out to, using a tool like can save you and your team substantial time and effort. You will be able to send bulk emails to all the influencers you need to reach out to at once! Now, when drafting the message or email that you want to send, remember that influencers receive so many DMs daily that your message might get lost. They also receive dozens of emails every day. So, you need to cut the noise by writing a message or email that catches their attention.

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We've put together a list of the best strategies you can use to write influencer outreach emails. To further help you, we've also included a sample influencer email template for various situations you may come across:

How to Write a Perfect Influencer Outreach Email

  1. Know Your Goals
  2. Answer these questions to figure out the right goals:

    • What do you expect to achieve from the collaboration? Is it increasing brand engagement and reach, boosting sales, or increasing brand awareness?
    • Why do you want to partner with this particular influencer?
    • What do you want the influencer to do for a brand? Give free giveaways, a product review, or post photos or videos of your products?

    By answering these questions, you'll be able to articulate your ideas and write an influencer outreach email that would encourage the influencer to work with the brand you represent.

  3. Write a Catchy Subject Line
  4. Digital celebrities are busy people. If you want them to read your email, your email needs to have a catchy subject line. Put across the main idea of your email in one short sentence or phrase – 7 or fewer words or around 41 characters – that's the perfect length of your subject line.

    Keep in mind that your subject line is your "resume," so to speak – if you don't make an impression with it, the chances of your email getting opened could be slim. So, don't underestimate the power of a strong subject line and give it a lot of thought to create a few versions before you finalize one.

  5. Personalize Your Message
  6. Make sure you use every opportunity to personalize your message. Use the influencers name to your advantage. Personalization should begin with the subject line itself, and should most certainly reflect in the greeting and then must be spread across your email content where possible.

    Keep in mind these opportunities where you can add a touch of personalization in your outreach emails:

    • Express admiration for the content the influencer generates. Be specific and share a link to a post that the influencer has done and talk about what you love or appreciate about it.
    • If anyone from the brand has met the influencer in person, make it a point to mention it in the email.
    • If anyone from the brand has participated in an event/activity hosted by the influencer, don't forget to mention this in the email.
    • If you're reaching out to an influencer from a foreign country, try to speak their language via email. You don't need to write the whole email in a foreign language - the greeting, subject line, and first two sentences or a few words here and there in the email are good enough (make sure the usage is accurate, so consult with someone who can write in the language or make sure you verify what you've written is correct).
  7. Keep Your Email Short and "To-The-Point"
  8. Influencers have their schedules full. If you want your email to be read, make it easy for them to scan it. Be concise and to the point. Although personalization in the email is essential, don't overdo it to a point where it gets too lengthy.

    Keep in mind what you must cover in the email:

    • Introduce yourself and your company: Let them know about the brand and industry you work in, your mission, and the product or service you offer.
    • Connect your brand values with the values of the influencer: Let them know why they are a perfect fit for your brand. Use some of their content that resonates with your brand to establish a connection where possible.
    • Let them know the offer: Give details about what you will offer – free products, collaboration, or an affiliate program. Only when they show interest in your offer, talk about the monetary compensation.
  9. Give Them Creative Freedom
  10. Influencers run their business the way they want it, and they are successful at what they are doing. So, give them the freedom to create content the way they like it. Don't give them strict prerequisites that limit their creativity – this could turn them off and make them not consider associating with you.

With the above points in mind, you are all set to start drafting your influencer outreach emails, but to help you further, here are some templates that can help get you started…

Influencer Outreach Email Templates

A few influencer outreach templates to make your life easy:

Example #1: The First Email

The first email is to figure out the influencer's interest in collaborating with you. In this email, state the purpose and make it clear that collaboration is mutually beneficial. Take a look at this example:

Hi [name],

I am [your name], and I work as the [job title] at [brand/business]. I have been following your content for quite some time now, and I must say that it's impressive and in line with our brand.

Your recent post, [title or description of the post - hyperlinked], was really well done [the reason]. I shared it with our social media followers as well, and they really appreciated it.

I am writing to you because I wanted to discuss if you'd be interested in collaborating with[brand/business] to help us reach your audience. We'd love to send you our products and are open to other forms of collaboration as well. 

Is this something you'd be interested in? If so, I'd love to begin the collaboration and bring value to both our followers. 

Best Regards,

[your name]

Example #2: Seeking a Long-Term, Brand Ambassador-Style Relationship

If you need the influencer to work with you for the long term, follow this example:  

Hi [name],

I am [your name], and I work as the [job title] at [brand/business]. I have been following your content for a while and love it - especially loved your post on [example of a post that resonates with your brand]. 

I'm writing to you today as I think you would be a good fit for our brand, and I would love to open a conversation for us to work together by establishing a long-term association. Would you be interested in an ongoing collaboration with [brand or company name], we [describe what the brand or company does].

Let me know if you're open to discussing this further, and I'll send over more details to you, and we can also get on a call.

Hope to talk to you soon,

[your name]

Example #3. A Product Sneak Peek or a Release of a New Feature  

Influencers can create a great buzz online on your sneak peeks and your latest features. This example is perfect for your prospective influencers:

Hey [name],

I’m [your name] from [brand/company name]. 

We're launching a new product, [name of product/feature], this month, which is helpful to [who finds your product useful and why]. 

I have been following you for a while now, and I noticed that you talk about similar products. I strongly feel that your audience would benefit from learning about our products, especially our latest launch. Please let me know if you'd be interested in promoting [new product/feature]?

You'll be adequately compensated with [list perks like new features, free samples, the pay rate, etc.] for your time.  

Hope to work with you!

Best regards,

[your name]

Example #4. Free Sample Template

It's a good idea to reach out to influencers and let them know that you'd be sending your products for them to talk about if they are interested and like your product. Consider this direct, short email example:

Hey [name],

I’m [your name] from [company name]. I loved your [relevant content] and wanted to let you know that your work is very impressive.

I am reaching out to you because I have a product that I think would be helpful for your audience. I hope you would test out [product name], and if you like it, it would be great if you would share it with your audience?

Keep a lookout for our free samples – I will also send a few extras in case you want to do a giveaway with them. 

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for your time,

[your name]

Example #5. The Affiliate Marketing Template

Affiliate programs are payment or commission-based programs that depend on the number of leads the influencers pass on to you. Here's an excellent example of an email for that purpose:

Hey [name],

I’m [your name] from [company name]. I really enjoy the content you put across for your audience.

I am reaching out to you because I feel you could be a great ambassador for our brand. I would like to invite you to join us as an affiliate partner. 

We'll provide you with a number of free samples of [product name] for you to use and share with your community. We would also love to offer an affiliate code that you can share with your audience so you can earn money from your influence. 

Would you be interested in joining us as an affiliate partner? Do let me know – we'd love to have you on board!

Best Regards,

[your name]

We hope that you find these tips and influencer outreach email templates helpful. So, get started.

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