How YouTube's Multi-Language Audio Tool Can Amplify Sales

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
March 17, 2023
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As video content becomes increasingly popular to reach a broader audience, creators face the challenge of making their videos accessible to viewers in various regions and who speak different languages. To tackle this and cater to the growing creator economy, YouTube has introduced a feature - a multi-language audio track - that supports multiple audios for creators to dub their content in other languages.

Rolled out in February 2023, YouTube conducted the test run with popular content creator MrBeast, who dubbed his videos in 11 languages. The tool eliminates the language barrier to boost content creation and increase brand-influencer partnerships. Ultimately helping businesses to ensure effective brand messaging and higher ROI.  

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What is YouTube's multi-language audio tool?

The YouTube multi-language audio track is a feature that allows creators to publish dubbed audio tracks with their videos. The followers can choose their preferred language to watch the video. Previously, creators partnered with third-party companies to dub the audio in other languages, which can be uploaded on YouTube.

To view the content in other languages, viewers can go to Settings, click Audio Track, and select the language. The dubbed content can only be viewed in the languages uploaded by the creator.

How is YouTube's multi-language audio tool a boon for marketers?

With globalization on the rise, reaching a diversified audience is a challenge for even seasoned marketers. Multiple influencer collaborations, different content strategies, disparate teams, and legal obstacles create an extra workload, making it difficult to pull off a global campaign.

The multilingual audio track empowers businesses and even small-scale brands to minimize time and magnify their reach beyond local audiences. Brands can partner with experienced YouTube influencers to create an all-inclusive content strategy catering to a broader customer base. Brands can ask creators to talk about their products and services in multiple languages, showing the audience how inclusive and thoughtful the brand is.

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Additionally, brands and marketers can:

1. Expand brand recognition worldwide

According to 2023 research, around 25% of internet users are non-English speakers, which means multilingual content can open up your brand to this audience. A wider audience will boost your sales and profit as more people will be encouraged to try your products.

Since YouTube announced its new feature, over 3500 videos were uploaded in different languages on the platform. And almost 15% of the views have come from people who watched the content in their native languages, according to TechCrunch.

The statistics conclude that having a multi-language content strategy can double your reach instantly.

2. Increase social engagement

Understanding the content is crucial for your audience to share with friends and families. With the new feature, your audience can consume the content in their native languages and engage with it. Increased social engagement means more chances of getting warmer leads, quality traffic, and conversions.

3. Boost SEO rankings

YouTube has become more than just a video streaming platform. Gen Zers and Millennials use the platform as a search engine to find content related to their queries. Optimizing content for multiple languages and audiences can enhance your off-page SEO efforts. With diversified content, you can become more searchable in new markets. Customers looking for products similar to yours can easily find you through organic search, skyrocketing your brand awareness.

Creating content in languages already supported by your website can get you a higher score by Google, giving you first place on the search results.

How to leverage YouTube's multi-language audio track to stand out on the platform?

By leveraging YouTube's new feature, brands and creators can create a win-win campaign for themselves. Brands can stand out on the platform and gain a competitive advantage, while influencers can gain more subscribers and global appreciation.

Here's a step-by-step guide to running multi-language influencer campaigns on YouTube:

Step 1: Define your target market

Defining your target audience and the languages they speak is a critical step in running a multi-language influencer campaign. You can find the right influencers and create an optimized content strategy by narrowing down your target languages.

Step 2: Identify the right creators

To use YouTube's new tool to its fullest, reach out to the right creators with experience creating content in multiple languages. For example, MrBeast, the beta user of the feature, has created videos available in several languages, including Indonesian, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, French, and many more.

Partnering with such creators will give you more insight into a global audience from different countries and cultures. Such knowledge can be used to revamp your products or services for your potential customers, doubling your sales.

Step 3: Create an optimized content strategy

Once you have a roster of talented and diverse creators, you can move on to the next step—optimizing your content strategy. Besides partnering with the right creator, you must be on the same page to create content catering to a wide audience. The best way is to include your creator in strategy building and let them present their content ideas.

Next, optimize the audio in the target language to accompany the videos.  

Marketing Tip: Even with YouTube's new feature, include subtitles in the content to keep it easily digestible for the audience with disabilities. Additionally, you can have descriptions in multiple languages, letting people know your content is available in more languages. It will also increase your discoverability on the platform.

Wrap Up

Finding the right content creator is crucial to creating an impactful campaign. However, finding authentic and talented creators is tough with the influencer marketing industry already saturated.

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