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February 1, 2023
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Influencers in India posted over 22M+ videos in 2022 on YouTube, more than any other country in Southeast Asia, according to data. Be it the widespread adoption of smartphones, internet accessibility in rural areas, or content creators churning out stories in their regional dialect, multiple factors contributed to YouTube's soaring popularity in India in 2022.

The social media channel now serves as a source of income for many content creators. On the other hand, brands prefer YouTube to reach untapped target audiences. Interestingly, the general inclination is towards mega and celebrity influencers as they could generate higher engagement rates in average views.  

Brands view this as an opportunity, given that the content virality of mega influencers is significantly higher than that of the other influencer categories. has derived data about the influencer's engagement rates and demographics, which will help you navigate a hustle-free path to make an impact and grow your brand on YouTube.

Table of Content:

  1. Influencer Demographics
  2. Number of Influencers by Subscribers Count
  3. Influencers Engagement Rates
  4. Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022
  5. Top 10 Influencers with the Highest Engagement Rate

1.Influencer demographics

Male users make up a significant percentage of the YouTube audience (75.59% of the total viewership), while female users make up 25.42%. Even if the numbers are small, the platform has great potential for connecting female consumers with several international and Indian brands. Data shows Millennials (26-32) are the most active users, followed by 26.08% GenZ (19-25), proving the younger generation gives maximum views.

2.Number of Influencers by Subscribers Count

Micro-influencers, ranging between 10k-50k subscribers, comprise a large segment of YouTube, followed by at least 23,309.nano-influencers (5k-10k subscribers). When using nano and micro-influencers, the likelihood of reaching the precisely targeted audience is always high. Mid-tier and macro-influencers are still growing influencer categories. The celebrity influencer count is at least 5592.

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3. Influencers Engagement Rates

The intriguing aspect of India's YouTube engagement data is that despite their small numbers, celebrities and mega influencers create *maximum engagement. Celebrities have the highest engagement rate of 685287.3% than other influencer categories.

Micro and nano are still in their evolutionary phase to attract user attention. The mid-tier and macro influencer’s engagement rates are at 248623.30% and 165148.42%, respectively. On the other hand, Nano-influencers achieved an engagement of  34477.21%   and micro-influencers of 73849.92%.

(*Maximum engagement is calculated in terms of average views)

4.Influencer Posts: 2021 Vs. 2022

In 2021, influencers generated 20M posts, which increased by 2.21% to 22M in 2022, the greatest growth in the SEA area. It shows that with the rising popularity of short- and long-form videos, companies and content producers view YouTube as a platform for sponsored partnerships and building multiple touchpoints with users.

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Top 10 Influencers with the Highest Engagement Rate

1.Desi Music Factory (@DesiMusicFactoryYT, 33.4M subscribers)

Anshul Garg established the record company known as The Desi Music Factory. Over 33.5 million people had subscribed to the channel, with 32.56% female and 67.44% male. Gen Z and Millennials make up most of Desi Music Factory's subscribers. According to data from, there is an average of 71.02M views per video, with a total engagement rate of 3.37%. Each video receives an average of 62,41K likes and 34,01K comments. Estimated numbers for reach and impressions are 71.02 million and 10.05 million, respectively.

2. Busy Fun Ltd (@busyfunltd9692, 16.7M subscribers)

Busy Fun Ltd is an international funny channel that provides the best quality entertainment videos. With over 16.7M subscribers, the channel reached about 70.91% of the younger generation. The audience base is composed of 65.45% males and 34.55% females. The total engagement per video is 0.96%, with 40.33M average views. The channel’s average likes and comments per video are 149.71K and 1.75K.  Whereas the estimated reach and impressions are  37.67M and 4.92M, respectively.

3. DM - Desi Melodies (@DesiMelodies, 14.4M subscribers)

Desi Melodies is a universal music group founded by lyricist and singer Jaani and Arvindr Kharia, who is a director and filmmaker. Desi Melodies is mainly followed by the younger generation, giving 3.71% engagement per video and a 39.57M average view. The channel's average likes and comments per video stands at 488.46K and 24.98K.

4. Make Joke Of (@MakeJokeOf, 11.9M subscribers)

The Make Joke Of is known for its funny animated videos, which are exciting because of their native dialect from central India. The channel has grown and reached 11.9 M subscribers, with 85.53% being Gen Zers and Millennials. The average number of likes and comments per video is 4.30% and 0.21%, respectively. The channel's estimated reach is 24.45K, and the estimated impressions are 21.35K per video.

5. Short Break (@ShortsBreak_Official, 18.1M subscribers)

Short Break from Armonks Media is the creator of short videos in India. Male users dominate the audience base at 61.19%, while female users at 38.81%. The total engagement rate per video is 9.24%, with 30.10M average views and average likes and comments per video being 1.64M and 1.42K, respectively. The estimated reach is 30.10M, and the estimated impressions are 5.34M.

6. Ashish Chanchlani vines ( @ashishchanchlanivines, 29M subscribers)

Ashish Chanchlani is a popular name among the Indian audience. He rose to fame with funny videos and has been the preferred choice for brands like Marvel. Ashish has interviewed international stars and attended various film festivals. Currently, he has over 29M subscribers. The total engagement per video is 6.26%, with 36.69M average views per video. Average likes per video are recorded at 52.06K, and the average comments per video at 52.06K.

7. Mani Meraj Vines ( @ManiMerajVines, 6.42M subscribers)

Mani Meraj produces content mainly based on fun and entertainment. His subscribers are 91.37% males and 8.63% females. He has 6.59% of the total engagement per video and 25.70M average views per video. Average likes and comments per video are estimated at 25.70M and 412.21K, respectively. His estimated reach is almost 25.59M, and his estimated impressions 1.92M.

8. Round2hell (@Round2hell, 28.8M subscribers)

Round2hell content is based on fun and entertaining videos. Most subscribers are Genz and Millenials, including 91.57% males and 8.43% females. The total engagement rate per video is 1.01M, with about 24.56M average views. The average number of likes and comments per video is 938.48k and 46.11K, respectively, with an estimated reach of 24.65M and estimated impressions of 8.43M.

9. Jkk Entertainment (@JkkEntertainment, 36.7M subscribers)

Jkk entertainment content is based on entertainment and prank videos featuring content creator Chhotu ki Masti. Their audience base comprises 73.47% males and 26.53% females. The total engagement per video is recorded at 0.42%, with 23.96M average views per video. Jkk entertainment video's estimated reach is 23.96M, and the estimated impressions are 10.98M. The average likes and comments per video are 117.47K and 1.94K, respectively.  

10. Jingle Toons (@JingleToons, 30.6M subscribers)

Jingle Toons is widely recognized for its high-quality videos on animated video songs, stories, and educational content for kids. The channel's subscribers are primarily male, comprising 74.44% of the audience. The total engagement per video is 0.45%, with 23.72M average views. The channel's average likes and comments per video stands at 78.08K and 294. Their estimated reach and impressions are 23.72M and 9.18M, respectively.

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