Influencer Affiliate Marketing: A Powerful Tool For Brands To Boost Sales

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January 4, 2023
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The rise of online shopping has led to the growth of a powerful marketing tool for brands – influencer affiliate marketing. 

Experts predict we’ll see more influencers being used as affiliates in 2023 to boost brand reach and sales. Up to this point, most brands leveraged influencer partnerships to increase brand visibility across social media channels, but now they wish to drive sales through their influential power. To do so, brands hand out special discount codes and links to influencers to track each purchase driven by them. Influencer payments are decided based on their performance. 

“Influencer collaborations will continue strongly through to 2023, where influencers are involved in the design and even production of products, documenting this process, then fronting the campaigns to market,” says Pamela Seow, Strategic Lead, Seventeen Brand. She cites multiple reasons why she sees long-term influencer brand collaboration.

Performance-based payments act as added incentives for the influencers to create compelling content and increase the number of purchases. 

The growing demand for genuine content is another factor that adds to the reason why brands will leverage influencers as affiliates for the long term. Healthy and long-term brand-influencer relationships will enable creators to create raw and honest content that resonates with the target audience. 

Check out our 2023 influencer marketing predictions report to access interesting expert insights on the subject and how brands will continue to chase long-term influencer partnerships in the coming year. 

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