Top 6 Influencer Agencies In Paris [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
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June 17, 2022
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Paris, the global fashion capital, is home to fashionistas who are not only influencing people locally but across all continents. Name any Paris-based brand like Dior, Chanel, Hermes, or Louis Vuitton, all partner with influencers to expand their outreach.

Jeanne Damas, Emma Chamberlain, Anne-Catherine Frey, Garance Doré, and other top fashion influencers in Paris have helped these brands scale their campaigns. Not just the fashion brands, those in beauty, food, photography and travel sectors are equally leveraging influencer marketing. 

Going by the 2019 data, nearly 32% of french creators received collaboration requests from brands to participate in word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. But hiring relevant influencers for long-term partnerships is still a significant challenge for many brands. 

Influencer agencies in Paris can help you here as they have close connections with the top influencers and help you develop strategies, craft pitches, and establish constant communication. 

To make collaboration easier, faster, and smoother, some agencies even use influencer marketing platforms like It gives you access to over 6M+ vetted creator profiles and performance metrics, helping you hire the right talent. Moreover, the platform enables you to build long-term relationships by managing conversations, product gifting, payouts, and performance in a few clicks. 

Let's dive in and look at the top agencies in Paris and how they help brands scale their campaigns! 

Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in Paris 

Matriochka Influences 

Founding Year:

Matriochka Influences claims to be a pioneer influencer agency in Paris. It also acts as a corporate and lifestyle consulting agency for brands and startups in alcoholic beverage, food, institutions, health, gaming, beauty, and more industries. 

The company believes creator campaigns should shape the audience's behaviour, build trust, generate buzz, and sell the product. And that is what they help clients achieve. It has a network of more than 15000 influencers, including micro-influencers, journalists, TikTokers, Instagrammers, consumer fans, and celebrities in France and abroad. 

They provide e-influence management services where they recruit, run paid and non-paid ambassador programmes, create content and guidelines, organise giveaways, activate codes, amplify campaigns, and report results. 

Other services include media relations and social media management.  

Clients: Uber Eats, Spotify, Xbox, Transavia, Vinted, Budweiser, Sony, Jameson, Clarins, Diesel, Qilibri 

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2. HotMango 

Founding Year: NA

HotMango specialises in running influencer campaigns on Facebook, Titkok, Instagram and other social platforms. Having worked with over 500 local and global brands, the company knows how to create unique strategies for you based on your goals and requirements. It helps you build strong connections with your audience through targeted campaigns. 

The company has a network of 38 exclusive french and international influencers chosen based on their personality, engagement, interests, and experience. The company even hires product ambassadors for campaigns to create a lasting bond between brands and audiences. 

Clients: Happn, Philips, Beauty Bay, Emma, Amazon Prime Video, Oceans Apart, So Shape, Hello Body 

3. Clark Influence

Founding Year: 2017

Clark Influence is a full-service influencer marketing agency in Paris that helps brands in the fashion, spirits, travel and tourism, food, government institutions, entertainment, and distribution industries. They have activated more than 4300 creators ranging from nano to macro-influencers. 

Their 6-step approach to influencer marketing includes strategy development, recruitment, content production, campaign management, target amplification, and success and reporting. The agency thoroughly researches the brand's audience, including their interests, age, size, gender, and more. 

Other services include storytelling, event, and experiential marketing. 

They also have offices in Montreal and Toronto. 

Clients: Babybel, Champagne Pommery, 30 & 40, Bayard, Air France, Bonduelle, Procter & Gamble, Pernod Ricard, IGA, Renault 

4. Stargazer 

Founding Year:

Although headquartered in Miami, Stargazer caters to global brands and startups, including Paris. It is a full-service influencer agency providing user-generated content and TikTok management services to boost your exposure on social media.

The agency takes care of running campaigns on multiple platforms to maximise your reach. It helps brands add a human touch to their campaigns, target the audience's emotions, and establish long-term connections. 

Their influencer associations include creators like Kuhleen, The Kaplan Twins, and Alyssa McKay. 

Clients: Sony Music, Poshmark, Voodoo, Mercari, GoPuff, Yubo, Cove, Ibotta, Instacart  

5. Pocket Whale

Founding Year:

Pocket Whale is an influencer agency in Paris specialising in the video gaming niche. The agency recruits the top gaming influencers on channels like Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

Being an official partner with Google, Facebook (Meta), and other major platforms, they maintain authenticity and transparency in their campaigns to drive real results and increase client satisfaction. They also create customised creative assets, including video ads and TV commercials.

Apart from Paris, the company runs word-of-mouth campaigns in Los Angeles, Berlin, and Tokyo. Besides this, they offer digital advertising, public relations (PR), user acquisition, and event planning. 

Clients: Nexon, Lotum, Seriously, Omnidrone, Small Giant, Socialpoint, WarGaming, SpaceApe, Prophecy Games 

6. Obviously 

Founding Year:

Obviously is a 360-degree influencer marketing agency in Paris with a network of 96000 influencers, ranging from nano to macro. The company manages entire campaigns, from recruitment to product shipment, amplification, and reporting. 

Having run over 2000 campaigns, the company knows how to create brand-specific strategies and build an influencer community to grow better brand affinity. 

The agency allows you to create custom campaigns based on your individual needs and the type of influencer you want to work with. For example, the agency has an option for brands who want a campaign with celebrities and macro-influencers. Besides this, you can go for their product ambassador programme to partner with loyal brand advocates.  

Clients: Honest Beauty, Ulta Beauty, Freefire, Bumble, Lyft, Converse, T-Fal 

Final Note

After seeing the success of influencer marketing, many global agencies and platforms have started providing solutions to carry out successful campaigns. Some manage end-to-end campaigns, while others help you find the right creators. The company you pick depends on your requirements. 

We've got you covered if you want to run campaigns in more than one region. Check out our list of global influencer marketing agencies. 

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