Top 7 Influencer Agencies in the Netherlands [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
June 27, 2022
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In the Netherlands,  for many businesses staying relevant in the growing competition has  become a big challenge. Since the country is the gateway to European markets, such as Germany, France, and the U.K, businesses need solid marketing plans to capture their audience's attention. 

Influencer marketing has become one of the channels to do so. Various brands partner with Dutch influencer agencies to stay a notch above their competitors. These agencies help them find top influencers in the region and manage their campaigns. 

Some agencies even use influencer outreach tools like to streamline the campaigns. The platform offers advanced features that help businesses and agencies run compelling campaigns from a single dashboard. 

Let's learn about the top influencer agencies in the Netherlands. 

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Leading Dutch Influencer Agencies 

1. Boomerang 

From creating TikTok challenges to YouTube videos and Instagram reels, Boomerang helps you create engaging content. The agency delivers custom campaigns that are purpose-driven and enhance your digital presence. 

The agency provides community management, under which it creates content calendars and schedules publishing to drive constant engagement with the audience. The agency also analyses and reports the audience's reaction to your content so that you know the progress of your campaign. 

Since its inception in 1993, the agency has built a team of 180 creative individuals, including copywriters, designers, filmmakers, etc., enabling it to create persuasive content. 

Clients: Prime Video, Rituals, Shimano, Wijko, Heinz, Qmusic, Netflix, Nuon, Spotify 

Other Services: Strategy, video concepts, video content 

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2. Femmefab

Founded in 2012, Femmefab is an influencer agency in the Netherlands that runs campaigns targeting the female audience. The agency has a network of 60 exclusive influencers, including moms, teens, bloggers, or couples, who women can relate with. 

Brands in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle and other female-focused industries avail their services to partner with content creators like Kim Jacobs, Alboe, and Laviesanne. 

Their approach is divided into six steps - building campaign objective, influencer discovery, ideation, managing reach and budget, monitoring and optimisation, and reporting. The agency also helps create sponsored content to increase brand awareness. 

Clients: BestSecret, Mediaexplain, Vtech, The PR Bureau, Nestle, Ziengs 

Other Services: NA

3. Storyboard

With nearly a decade of experience in publishing, Storyboard has excelled in using the storytelling technique to reach the social audience and convey your brand message. The Dutch influencer agency leverages the voice of creators to help brands target a younger audience - millennials and Gen Z. 

Before strategising on how to create word-of-mouth for your brand, the agency conducts consumer research to analyse your target audience. It helps in accelerating your engagement beyond likes and comments. The agency turns creators into business partners for long-term partnerships by defining entrepreneurial opportunities within your business. 

Clients: Duvel, Sportlife, Vedett, Zorg en Zekerheid, Max Factor, Powerslim, Berentzen EOY 

Other Services: Talent consultancy, talent incubator 

4. Dutch Influencer Agency

The Dutch Influencer Agency pairs brands with models and actors in beauty, lifestyle, interior, parenting, sport, food, and other niches. The agency has five offices in the Netherlands: Eindhoven, Maastricht, Heerlen, The Hague, and Utrecht, giving it access to the top talent in the regions.  

They even connect you with loyal brand fans and existing customers to create content for you, maximising authenticity. 

As the owner of The Marketing Boutique, a marketing agency, it has gained over 15 years of experience in online marketing. Using this experience, the agency drives result-oriented campaigns with creative strategies and content, including photoshoots, graphic design and videography. 

Clients: BCL, Young Living, Le Mooi, Minami Sushi & Noodle Bar, Berden, Magic, Micro Care Limburg

Other Services: NA

5. L’Agency 

Established in 2017, L'Agency is a reputed influencer agency in the Netherlands, providing tailor-made solutions for brands in the lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and social issues sectors. To ensure high-quality campaigns, the agency offers personal training to its influencer network. 

They manage complete campaigns on your behalf while keeping in mind your budget. Their services include ideation, client briefing, planning and strategy building, content development, communication management, publishing and monitoring, and reporting. 

The agency has in-house photographers, videographers, writers, stylists, hosts, and consultants that assist the influencers in creating content through photoshoot sessions and other activities. 

Clients: Mochi, Scotch & Soda, Suite 702, Copenhagen Fashion Week,, YSL Beauty, Itsapark 

Other Services: Talent management, social media campaigns 

6. Influencer.Agency 

Influencer.Agency provides various services, including campaign strategies, influencer contracting, content production, and reporting progress. From micro to mega creators, this Dutch influencer agency pairs you with top influencers in the Netherlands.  

The agency uses a storytelling approach to help brands boost engagement, authenticity, and credibility. Knowing that every brand has a different audience, they study your target market and then choose the right social media platform. 

Clients: NA 

Other Services: NA

7. UPR

As a full-service public relations agency, UPR knows how to run strategic influencer campaigns by managing communications and connecting brands with their audience. 

Established in 2000, the agency offers services for brands in the consumer, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion sectors. It combines technology with talent and social proof to build an authentic online presence of your brand.

The agency uses brand journalism to create unique stories about your brand and highlight your values from a different viewpoint on multiple channels, making the content more engaging for the audience. 

Clients: WE, Bitcoin, MAC Cosmetics, Bang & Olufsen, Alex, Molton Brown London, Drykorn 

Other Services: Content production, market research, media buying, digital marketing, social media management 

Wrapping Up

Dutch influencer agencies are actively helping brands beat the competition by onboarding relevant creators aligning with their campaign objectives. But to do so, they need access to advanced features, like content discovery, automated product deliveries and payouts, content tracking, etc., to minimise manual efforts and reduce the time. 

For this, many agencies are now using influencer automation tools to help them find, manage, and measure campaigns without hassle. 

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