Hiring Influencer Brand Ambassadors to Promote Products Through Real-Life Scenarios

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July 12, 2023
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Influencer brand ambassadors make for effective partnerships. Having used your products in real life, they are the perfect individuals to represent your brand. And here's where you can get creative. 

Let creators live the brand by showcasing life with your products. Influencer brand ambassadors are masters of storytelling, so why not show your product through their lens? Canon adopted this interesting approach and amassed massive success. 

In May 2023, Canon partnered with Emma Chamberlain to launch its new product focused on creators. As part of the campaign, Chamberlain shared stories of how she bought Canon products to shoot her first YouTube video and has stuck with the brand throughout her career as a content creator. Canon wanted to target social media creators, so it capitalized on Chamberlain's success on YouTube using Canon's products.

Our Influencer Marketing Spring Report 2023 witnessed brands doubling down on authentic influencer content, which pushed them to experiment with creative influencer marketing strategies. One of them includes hiring influencers as brand ambassadors to promote products in real-life scenarios. 

The strategy has worked tremendously for GoPro, Red Bull, Patagonia, Airbnb, and Glossier in:

  • Sharing genuine product stories
  • Targeting the ideal audience 
  • Educating customers about the product 
  • Placing the product in customer's minds

By allowing creators to immerse themselves in the brand's lifestyle, these collaborations generate engaging and relatable content that resonates with their target audience. "I think this is a major selling point because people follow aspirational creators, whether they like their lifestyle, their thought process, or hobbies. Nevertheless, followers are looking for authentic content, and if done well, product placement can be a great natural way to promote a brand," says Kiara Burmeister, the USA-based influencer. 

Moreover, when creators share organic content of them using the products in real life, it enables customers to envision themselves using the same products. This relatability increases the likelihood of customers becoming interested in and purchasing the products. 

But just as with any influencer marketing strategy, this trend also has drawbacks to it. The USA-based influencer Sam Koehler says, "Most of the drawbacks would be for the creators themselves as they're pushed to use more and more brands in their organic content so that they get noticed. Benefits are mostly with the brands who are receiving the organic content and are able to easily find influencers for their campaigns." 

While Kiara Burmeister, who has worked with Cleo, Waterboy, Princess Polly, Merit, Lancôme, Bloom, and Sunday Riley says, "I think there are drawbacks if the product placement is not a good brand fit or if the creators' main focus is only to show the product. The customer wants to be told a story, not be sold a product."

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