Unraveling Shein and Tarte's Controversial Influencer Brand Trips

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July 7, 2023
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Are influencer trips worth it? Many marketers are questioning the effectiveness of influencer brand trips after the Tarte Cosmetics and Shein controversy. The two brands recently faced backlash from the social media community that bruised their brand reputation. 

Tarte invited a group of creators to Dubai to promote their latest products. But some creators, particularly women of color, felt they were not being treated the same way as their white counterparts. The issue took a public turn when the creator took to social media to share her experience of being given the smallest hotel room among all the influencers. It led to a wave of criticism aimed at Tarte.

And right when people were moving on the Tarte controversy, Shein's influencer trip made the headlines! Social media users shared memes mocking Shein's attempt to whitewash their online reputation. According to social media users, Shein is a fast fashion company building fortunes from unethical labor and environmental practices. To turn around this image, Shein invited a group of influencers to visit their factory in China. 

The campaign did the opposite of what the company had planned. The influencers who posted about the trip on their page faced negative comments and feedback from their followers. 

The two influencer campaigns prove that blindly following a trend is not the key to authentic marketing. According to experts, well-planned and researched influencer brand trips are worth the investment as they offer you an authentic way to connect with your target customers. 

Michaela Melo, Marketing Manager, Musician Authority, a website for music learning, says, "Inviting influencers to experience the brand firsthand provides them with an immersive and authentic understanding of the products or services. This personal connection helps build trust and credibility among the influencers' followers." 

Plus, influencers share their journey all over social media when they go on trips, building mass awareness, starting meaningful conversations, and offering a fresh perspective for your brand's storytelling. 

So how can brands turn influencer brand trips into profitable tactics? The key lies in optimal planning and thorough research. Stick to the following steps to make your influencer trips worth the money. 

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