Influencer-Hosted Vodcasts Hold The Power To Engage Untapped Audiences

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January 4, 2023
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Videos have expanded to almost every content type. First came video blogs that took the internet by storm as most creators started documenting their life stories, and now videos are taking over podcasts. Podcasts have always been related to audio, where people can plug into episodes from their favorite hosts and listen to the content. 

However, people have started exploring video podcasts over a few years. Afterall, we as humans are visual beings. We need that video touch for added entertainment and better understanding. 

Video podcasts or vodcasts are not regular videos that you find on social media. They are podcasts with a video element like motion, graphics, animation, or a static image. Many podcast hosts also film themselves talking in an interview and publish it on their YouTube channel to reach more people and boost viewership. 

Statistics show that YouTube is gradually becoming a preferred vodcast channel where people stream content from famous creators. 

"Looking at how long-form video will evolve, I would be shocked if by the end of 2023, pretty much every podcast out there doesn't have a video offering – especially creator-hosted podcasts. Personally, just listening to audio is enough for me, but I know that lots of people like that added entertainment factor," says Neve Fear-Smith, a UK-based journalist. 

Brands are leveraging creator-hosted vodcasts to add authenticity to the content and drive more engagement. Besides providing valuable content, creator-hosted vodcasts can capture the audience's attention and keep them hooked.

As 2023 approaches, we will see more brands leverage creator-hosted podcasts to capture new audiences. Our 2023 influencer marketing trends report discusses the topic in detail and displays evidential data. Do check it out! 

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