Top 8 Influencer Marketing Agencies In Amsterdam [2022]

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June 17, 2022
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Amsterdam, recognised as one of the biggest startup hubs in Europe, is a competitive place where brands are looking for ways to attract and retain their ideal audience. Big brands such as Netflix, Uber, Tesla, Philips, and have already created their headquarters in the city to dominate the European market. 

It makes it much more challenging for startups to retain their positions. To overcome the hurdle, they have adopted influencer marketing. 

Since nearly 90% of Dutch consumers, especially millennials, prefer shopping online, companies recognise the need to reach out to influencers and target the audience on social platforms. 

Influencer marketing agencies in Amsterdam are helping businesses connect with authentic and talented influencers like Rianne Meijer (fashion), Polabur (travel), Jellina Detmar (interior decor), and Juultje Tielman (lifestyle), and Rosy Jones (art). 

To do so, some agencies rely on influencer automation tools like The platform helps them find global influencers, manage overall campaigns, and measure analytics in a few clicks so that you can focus more on the strategising part. 

Let's learn about the top agencies in Amsterdam! 

Known Influencer Marketing Agencies in Amsterdam 


Founding Year:

Claiming to be the first influencer marketing agency in Amsterdam, Onfluence helps brands create a lasting impact on their target audience by recruiting suitable influencers. To run campaigns on clients' behalf, they carry out idea conception, creator matchmaking, content creation, and campaign management. 

They also create different content strategies across multiple platforms to enhance your overall social presence. For example, static posts for Instagram, short videos for TikTok, thought leadership content for Linkedin, and DIY content for Twitch. 

Clients: Novi Hogeschool, Doets Reizen, Trio Clear, Hunkemoller, Chique Latte, Etos, Nike, Olay, Netflix 

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2. The REPEAT Agency

Founding Year: 2021

Understanding the importance of influencer marketing in reaching the target audience, REPEAT runs end-to-end campaigns for its clients. It oversees recruitment, manages relationships, creates contracts and content guidelines, builds a 360-degree PR, organises on-site events and monitors campaign performance.  

To create a positive image of your brand, the agency manages celebrity and influencer collaborations, ranging from nano to mega creators. 

Clients: Intel, One Plus, Honor, JD, Rakuten, Primark, ROMWE, Hera, Deliveroo, Vinted, Flink, Wild, Wella, NutraSkin 


Founding Year:

DEPT is an influencer agency in Amsterdam working with global B2B and B2C companies in fashion, lifestyle, retail, banking, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, telecommunications, and others.

Leveraging its close connections, the agency partners you with micro, macro, nano, and mega influencers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and celebrities. Its in-house experts oversee strategies, content production, campaign execution, and paid social. 

The agency's operations are spread across 30+ offices in five continents, helping brands reach a global audience. 

Clients: Apple, Netflix, Philips, Spotify, Google, Audi, Weber, Triumph, Samsung, Tesla, Patagonia, Adyen 

4. We Are Social

Founding Year:

We Are Social is a full-service marketing, tech, media, and creative agency specialising in influencer marketing across 15 regions, including Amsterdam. To suit your brand style and budget, the agency creates tailor-made campaigns. 

From nano to macro and celebrity influencers, they have connections with almost every type of creator in the fashion, FMCG, automotive, e-commerce, retail, sports, non-profit, and other industries. Moreover, they manage end-to-end campaigns, including content creation, partnership, media, mapping, tracking, and success measurement. 

In addition to this, the agency provides media planning, paid media management, social audits, competitor analysis, editorial content, design, and more services. 

Clients: Global Pride Crossing, Lavazza, Barilla, Pringles, Lego, WWF, Adidas, Samsung 

5. House Of Icons

Founding Year:

House Of Icons, an influencer agency in Amsterdam, targets the millennials and Gen Z audience. They have in-depth knowledge of what type of content the younger audience prefers, what excites them, what drives them to action, and how to win their trust. 

As the agency has built a community of talented creators in the last four years,  it knows how to pick the right talent based on their cost, interests, niche and audience. They establish one-time collaborations and ambassador partnerships to suit your short and long-term needs.

Furthermore, the agency creates contracts, manages content briefing, creates custom codes, and analyses reports to manage end-to-end campaigns for its clients.

Clients: Another-Label, NARS, Unilever, V2, Sinoz, Boomerang, Sony Music, Tommy Hilfiger, Elite Amsterdam 

6. TOP Agency 

Founding Year: 1999

TOP is an award-winning influencer agency founded by Ben Kaplan, a famous economist, public commentator, and the author of 'How to Go To College Almost For Free'. They have 12 agencies providing services across multiple verticals like technology, healthcare, education, and more. 

Since its inception, the agency has built creator connections in almost every region globally, including Amsterdam. The agency analysis the sentiments of its client's target audience before creating the campaign strategy.  

Whether a startup or a known business, the agency partners with every type of company and creates a personalised strategy based on budget and requirements. From picking influencers to final conversions, the agency analyses performance at each step to ensure maximum success. 

Other services include communications, branding, advertising, growth, and more. 

Clients: Microsoft, Milk-Bone, Budweiser, UCLA, Harmless Harvest, Mercedes-Benz, Intel, Postmates, Smucker's 

7. Influencer Marketing Agency (IMA) 

Founding Year:

Headquartered in Amsterdam, IMA claims to be the first full-service influencer agency in the world. The agency has created a global network of talented creators in food, lifestyle, health, parenting, automotive, education, B2B, and others by inviting them to join their community. 

From micro creators to celebrities, the agency collaborates with every type of influencer and connects them with brands based on business goals. Moreover, they specialise in running campaigns from start to end, including idea conception, strategy development, content production in legal compliance, payment execution, campaign management, advertising, and report analysis. 

The agency analyses your competitor to run unique and impactful campaigns. It also uses techniques like social listening and brand lift study to measure the impact of influencers. 

In 2019, IMA merged with Media.Monks, a global creative agency, to expand its client outreach and production capabilities. 

Clients: Google, Bally,, Diesel, Microsoft, Pepsico, TomTom, Starbucks, Linkedin, Levi's, Marshall

8. Prappers 

Founding Year:

Founded as a mobile-first marketing agency, Prappers is now a leading TikTok influencer agency in Amsterdam. 

Having a vast network of TikTok influencers, the agency helps identify those influencers aligning with your brand values. It also creates personalised strategies, which involve strategy development, outreach, video production, and media buying. 

The agency's video production team, Prappers Media Group, conceptualises ideas, analyses trends, produces content and publishes it on the platform. They create engaging video content in multiple formats like series, soap operas, cooking, lifestyle, etc. 

As part of their media buying services, they help you with in-feed video, paid strategy, top view video, boosted TikToks, sponsored hashtags, and more. 

Clients: Rituals, Sony Music, Zalando, Deliveroo, Intersport, SPAR, PUMA, Coolcat, Mentos, Prime Video, Subway 

Summing Up

Influencer marketing agencies and brands use marketing tools and platforms like to make campaign management easier. The platforms automate the entire process and help you manage everything from a single dashboard. 

Read in detail: What are Influencer Marketing Platforms? 

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