6 Top-Ranking Influencer Marketing Agencies in Atlanta [2022]

Archana Mishra
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June 15, 2022
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The headquarters of prominent and renowned companies such as Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, Turner Broadcasting, UPS etc., — Atlanta — has grown into a central hub for financial services, technology and telecommunications. These businesses are already capitalising on social media to grow their business. And influencer marketing is an addition to it.

It is one of the ways to reach out to the target audience. Many companies rely on content creators like Ashley France, Tim Caver, Dayna Bolden and many others, for they have a social presence and can create messages that resonate with people. To help brands in this journey, various influencer marketing agencies in Atlanta are providing the necessary support.

From finding the right influencer to managing relationships, product gifting and finally measuring the overall performance, tools like affable.ai have helped streamline the entire process. Agencies often use these tools to run multiple campaigns simultaneously for their different clients.

Let us walk you through how these agencies operate and their services. 

Best Influencer Marketing Agencies in Atlanta 

1. Fire Bee

Fire Bee, a full-service marketing communications agency, focuses on strategic insights to increase sales and build brand affinity through partnerships. Founded in 2013, this influencer marketing agency in Atlanta has created campaigns for B2B software companies, dental clinics, healthcare products, beauty brands and more. 

According to the agency website, Fire Bee organised an Atlanta influencer event for Lyft to promote its partnership with local breweries. The brand reached out to 300,000 people through social media.

The agency also provides services like digital marketing, media relations and training. 

: Cinnaholic, UP TV, The Ellis Hotel, Childcare Education Institute, Dogtopia, Mitsubishi Electric

2. Axia Public Relations

Knowing that influencers are everyday people with strategic positions among unique niches, Axia Public Relations tries to find the perfect fit, aligning with brand values. They believe that influencers are an extension of your company.  

The agency runs an influencer package called Influencer Discovery Consult. It covers 30 days of initial influencer search and recommendations for an influencer marketing programme, such as the process to be followed while working with niche influencers having a presence on social media. 

It provides PR agency services for midmarket and enterprise brands. Their solutions include news circulation, social media publishing, community engagement, and a data-driven website development strategy. 

Clients: Adecco, Brightway Insurance, Continental, Rayonier, Stein Mart 

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3. Brave Public Relations

Brave is a boutique public relations agency in Atlanta run by a group of dynamic women who strategise and communicate. The team has handled media relations campaigns, special events, social media and crisis communications since 1999. Under their influencer programme, they rely on their network of content creators across the USA. From creating the strategy to carefully curating brand ambassadors, the agency thrusts upon creating brand credibility and awareness. 

The agency also runs digital marketing and advertising programmes to amplify the content to drive audience engagement. They plan and execute the social strategy to reach the target audience through social media channels widely used by them. 

Clients: Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Eats, Bellyard, Cartoon Network, Coca-Cola, Kiehl’s, Tanger Outlets 

4. Nebo

Nebo calls itself a human-centred agency built for the digital world. Founded in 2004, the agency provides advertising services, digital marketing, public relations and app design and development. To execute influencer marketing in Atlanta, the in-house team handles the strategy and management besides community management, social listening, promoted and paid social management, social measurement and analytics.

It claims to have a team that knows about the latest trends, popular hashtags and creatives. The agency has a team of internet experts to do thorough research about your audience and how your brand goals can resonate with them on the widely used channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Clients: ChooseATL, Flor, Mailchimp Rainbow Room, Brookdale, FilmStruck, Gas South, Marta

5. AdToro

Started in 2020, AdToro is a digital marketing agency that manages influencer marketing with in-house experts. Based on your business objectives, the team conducts the campaign on your behalf by adopting a four-step process.  

It includes strategic planning, under which the agency works on influencer strategy creation, pricing and negotiation. Following that, it outreaches the social media talents, creates contracts for them, handles publication management and looks after compensation. While the campaign is under the execution process, AdToro covers email lifecycle creation, brief creation, content production and tracking setup. 

Finally, this influencer marketing agency in Atlanta reviews the influencer’s content draft and campaign progress, streams result reporting and conducts global performance analysis. 

Clients: ProGrade Digital, Measurabl, Rightsline, Riskovery, Nerdwax, SendSafe

6. Brandware

Brandware does not use any influencer marketing platform to run the influencer program. Instead, it relies on the in-house vetting process to identify relevant influencers for its different clients. The agency works with those influencers having some command over a niche and genuine appreciation for the product they endorse. 

Since the agency is particular about working with a specific set of influencers, it does not depend upon the organic media. It also focuses on amplifying influencer-generated content through paid media. By doing so, Brandware ensures relevant information is in the public domain through social media so that people can initiate conversations and their consumer journey to buy a product. 

The agency has 20+ years of experience working with startups, consumer brands, B2B and corporates. 

Clients: Porsche, Wells Fargo, Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, RaceTrac, Mohawk, Microsoft 


To thrive in a competitive business landscape, brands seek solutions from many of these influencer marketing agencies in Atlanta. But opting for an automated tool can be your best bet. Driven by algorithms, tools like affable.ai can perform all tasks end-to-end without hassle. Be it any agency, enterprise brand or D2C e-commerce, using a tool can reduce manual effort in achieving the brand objective. 

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