Top 6 Influencer Marketing Agencies In Boston [2022] 

Nidhi Agarwal
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June 13, 2022
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Competition to reach the target audience can often get intense for companies in Boston, a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation. After all, there are more than 5000 startups in robotics, healthcare, travel etc., along with established brands like Reebok, Gillette, Wayfair etc., who have been in the market for decades.  

Brands are taking up influencer marketing to shape the buying decisions of their targeted audience and outperform the competition. Top lifestyle influencers, food bloggers, and travel vloggers in Boston like Svetlana Damiani, Nishat Nguyen, Lena Sternburg, and Joanna Adach have been doing a tremendous job pulling the target audience with their content.  

But reaching relevant influencers can be tricky, as they receive collaboration invitations from numerous brands. Therefore, influencer marketing agencies in Boston leverage their network connections to connect brands with top creators and help establish meaningful relationships. They even manage the entire campaign on your behalf and measure the progress. 

Some agencies rely on influencer outreach tools like to make the process easier. The platform helps you find the right talent and recruit them in a few clicks. Moreover, it enables you to manage campaigns and measure their success using data and analytics.

Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in Boston 

1. Cybba Digital Services

Founding Year:

Cybba is a performance marketing agency that helps its clients scale their campaigns and bring higher ROI. The agency carries out influencer marketing in Boston with a network of top micro and macro-influencers who know how to attract local consumers. 

The agency recruit creators, manage relationships and uses paid advertising to amplify the content. They maintain a consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints to build loyalty. 

The agency has expertise in creating personalised content for the audience to drive engagement. It uses performance analytics to gain insights about customer experience and analyse performance across multiple channels. 

Clients: Matt & Nat, Middlebury, Salt., Edoughble, NanocraftCBD, TravelZoo, Air Niugini, Youth To The People, Adidas, AutoGeek 

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2. Talent Resources

Founding Year:

Talent Resources, owned by a parent company named Talent Resources Holdings, is an influencer marketing agency in Boston that connects brands with celebrities and top-tier creators in the city and worldwide. The agency uses word-of-mouth marketing and communications techniques to enhance a brand's social media presence. 

From creator matchmaking to story-based content creation for driving engagement, the agency takes care of the entire campaign on your behalf. Having worked with multiple brands for nearly 15 years, the agency develops brand-focused strategies. 

Clients: Fabletics, Dunkin', Payless, Ohza, Diff Charitable Eyewear, Teami, Buca, Nathan's, Northwell Health, Got Milk? 

3. MoreInfluence

Founding Year: 2021

MoreInfluence, a full-service influencer marketing agency in Boston, specialises in crafting systematic plans to execute successful campaigns. Before 2021, the agency was recognised as Boomopolis and later renamed MoreInfluence.

The agency has more than 10 years of experience in delivering influencer campaigns. Their expert team has access to more than 300 million content creators across multiple categories. They use an internal analytics process to pick the creators from their database and pair you up with the right talent. 

They follow a six-step process to deliver results for your brand, including discovery, proposal, influencer approval, content approval, post publishing, data and reporting. 

Additionally, they handle relationships, look after negotiations and contracts, create content guidelines, manage quality assurance, and conduct campaign retargeting with paid advertising. 


4. Zozimus PR

Founding Year:

Zozimus PR creates and communicates authentic brand stories to your audience to build loyalty and inspire action. 

Instead of starting from scratch and developing new branding techniques, the agency first enhances your existing ones to attain maximum results. They develop strategies based on thorough research of your current market and existing brand position.

As part of their PR services, they provide influencer marketing in Boston to boost your brand reputation. Besides this, it creates social media strategies, handles digital marketing, creates content, and manages media relations. 

Clients: Woodmeister, 907 Maine, Toast, First Check, Avidia Bank, Boston Wine Festival, Revere Hotel, Planesense 

5. Beantown Media Ventures (BMV) 

Founding Year:

Working primarily with venture-backed startups, BMV relies on technology-backed strategies to deliver results. It uses an in-built platform called BrandCirc to execute influencer marketing in Boston. By using the platform, it finds relevant local content creators and connects them with brands. 

In addition to this, it uses third-party influencer marketing platforms to identify qualified talent. From creator onboarding to negotiating terms and creating contract agreements, the agency handles every step. They communicate with the creators daily to be on the same lines. 

Moreover, they help brands handle payments for up to 50 influencers in one go. They ensure that the products reach every influencer and manage campaign implementation to ensure smooth working. 

With the help of analytics tools and affiliate links, the agency measures the campaign's success. Additionally, they amplify well-performing posts with paid advertising. 

Other services include content marketing, public relations, and social media services. 

Pindrop, Opendoor, Cervest, Opensignal, Morphisec, VergeSense

6. Babblebox

Founding Year: 2010

Babbleboxx is a 360-degree influencer marketing agency in Boston specialising in creating engaging and optimised campaigns that help brands achieve their goals. The agency combines creative strategies with technology to deliver data-driven campaigns. 

It follows a personalised approach to creating content that engages the audience through the entire campaign lifecycle. The agency's creator network develops content across multiple niches, including parenting, health and wellness, pets, work, food, and more industries. 

It runs end-to-end campaigns, including strategy planning, onboarding, media buying, campaign implementation and monitoring, reporting and optimisation. 

The agency also sends a custom co-promotion box containing products to social media creators who share the brand's message across blogs, social media platforms, etc. 

Clients: Amazon, Hornitos, Disney, Noble Oak, Alexia, Arctic Cool, Pepsico, Quaker, Hoover, The Oprah Book, RAGU, Brides, Red Duck 

Wrapping Up

More and more brands are leveraging word-of-mouth marketing worldwide. Countries like the USA, the UK, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and more have become hotspots for brands looking to run campaigns with content creators. The result is that many influencer marketing agencies have emerged to help clients scale their campaigns.

Check out our hand-picked list of influencer marketing agencies worldwide. 

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