Top 6 Influencer Marketing Agencies In Europe [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
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June 13, 2022
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The influencer marketing industry in Europe has become overly saturated. A study shows that three of four brands in Europe use influencers as part of their marketing plan. The same research reveals that 47% of European consumers say that influencer content has become repetitive and expect newer content.  

So, compelling messages by niche micro and nano influencers can be a solution to establish a tighter relationship with the end-users of your product. Or adding a cause like sustainability or any environmental issue to the marketing campaign can be another driver for genuine engagement. 

Influencer marketing agencies in Europe address this issue by helping you collaborate with influencers who create fresh content and can link their messaging with the social cause your brand focuses on. 

Since agencies have closer connections with almost every type of creator, they know how to leverage them for authentic brand partnerships. They use creative strategies and technical tools like to execute successful campaigns. is an influencer analytics tool connecting brands and agencies with leading influencers globally. You can pick the ideal one using 20+ filters and performance metrics. Moreover, you can manage and measure the campaigns in a few clicks. 

Known Influencer Marketing Agencies In Europe

1. House Of Marketers

Founding Year:

Founded by former TikTok employee Inigo Rivero, House of marketers is a full-service influencer marketing agency in Europe, handling everything from influencer campaigns to creating content and running paid ads. 

The agency focuses exclusively on TikTok as they believe the platform is undervalued and has enormous potential for growing social commerce. The millennials and Gen Z heavily use it, so it is perfect for brands to reach their target audience. 

The agency follows a six-step approach: industry research and strategy development, influencer matchmaking, partnership activation, traffic and conversions management, community building, and results analysis. To select the right creator, the agency analyses your brand values and compares them with influencers' tones to see if they'd be the right fit for your campaigns. They go beyond the vanity metrics and analyse results from essential KPIs to measure the campaign's success. 

Clients: Groupon, RedBull, Mindful Chef, Hilton, CyberGhost, Badoo, Western Union, Skin Proud 

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2. Tanke

Founding Year:

Having run over 500 campaigns, Tanke is a leading influencer marketing agency in Europe. For brands who want to run campaigns in Paris, the agency is based in the region and is familiar with the French audience. 

It specialises in developing creative influencer strategies and consulting. The agency appoints an account manager for its clients who handles everything from hiring influencers to campaign management and measuring. 

As part of their management service, they create visually appealing content backed by data to attract the target customers. They recruit micro and macro-influencers and product ambassadors with the help of in-house tools. 

Clients: HUGO BOSS, IBIS, Rimmel London, Paramount, Bourjois, Tangle Teezer, GRDF

3. Scooperz

Founding Year:

Based in the Netherlands, Scooperz is an influencer marketing agency in Europe that partners your brands with Dutch influencers. For brands running campaigns in this part of Europe, Scooperz is a good option. 

They have divided their services into three packages - campaign, ambassadors, and 1 on 1 dutch influencer recruiting. Under the first package, the agency runs an end-to-end campaign on your behalf, whereas in the ambassadors, you get paired with product ambassadors. For 1 on 1 dutch influencer recruiting, the agency finds the right dutch influencer for you respectively. 

In addition to this, they provide talent management, community management, and social media services. Moreover, they have worked with lifestyle, gaming, tech, cars, and entertainment brands. 

Clients: Asus, Pokemon, Sony, Nissan, HP, My Heritage, Starbucks, WB, Call Of Duty, Oppo, CandyMan, Cetaphil 

4. Brand Ambassadors

Founding Year: 2008

Claiming to be the first influencer marketing agency in Europe, Brand Ambassadors helps brands connect with more than 20 million influencers. 

Knowing the importance of hiring the right creators, they only recruit the ones that have the right amount of engagement, reach, and impact. They even perform a fraud analysis to determine the authenticity of the creators they work with.

The company partners with brands in and outside of Europe to handle campaigns on their behalf. With the use of content strategy and data-driven campaigns, they help you build a strong social media presence. 

To ensure the client's safety, the agency makes sure that the campaign aligns with government guidelines like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules. 

Canon, Coop, BMW, Legoland, Dremel, Piaggio, Moteo, Rotterdam Partners 

5. Exposure Ninja

Founding Year:

Being an award-winning influencer marketing agency in Europe, Exposure Ninja drives unique campaigns for its clients, including fresh content, new influencer partnerships, and innovative strategies. The agency serves businesses in the UK and across the globe, including the USA. 

They partner with global influencers, including those interested in your industry and have a dedicated audience to start interesting conversations about your brand. The agency manages everything from outreach to product seeding and sponsored social content. 

In addition, they provide content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), digital marketing, social media management, email marketing, conversion rate optimisation, brand development, and pay-per-click advertising. 

Clients: NA

6. MG Empower 

Founding Year: 2017

MG Empower has connections in more than 40 countries, enabling them to provide campaigns in over 17 languages. They have over 5 million influencers in their database ranging from nano creators to celebrities. 

To create strategies that resonate with your brand values, the agency works as an extended part of your team and keeps you in the loop at every step. Their services include creative strategy development, creator procurement and briefing, management, and reporting. 

They use in-house tools to access valuable influencer data to enable better relationships. Their customer relationship management (CRM) software helps the agency forecast your campaigns' results based on past campaign data. They create studio-quality videos, podcasts, and live streams to influence the maximum of your target audience. 

They have expertise in fashion, beauty, mobile apps, automotive, gaming, lifestyle, and more niche. Additionally, the agency invites content creators to join their creator database. 

Clients: Dior, Deliveroo, Pipette, Bumble, CapCut, Purecane, Flannels, Samsung, Revolve, Ford, Kate Spade

Summing Up

To bring maximum engagement and create a positive image of your product in the audience's mind requires authenticity, especially in the European market. To do so, both influencer marketing platforms and agencies can be helpful.  

Here's a list of the UK's top influencer marketing agencies and platforms. 

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