Top 8 Influencer Marketing Agencies In Hong Kong [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
SEO Content Writer
May 16, 2022
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Influencer marketing has gained prominence in the highly urbanised city of Hong Kong, where consumers look through eCommerce stores and social media channels before making a purchase.

A survey revealed that 71% of its respondents agreed to have purchased a product based after seeing it on social media. As a result, every Hong Kong-based brand has adopted social media as an integral part of marketing, and they use influencers to win the audience's trust and boost sales. 

But brands and marketers struggle with identifying the right influencers connected to a target audience base. A study by Hong Kong Advertisers Association and Nielsen on the difficulties faced in marketing shows that the quality of influencers is one of the challenges besides data management and cross-platform effectiveness of a campaign. 

Therefore, many influencer marketing agencies in Hong Kong are helping brands reach the right talent with a network of vetted creators. They manage end to end campaigns and deliver measurable results. 

For this, they use influencer marketing platforms like It enables brands and agencies to run complete campaigns from a single place. Not only this, but it also allows them to find the right talent and measure their performance. 

Let's learn about the top agencies in Hong Kong. 

Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in Hong Kong

1. Adfocate

Founding Year:

Adfocate is a full-service influencer marketing agency in Hong Kong that manages campaigns from start to end. The agency does everything from strategy building to talent activation and management, content publishing, ad amplification, conversion, and reporting. 

It has a network of micro and nano influencers. In addition to this, it also has connections with key opinion leaders (KOLs). The agency's other services are Instagram marketing, content creation, consumer opinions, and brand influencer marketing. 

Clients: Etude, Covermark, Acuvue, Kao, Moo Beef Cafe, Dairy Farm, Heineken, HIPP, Nestle 

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2. AsiaPac

Founding Year:

AsiaPac is a digital marketing agency that specialises in influencer marketing. With 13+ years of experience in digital marketing, the agency was quick to take up influencer marketing. 

Today, it has a network of over 200K creators. It uses its in-house platform to find influencers, manage campaigns, and get analytical data for its clients. 

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the agency has offices in Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. It has served global brands in lifestyle, beauty, health, finance, and 15+ other industries, winning over 40 awards for different campaigns.

Clients: Banggood, Marks & Spencer City of Dreams, Cashing Pro, Cole Haan, Sinomax, Hush Puppies

3. Social Stand

Founding Year:

Social Stand has expertise in digital marketing, including influencer marketing, social media, Instagram and Linkedin marketing, etc. The company aims to connect audiences with brands by developing innovative strategies and creative content. 

With its network of KOLs, bloggers, and social media creators, the agency creates unique content that can engage audiences. 

It has experience working with brands in FMCG, beauty, fashion, food & beverage, lifestyle, and other sectors. 

Clients: Gap, Estee Lauder, MUJI, Starbucks, Adidas, Canon, Disney 

4. Luna

Founding Year:

Luna is a full-service influencer marketing agency in Hong Kong that connects brands with their targeted audience. To build a brand's credibility, the agency uses KOL marketing strategies. 

It also works with micro-influencers with a loyal audience base to closely engage with the market segment. As a part of its services, it also offers social media sharing, content and video production, and event management. 

Clients: Adidas, Monster Energy, Bottle Coffee, Warner Music, Yakult, Foot Locker  

5. Digital Business Lab 

Founding Year:

Digital Lab is an influencer marketing agency in Hong Kong with a network of micro and macro creators to help brands achieve higher engagement. The agency manages everything from influencer identification to management and campaign measurement to achieve the objective. 

It also provides social media strategy and marketing, crypto and NFT marketing, video production, training and consulting etc. The agency has offices in Singapore and Macau.

Clients: Shiseido, AIA, Dior, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Infiniti, Guerlain, Lane Crawford

6. MediaOnAsia

Founding Year: 2011

MediaOnAsia is a subsidiary of the MediaOn Group, a leading digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong. It has executed 100+ marketing projects for some top brands in Hong Kong.

But the agency also runs tailor-made micro-influencer and KOL marketing campaigns. Its team of experts helps brands get ahead of their competitors and establish a brand name. 

Other services include social media marketing, eCommerce marketing, SEO, SEM, video marketing, etc. 

Clients: Chivas,, SGS, Cryolife, Lunaler, Ballantine's, The Glenlivet

7. Explosive 

Founding Year:

Explosive is a leading influencer marketing agency in Hong Kong with a network of 10K+ vetted creators. Its influencer services include talent identification, content creation, campaign management, and insights reporting.

The agency has valuable contacts in the industry and has worked with some well-known brands in the beauty and fashion, travel, travel, technology, and lifestyle sectors. 

Clients: Marvel, Netflix, Bloomingdale's, Kolook, MaBelle, Jessica Beauty, Nanoleaf 

8. Straight 

Founding Year:

Straight is a full-service influencer marketing agency in Hong Kong that works with social media talents under the micro, macro, nano, and KOL category. The company uses automation to monitor the campaign performance closely. 

It also offers other services like paid social media, video marketing, and lead generation. The company also creates bilingual content in English and Chinese to serve global brands. 

Clients: Butler Asia, Bloomberg, AO Alliance, AIA, Shiseido, New York Times, Woods Bagot

Summing Up 

If you want to run persuasive campaigns that could gain your audiences' attention, you'll have to understand them. Get access to analytics and data to identify the problems faced by your audiences and how you can solve them with your product. 

Once you've understood that, figure out the influencer content, you should create to engage the audience. The content can be educational, promotional or fun. 

Influencer marketing agencies and even platforms provide valuable insights that help you understand your audience and create creative content for them. 

Check out this list to learn about the leading agencies worldwide. 

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