Top 8 Influencer Marketing Agencies In San Francisco [2022]

Nidhi Agarwal
Content Writer
April 27, 2022
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San Francisco, the 6th largest economy in the USA, is home to leading businesses. Be it the fashion, technology or auto sector - companies know how to use innovative strategies like influencer marketing to stay connected with their customers and beat the competition.

Studies show that over 68% of the USA marketers use influencers to drive revenue for their business. For this reason, many talented influencers such as Ayesha Curry, Lustrelux, Kara Swisher, and Matt Stonie are using their skills and unique brand storytelling to help brands reach their target audience through engaging content. 

But it can be a challenge for you as a brand or a marketer to find the right influencers in San Francisco. Many companies in the past have faced issues like influencer fraud or harmful content damaging their brand reputation. 

Considering the issues, you can opt for an influencer marketing agency having connections with vetted influencers. You can hire relevant creators who fit your brand voice and run campaigns. 

We have shared in this article the top influencer marketing agencies in San Francisco to help you narrow down your search. 

But first, let's understand why some brands and agencies use an influencer marketing platform like to run compelling campaigns. 

Founding Year:
2017, a SaaS platform, helps businesses scale their campaigns with AI automation. You can find and vet influencers from a database of 6M+ creator profiles with 20+ filters. 

Other advanced features on the platform like Shopify integration, real-time content tracking, sentiment analysis, insights report, and more allow you to manage campaigns and measure the performance from one platform. Besides this, you can also spot fake followers, send bulk proposals, carry out product gifting, and execute payouts in a single go. 

Clients: Social Supply, Huckleberry Labs, BeTagged, First Day Inc. Just Salad, Healium USA etc. 

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Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in San Francisco 

1. Duncan Channon 

Founding Year:

Duncan Channon is an award-winning influencer marketing agency in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The agency has worked with brands in almost every sector, from finance to gaming to beauty. With 32 years of experience, it has won several awards and recognitions. 

It offers brand strategy, UX designing, paid and organic social media, live events, and other services in advertising and digital fields.

Clients: e.l.f, Sweet Beats, Gap, Universal Orlando, Upwork, Rakuten, Esurance, Pop-Secret etc.

2. Clever

Founding year: 2009

Clever is a full-service influencer marketing agency in San Francisco running integrated campaigns for brands in the food and drink, pets, baby and parenting, pharma, consumer goods and more industries. The agency finds influencers based on demographics, target audience, and affinities. 

It takes care of negotiations, creates detailed content outlines, and tracks the campaign progress. The agency has a per-project pricing approach so that you only pay for the services required. 

Clients: Ford, Toyota, Doublemint, TacoBell, HP, ASUS, Logitech, Oreo, Nestle, Ortega etc.

3. Influencer 50

Founding Year:

Influencer 50, based in San Francisco, London, and Sydney, has executed campaigns in over 40 countries. It provides end-to-end services, from influencer search to relationship management and performance reporting. 

The company's research methodology approach helps find brand-relevant influencers who can convert to brand advocates. 

Clients: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Sonatype, HPE, General Mills, TATA, Walmart, Michelin etc. 

4. Social Tribe 

Founding Year:

Social Tribe, a women-owned digital marketing company, specialises in influencer marketing and engagement. 

It runs integrated campaigns for B2B brands to increase visibility and reach the target audience. The agency follows a data-driven approach to find, manage, and measure campaigns and attain valuable data to calculate ROI. In addition to this, Social Tribe also provides digital advertising, social, and content services.

Clients: HP, Cisco, Micron,, SGS, Infomart, Kaseya, StormGeo etc.

5. Magnum PR

Founding Year:

Magnum PR offers public relations and marketing services along with influencer marketing. It manages campaigns by connecting brands with influencers and carries out media relations on behalf of its clients.  

Set up in New York and San Francisco, the company has expertise in social media strategy, branding and digital marketing. It works with brands in the food, hospitality, wine, and food & beverage niche. 

Clients: The Riddler, Robin, La Cocina, Velvet 48, The Hivery, Azia, Sorrel etc.

6. PR Hacker 

Founding Year: 1999

Headquartered in San Francisco, PR Hacker is an influencer marketing agency with offices in many countries. It offers a combination of organic and paid marketing services to achieve maximum results. The company creates video, visual and text content in education, health, pets, beverage, financial services, food, and many other industries.

It also provides social media, market research, SEO, PR & media relations and other brand-related services.

Clients: Milk-Bone, Budweiser, Harmless Harvest, Tech Stars, Citi, Mercedes-Benz etc.

7. Cutwater Agency (CW) 

Founding Year:

Cutwater, an influencer marketing agency in San Francisco, specialises in strategising content, video production, social media management and influencer marketing. 

The agency has helped companies gain insights into audience-engaging content and build brand credibility. Other services include brand positioning, social content strategy, integrated production, content development, SEO, etc.  

Clients: Unison, Ray-Ban, Google, Feeding America, Sparkle, Adidas, Russell stover, Coca-Cola etc.

8. URBA Media

Founding Year: 2017

URBA Media specialises in creating engaging influencer strategies to help brands rope in their targeted customers. 

It also conducts brand positioning, experiential marketing and opportunity analysis. The agency creates TikTok and Instagram content, graphic design, press releases, etc., to help brands increase their customer base and grow businesses.

V Burger, Streets, Papa Johns, Pastasloot, Joey's Fish Slack, Mercedes Benz etc.

To Sum Up

Agencies can help brands run a successful influencer marketing campaign by picking the right social media talent, aligning with the brand value. But before that, keep the objectives ready and then begin with the influencer discovery, their overall management and measure the individual and aggregated performance.  

Check out this list of the top influencer marketing agencies worldwide.  

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