Top 6 Influencer Marketing Agencies in Seattle [2022]

Archana Mishra
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June 8, 2022
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With influencer marketing becoming an essential strategy across North America, Seattle, one of the biggest markets for retail and manufacturing, is witness to the changing marketing landscape. A simple way to run one powerful influencer campaign is what brands seek in the region. 

Jumping on this bandwagon are influencer marketing agencies in Seattle who are helping brands connect with millennials and GenZ content creators like Sarah Christine Butler (fashion blogger), Tiffany (food photographer), and Jordan Nicholson (photographer and videographer).

These agencies handle everything, from managing influencers to tracking engagements. Many agencies rely on automated technology like to find relevant content creators for their clients, send bulk invites, manage product gifting without any manual hassle, and track engagement and sales driven by recruited creators.  

Notably, North America has the largest share in the global influencer marketing platform market, which makes the usage of such automated tools higher. 

Let us walk you through some well-recognised agencies supporting multiple clients to run campaigns. 

Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies in Seattle 

1. TOP

Top, an influencer marketing agency in Seattle, has vast experience executing campaigns for startups and local service providers. The agency believes in beginning conversations at the local, regional and national levels through marketing campaigns conducted on behalf of its clients.  

In Seattle, the agency has a network of 3500 content creators in lifestyle, business and personal finance. Before suggesting any name for a campaign, the agency evaluates content creators based on their visual appeal, audience reach, and engagement.

Top maintains monthly check-ins with its network of content creators through its proprietary tools. And has dedicated influencer marketing specialists to help brands run campaigns in Seattle.

Clients: Harmless Harvest, Natural Balance, FreshBooks, Tivic Health, Milk Bone, Postmates, Ooma, Ambronite, Brainly.

2. Jula Creative 

Jula Creative is a women-led full-service influencer marketing agency in Seattle. Established in 2008, the agency evolved itself with the changing times and incorporated capabilities like email marketing, influencer marketing and search engine optimisation.

As a part of their influencer marketing service, the agency invites content creators to join their creator community and make fun content. The agency aligns these content creators based on the brand requirement and has worked with 540 creators who have created content for fashion and beauty brands. It manages contracts and negotiates fees on behalf of its clients. 

Clients: Dr Lifestyle, Cello, Hidden, Bluecrew, Prestigify, Rockledge Designs, Fortis Accounting Solutions, Sullivan. 

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3. Delightful Communications

Digital Communication is a B2B technology marketing agency helping brands grow in popularity. The agency specialises in influencer marketing, digital PR and personal branding. Founded in 2012 by Mel Carson, former Microsoft digital marketing leader, the agency focuses on optimising the latest marketing trends like social media, content marketing etc., on bringing in business. 

To execute influencer marketing for B2C and B2B brands, the agency does everything from content creator discovery to outreach and relationship to make their clients’ products easily discoverable, shareable and memorable.  

Clients: Deloitte, Alaska Airlines, ClickZ,, University of Washington. 

4. Crown Social

Award-winning social media agency in Seattle, Crown Social caters to fast-growing tech startups and Fortune 100 firms. It covers brands across technology, MedTech, entertainment, gaming, food and beverage by offering capabilities such as  influencer marketing, community management, social listening etc. It provides other services through audio by working closely with Amazon Speech Sciences. It has voice strategy, chatbot development, podcast production, and advertising capabilities. 

You can utilise its social dashboard that gives insights like influencer rankings and profiles, sentiment analysis, geographic profiling, campaign tracking, conversation volumes and trends to make informed decisions. 

Clients: Amazon, Zillow, Intuitive Surgical, Microsoft, Dell, Pike Place Market, Castbox, Wahoo Fitness.

5. RoryMartin

RoryMartin, founded in 1998, is a web marketing and design firm supporting brands with its comprehensive set of services such as social media marketing, influencer marketing etc.  

A team of in-house experts vet influencers based on the services or products they have endorsed in the past. The agency identifies the right match from its influencer network based on the marketing campaign objective shared by its clients.

This influencer marketing agency in Seattle works as an interlink between content creators and clients to find brand ambassadors who can create brand exposure. It helps their clients drive more traffic, new leads, increased sales and high social media following. 

Clients: Softengine, Ten Trails, Oliver, Highland, Netblaze, Islandwood, Bandwidth.

6. Verde Agency

Verde Agency, founded in 2008, focuses on startups and small businesses through sound market positioning. The agency has worked with consumer brands, software, healthcare IT, outdoor retail, fashion, clean tech etc., by offering services such as digital strategy, lead generation, influencer marketing, paid marketing and content marketing. 

Through its influencer marketing services, it helps content creators position themselves to attract the right followers that can build large, engaged audiences. The founder and the CEO of the agency Julia Christman use her experience to develop strategies that can boost conversions for its clients. 

Clients: Microsoft, Sony, Gin and the Banker, La Ree Boutique, Pluralsight.


As social media users are rising across Washington, the scope of influencer marketing agencies in Seattle is also expanding. For many brands who are still figuring out how to run campaigns that can create word of mouth for their product, finding the right agency or an influencer marketing platform can be the first step toward their journey of generating high revenue. 

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