Top 5 Influencer Marketing Agencies in Sweden [2022]

Archana Mishra
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June 27, 2022
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Since 95% of the population in Sweden has access to the internet and proactively uses social media, it is a challenge for both global and local brands to navigate through a competitive landscape and engage with the target audience. 

A small-scale study on ten Sweden-based fashion brands found that engagement with the audience fluctuated considerably over time on different forms of social media applications. 

Therefore, influencer marketing agencies in Sweden have come to the fore to conduct social listening before engaging with the target audiences. Even some digital agencies have incorporated influencer programmes as a part of their services.  

Most of these agencies either rely on their network of influencers or use tools like to narrow down their influencer search using extensive data, monitor the campaigns, conduct competitor analysis and measure the results driven by influencers. 

Let us deep dive and find how some agencies carry out influencer marketing in Sweden.

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies in Sweden


Relatable helps consumer brands and startups with word-of-mouth marketing on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Through their collaboration with 20,000 influential people on these channels, the agency has served more than 100+ brands across the globe. But it still prefers to call itself talent independent as they believe in identifying new creators based on a brand’s objective. 

Relatable focuses on running scalable campaigns, from taking care of contracts to logistics, content approval, brand safety, payments and reporting. With their proprietary tool Amplify, the agency closely monitors brand awareness, engagement and conversions drawn by influencers. 

To help its clients run global campaigns, the agency has set up its offices in Stockholm, London, Los Angeles and New York. 

Clients:  Adobe, Samsung, Whirlpool, Microsoft, Uber, Sonos


A full-service Scandinavian PR agency, SPALT PR proactively engages with lifestyle and fashion brands to build awareness. Although the agency has expertise in digital PR, it holds command over influencer marketing to give its clients the desired results. 

The agency has a broad network of micro-influencers and most followed influential profiles on social media across sectors, such as fashion, lifestyle, home decor and others. It selects influencers with a high engagement rate and reach based on the KPIs. It essentially goes for paid collaborations between brands and content creators.

Clients: HBO, Hermès, Alvar Pet, Paiget, Polar, Kalda, Stokke, Layered, Finnair, Vernon

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3. Cure Media

Since 2014, Cure Media, an influencer marketing agency in Sweden - has been running campaigns only for fashion brands. But they have also worked with some brands in lifestyle. For the agency, micro and mid-tier influencers are like superpowers required to make campaigns a success. 

Having labelled their influencer marketing programme as - Always-On Influencer Marketing - where brands can take the agency’s service for a minimum of three months or more to use new formats and new influencers for each client. It is a cornerstone of their influencer marketing strategy. They test different visuals, messaging, and layouts to create continuous feedback and optimise every step throughout the campaign to achieve quantifiable outcomes. 

Clients: Kapphahl, Ellos, Glossybox, Jotex

4. Rushh

A social media marketing agency, Rushh. focuses on data to build the online presence of its clients. It mainly includes B2C brands, whose target audience is Genuine Z and Millennials. The in-house experts understand the online culture and consumer psychology and efficiently use data to create multiple touchpoints and drive results. 

As a part of its influencer marketing strategy, the agency utilises its worldwide network of celebrities. But it also looks for long-term partnerships to run campaigns only on Instagram and TikTok using its network of influencers in the Scandinavian region. 

Based on the requirement, the agency goes beyond its influencer network and connects with the new ones by following them on social media. 

Clients: NA

5. Winfluence

Winfluence, an influencer marketing agency in Sweden, gives its clients access to content creators on TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram. But before that, the agency reviews your brand and KPI goals to strategise on better engagement with the target audience. It tailors strategy based on the most relevant social media channel for you. 

Founded in 2015, Winfluence brings together data, creative storytelling, influencer activations and performance marketing. They also provide influencer-generated content as a part of their service that is boosted with paid ads. Their influencer database and CRM system allow you to execute campaigns worldwide. 

The agency takes at least three weeks before commencing with the project and establishes close contact with its clients to keep them involved at every step. Its final report consists of all essential data required to estimate the ROI. 

Clients: Samsonite, Chimi, Toni&Guy, Bubbleroom, Daniel Wellington, Huawei


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