Top 6 Influencer Marketing Agencies in Vancouver [2022]

Archana Mishra
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June 16, 2022
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Brands in Vancouver have started leveraging influencer strategy as a solution to challenges faced in social media marketing. Such as falling engagement rates, constant juggling between platforms to build social presence, and creating content at a high frequency, shifted marketers’ attention to word-of-mouth marketing. 

More so, since 51% of social media users in Canada follow influencers, it makes for an easy way to reach the target audience. Various influencer marketing agencies in Vancouver are working with content creators like Jade, Marisa, Mia Enriquez, Cindy Hoang, Jillian Mamuad and many more to help their clients run campaigns. 

Currently, the market has reached saturation to the extent that the Advertising Standards Canada has set up guidelines for brands and marketers to disclose paid endorsements and maintain transparency. So,  it makes it all the more essential to find authentic influencers using tools like and manage campaigns effectively. 

Let us take you through some of the agencies helping brands drive conversions using influencer strategy. 

Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies of Vancouver

1. Yulu PR

Yulu PR works with global brands and social organizations that are into environmental and social sector policies. 

The agency calls itself a social and environmental impact communications firm, with services such as media relations and PR, public advocacy and public affairs, thought leadership, crisis communications, and strategic partnerships. 

Influencer marketing is also a part of it, under which the agency identifies influencers for outreach and negotiates influencer partnerships with them. It also runs an influencer/blogger ambassador programme to help brands reach a community that might be ardent fans of their products or services. 

To do so, it even conducts social media takeover campaigns, where mega influencers get access to handle a brand’s social media channel. 

Clients: Food For The Hungry, Unicef, Audible, Clinton Foundation, World Housing, Carbon Engineering. 

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2. PopCorn

PopCorn, an influencer marketing agency in Vancouver, offers strategy building, ambassadors programmes, strategic collaboration, gifted and paid partnerships, campaign reporting and analytics. 

To do so, the team first explores opportunities and builds a strategy that aligns with your business needs. It taps into a network of influencers and initiates the collaboration.

Plus, they have customer service processes, targeted audience growth and engagement techniques to amplify influencer-generated content. Founded in 2011, the agency provides services like professional community management, public relations, content creation, event planning, marketing strategy, design, and more.

Clients: Nest Designs, Virtuous Pie, Samsung, Netgear, Skye Footwear, Shangri-La Hotel, Tourism Vancouver

3. Blue/Meta

This influencer marketing agency in Vancouver works on building a social community to drive business for its clients. For this, Blue/Meta relies on technology, data and creatives. Using the data analysis tool, it learns about your target audience’s purchasing behaviour, which would help accomplish business objectives. 

Since influencer marketing is a part of it, the agency recruits influencers to create touchpoints between your brand and customers at every step of the buying process. It effectively uses social media to distribute content through organic and paid search. 

Clients: Jerky In a Box, Orogen, Peninsula, 10NET.

4. Jive PR+ Digital 

To tap into new audiences and improve the ROI for your brand, Jive PR+Digital, a boutique agency, runs influencer marketing campaigns on behalf of its clients in consumer brands, health and wellness, technology and entertainment. 

It uses software services to run campaigns, especially to find influencers and create data-driven strategies to achieve measurable results. Using an array of methods, such as product gifting to paid and unpaid influencers, social media takeover for cross-promotion, holding events for influencers to leverage campaigns, and boosting influencer’s posts through social media ads, helps to reach the target audience.

Clients: Headspace, Provivi, Gaby, Hugo Juice, Brightlight Pictures, Upper Canada, Virgin Radio, Villa Maria

5. Reformation

Calling themselves change-makers, Reformation, an influencer marketing agency in Vancouver, focuses on all aspects of marketing. The agency uses these channels for word-of-mouth marketing from print and broadcast media to websites, blogs and social media channels.  

To do so, it works with macro and micro-influencers to build a genuine relationship. The team works with the influencers to create content that can resonate with target audiences. Their core services include product seeding, organic and sponsored content, partnerships and brand activation. Under brand activation, they collaborate your brand with similar businesses. 

For other services like social media management, media relations, visual content creation, and event planning, the agency starts with connecting to exploring, positioning, designing, launching and measuring the success of a campaign. 

Clients: Superflux Brewery, Sandhill Wines, Trius, Calgary, East 29th, Gray Monk 

6. Milk Creative Communications

Vancouver-based communications agency thrusts upon building relationships for long-term partnerships. They share their campaigns across multiple channels, from traditional media relations to influencer marketing, social media and digital. 

Under influencer marketing, Milk collaborates with high-profile macro and nano influencers. Since the agency has a 360-degree creative approach, it offers services such as media relations, content creation, graphic design, online advertising, strategic brand partnerships, online events, social media, and web strategy. 

Clients: H&M, Swan Dive, Athleta, Earls Restaurants, Peak Performance, Meiomi 


To streamline every step of influencer marketing in Vancouver, various brands have switched to automated tools, such as Even social and digital marketing agencies use these tools to find relevant influencers, manage collaborations and generate data-driven insights for their clients. 

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