Revolutionize Influencer Marketing Campaigns with Skye, Your Generative AI Companion

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August 21, 2023
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Share the article:, one of the leading influencer marketing platforms in the market, has launched its own generative AI influencer marketing tool—Skye. The cutting-edge technology, built in collaboration with Google Cloud, enables seamless influencer search, effortless collaboration, better campaign management, and accurate performance tracking. 

“By integrating its proprietary database with semantic search capabilities and foundation models on Google Cloud’s Vertex AI to power Skye, is turning tasks that used to take hours into quicker searches and conversational explorations, reimagining end-to-end influencer marketing as we know it, and transforming the novelty of generative AI into tangible value for its customers and business. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with forward-thinking companies like to drive new industry use cases with bold and responsible AI innovation, says Sherie Ng, Country Director, Singapore, Google Cloud. 

With Skye as your vigilant assistant, you can:

  • Find your perfect influencer match with magic search 
  • Partner with influencers similar to your existing collaborations 
  • Generate personalized emails to improve the acceptance rate 
  • Review influencer content to ensure authenticity 
  • Protect brand reputation with real-time comment monitoring 

About is one of the fastest-growing influencer marketing platforms catering to over 5000 marketers from brands and agencies. The platform strives to bring the best solutions to its customers to help them execute buzz-worthy influencer campaigns. With its advanced features, streamlines end-to-end influencer marketing, including:

  • Influencer discovery 
  • Campaign management 
  • Product deliveries and payments
  • ROI evaluation 

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