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September 13, 2023
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The next few months will be tricky and exhausting for many of you! After all, the holiday sale season will kick off next month with Halloween, followed by the biggest of them all – Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday 2023. With your customers searching for the best buy deals on these two days, the challenge is to create buzz leading up to the event with the help of the right influencers.

Since influencer marketing has become integral to marketing budgets now, the foremost step is discovering influencers to highlight the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in the crowded marketplace. Let's learn about a few of these influencers in the USA and Southeast Asia.

Top 5 Instagram Influencers in the USA for the BFCM 2023

1. Anna  Page  (@annawpage, 295K followers)

Last year, Anna Page curated a selection of top picks from Amazon Cyber Monday, featuring must-have items like the Ninja air fryer, smart plugs compatible with Alexa for convenient lighting control, a nugget ice maker, a sleek Bluetooth tracker called Slime Tile for keeping tabs on your wallet, and the Dash egg maker to streamline breakfast routines.

Like Cyber Monday promotions, she shared prime deal recommendations for Black Friday 2022.  It included a curling iron, dry shampoo, self-tanner, and an electric wine opener. She consistently compiles her favorite products and encourages audience interaction by inviting inquiries and discussions in the comments section.

As the holiday season approaches, you can also expect to find her sharing insights on Christmas decorations. Page’s content primarily revolves around interior design aesthetics, embodying a distinct lifestyle.

Over the last three months, out of her 15 new posts, approximately 33% featured branded content, while the remaining 67% focused on non-branded content. On average, her posts receive almost 8.27 likes and around 91 comments, which speaks about her engagement with her audience. With an overall engagement rate of 2.9%, she has been experiencing steady growth in her following and influence.

2. Daviana (@itsdavianaa, 229K followers)

Pattern Beauty, a hair care brand, teamed up with Daviana to offer enticing discounts of 25% to 40% on its hair care range during Cyber Monday 2022 and Black Friday 2022. Daviana showcased a range of Pattern Beauty products, including cleansing shampoo, conditioner, strong hold gel, and an argan oil blend. Her content primarily centers around hair care brands, encompassing everything from brushes to hair growth oil, along with valuable insights on shampoo usage, and do's and don'ts. She also delves into wellness, skincare, and body care products.

In anticipation of Black Friday in 2022, Deviana introduced her audience to Amazon storefront, a specialized page on Amazon featuring curated product recommendations and collections aligned to a specific influencer. Deviana’s chosen products fell under the "conditioner must-haves," category, which included Pattern Beauty, Camille Rose, and Living Proof.

A distinctive feature of her social media presence is her penchant for branded collaborations, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 5.1%. Her posts consistently garner an average of 177 comments and nearly 10.92K likes. Notably, her follower count has steadily grown since the beginning of the year, reflecting her influence and appeal in hair care and related products.

3. Sophie Sanguedolce (@sophiedolce, 123K followers)

Sophie Sanguedolce is an athlete with a prominent presence on Instagram, where her feed is flooded with stylish gym attire. In a strategic move, she promoted Gymshark's workout clothing range just a day before the Black Friday sale 2022, emphasizing the incredible discounts of up to 60%. What sets her apart is her commitment to authenticity; in the same post, she shared several rounds of her physical exercises, ranging from shoulder presses to triceps extensions and seated lateral raises.

What's truly intriguing is her ability to seamlessly promote multiple brands simultaneously. In one post, she effortlessly showcased Gymshark and Dfyne products, wearing Gymshark's minimal bra and Dfyne's leggings. It wasn't a collaboration but a creative approach to highlight the best buy Black Friday deals offered by both brands through engaging posts.

As you explore her Instagram feed further, you'll notice her fondness for other fitness wear brands, including Athletica, Oner Active, Nike, and more. Impressively, her branded content makes up approximately 76% of her total posts in the last three months, showcasing her influence in the fitness fashion sphere. Overall, her engagement rate stands at an impressive 3.32%, with an estimated reach of almost 25.09K for her content.

4. Kaya (kaya.meiko, 113K followers)

In 2022, Nova Beauty joined forces with Kaya Meiko for a dynamic collaboration aimed at promoting Black Friday deals, offering jaw-dropping discounts ranging from 50% to 90% off on their entire product range. On the auspicious day of Black Friday itself, Meiko took the stage with a post that showcased these enticing offers. Following that, she delved into the heart of the matter, artfully demonstrating the beauty of Nova's nude color range through her use of their products.

The partnership didn't stop there. Meiko continued to champion the same incredible Cyber Monday deal. This time, her content took a slightly different approach. She focused on her absolute favorites among Nova Beauty's offerings, highlighting items like lip liners, lip glosses, various shades of gel eyeliners, and brush sets for face and eye.

Despite not being a frequent poster, Meiko's followers consistently engage with her content, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of nearly 26.97%.

5. Allisyn Adkins  (allisynmichelle, 75.9K followers)

Between November 24 and 27, 2022, Sam's Club, a division of Walmart and a renowned membership warehouse club for everyday living, embarked on a fruitful collaboration with Allisyn Adkins, a mom influencer, to promote the Black Friday Thanks Saving event at the store. During her visit, she made savvy purchases, including the Ninja Cremi, which allowed her to pocket an impressive $90 in savings, a ceramic cookware set that trimmed $30 off her expenses, JBL speakers, and stylish suede shirts that she effortlessly scanned without the need to try them on.

What distinguishes Adkin’s content is its authenticity, with over 80% of her posts being non-branded. This approach has garnered her an estimated reach of 15.15K and an engagement rate of 3.39%. Since the year 2022, her followers have steadily multiplied, reflecting the growing appeal of her content. Similarly, Adkin’s engagement rate has seen a consistent rise, making her collaboration with Sam's Club a resounding success in influencer marketing.

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Top 5 Instagram Influencers in Southeast Asia for the BFCM 2023

1. Sherri Ashlee Toh (sherriashlee, 41.9K followers)

Sherri Ashlee Toh, a Singapore-based actor and influencer, took center stage to promote Fion Asia's luxurious designer handbag - the Minion backpack. Toh demonstrated the bag's versatility, showcasing how it could be carried as a cross-body, sling, or hand-carry, all while enthusiastically promoting the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale that ran from November 20 to 28, 2022. As a bonus, she generously shared her affiliate code, enabling her followers to enjoy discounts and, if their orders exceeded $199, free shipping.

Toh's influencer journey extends beyond fashion, as she also championed Novela's Black Friday sale on beauty products from November 24 to 27. Among her highlighted favorites were the corrective dark spot solution, hair perfector, and couture lipstick, all boasting discounts of up to 80%.

While Toh’s content often revolves around collaborations with a diverse range of brands, including Asus, Kate Spade, Charles and Keith, Ray Ban, and Michael Koss, her engagement rate remains solid at 2.98%, steadily on the rise. Likewise, her follower count also continues to grow.

2. Aliya Poblete ( curlycocoanut, 6,496 followers)

Creators employ diverse strategies to promote products. Aliya Poblete, a Filipino influencer and model,  used a particularly intriguing approach to promote the accessory brand Vitaly's Black Friday deal. Rather than crafting new content, she harked back to a throwback advertisement she had done with the same brand during the summer of 2022.

Poblete cleverly repurposed snippets from that video to highlight Vitaly's enticing Black Friday deals, going the extra mile by sharing a discount code with her followers, allowing them to enjoy a 15% discount.

Poblete falls under the category of a nano-influencer, with her posts reaching an estimated audience of 1.30k and boasting an impressive overall engagement rate of 16.01%. Her influencer journey has seen fluctuations in engagement since 2020, partly due to her infrequent posting habits. Nonetheless, her engagement rate has exhibited consistent growth with each post, making her an impactful and trusted voice in the influencer community.

3. Kwang Wiphaphon (marksiwat, 1.2M followers)

Kwang Wiphaphon, a prominent influencer hailing from Thailand, partnered with Musinsa, a renowned Korean fashion brand, to promote their best buy Black Friday deal. In a stylish showcase, he sported a denim shirt jacket and engaged in an unboxing session, unveiling the brand's offerings. Kwang effortlessly presented two distinct looks, pairing a cream-colored sweater with cargo pants for the first ensemble, and then donning the denim shirt jacket with the same cargo pants for the second look.

Kwang's influencer portfolio predominantly comprises collaborations with fashion brands, contributing to a significant 57% of his recent posts in the last three months. His content consistently garners impressive engagement, averaging nearly 37.83K likes and approximately 204 comments per post. This robust interaction elevates his overall engagement rate to 2.93%, encompassing both estimated reach and estimated impressions.

4. Rebecca Roy | Gowthaman ilambarathi (odysseyoftwo, 241K followers)

In an era where the Indian retail market has embraced the allure of Black Friday deals, Daniel Wellington seized the opportunity to collaborate with a dynamic couple to showcase their range of watches for both men and women. This partnership led to the promotion of their best buy Black Friday deal, offering an enticing 50% discount on these coveted timepieces. As affiliates, they also shared a code that gave their eager audience an additional 15% off.

The post proved a resounding success, garnering an impressive response with over 18k+ likes. This Indian-based duo, renowned for their travel and lifestyle content, has established a significant presence in the influencer landscape, having previously worked with popular brands such as Air India, HSBC, Canon, Philips, Dior, and many more. Their collaborations have contributed to their branded content, accounting for nearly 66% of their recent posts. Remarkably, their paid collaboration posts boast a remarkable engagement rate of 4.78%.

5. Jai Arora (tech_iela, 1.8M followers)

In sync with the growing popularity of the Black Friday sale in India, Jai Arora took the stage to endorse the Smart WiFi remote, a nifty device capable of transforming non-smart appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, speakers, and bulbs into smart, connected devices. Arora's promotional efforts were directed towards Red Store's Black Friday sale, where he encouraged his followers to participate in the spin-the-wheel game on Cred Store, offering them the opportunity to win a smart TV. The post resonated with his audience, amassing an impressive 63K+ likes.

What sets Arora apart is his commitment to maintaining trust with his followers through consistent non-branded content. Despite collaborating with major brands like TCL, Amazon, Croma, YouTube, Oppo, Intel, Samsung, OnePlus, and many others, he continues engaging his audience with authentic content. Currently boasting an engagement rate of 3.8%, Arora's posts consistently reach an estimated audience of 372.51K on average.

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Influencer marketing has an important role to play in promoting your Black Friday 2023 and Cyber Monday 2023 deals. Even if you plan to promote the deal throughout the entire BFCM 2023 week in November, planning well in advance is essential. After all, the chances are high that the influencer you want to work with may not be available. So, make the most of, an automated influencer marketing platform, to scale your best buy Black Friday campaigns with the right influencer. Get an extensive list of holiday influencers for this year's campaign.

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