India's Q2 Influencer Marketing Recap: Top Brands, Hashtags, and Influencers on Instagram

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August 1, 2023
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The Q2 Influencer Marketing Report for India provides valuable insights into the influencer marketing landscape during this period. From the top 5 brands dominating sponsored posts on Instagram to the trending hashtags that gained popularity among Indian Instagram users, this report is a comprehensive overview of the key trends and strategies that shaped the industry. 

India's Top brands, influencers, and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram.

Top 5 Brands Dominating Sponsored Posts on Instagram

The second quarter of 2023 brought significant changes to the Indian influencer marketing landscape. Dot & Key Skincare continued to dominate, while SUGAR Cosmetics and Amazon Fashion India showcased consistent engagement and adaptability. The entry of MYNTRA and Nature's Essence highlighted the expanding influence of e-commerce platforms and the importance of regional content. 

Dot & Key Skincare: Setting the Standard

Dot & Key Skincare maintained its position as the leading brand in Q2, solidifying its presence in the influencer marketing scene. With an impressive increase of 237% from 597 to 2008 sponsored posts, Dot & Key Skincare demonstrated the power of effective collaborations and engaging content in driving brand success.

SUGAR Cosmetics: Consistent Engagement

SUGAR Cosmetics secured the second spot in both Q1 and Q2, showcasing its consistent engagement with influencers. With an increase of 82% in the number of sponsored posts from 709 to 1291, SUGAR Cosmetics remained a formidable player in the industry, leveraging its strong brand image and innovative campaigns.

Amazon Fashion India: Adapting and Evolving

Amazon Fashion India, a top brand in Q1, slipped to the third position in Q2. However, it demonstrated adaptability by embracing influencer marketing and significantly increasing its sponsored posts by 128.17% from 532 to 1217. This shift highlights the brand's recognition of the power of influencers in connecting with fashion-conscious consumers.

MYNTRA: The New Entrant

MYNTRA made its mark in Q2, entering the top 5 list with an impressive 1156 sponsored posts, indicating substantial growth during the quarter. The brand's strategic collaborations with influencers helped establish a strong presence and effectively reach its target audience. MYNTRA's inclusion signifies the increasing significance of e-commerce platforms in influencer marketing campaigns.

Natures Essence: Niche Appeal and Regional Reach

Nature's Essence, another newcomer to the top 5 list, secured the fifth position with 1024 sponsored posts. Its success can be attributed to its focus on niche categories and engagement with influencers creating content in regional languages. By tapping into regional markets, Nature's Essence effectively connected with a wider audience and showcased the power of localized influencer marketing.

Top 5 Trending  Hashtags on Instagram

It's always heartwarming to see how Instagram users in India celebrated Mother's Day and expressed their love through hashtags like #motherslove, #mothersday, and #myfirstphotowithmymom. These hashtags provide a platform for users to showcase their appreciation for their mothers and share their precious memories.

Additionally, it's interesting to note that hashtags like #eyetoldyouso and #hbc gained popularity on Instagram in India. These hashtags are versatile and cover various topics, from eye makeup to travel and food. It shows Instagram users' diverse interests and engagement in India, as they share their experiences, recommendations, and creative content.

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Top Influencers with High Engagement Rates

1. Nisman Paripa (@niswomen, 366k followers) 

Nisman Paripa, an Indian influencer, specializes in creating engaging content centered around entertainment and lifestyle. Her dedicated following consists of approximately 65% male and 44% female followers, resulting in an impressive 51.86% engagement rate during Q2 of 2023. Notably, Nisman's primary audience hails from India, accounting for a substantial 90.4% of her total follower base. 

2. Shashank (@shashank_chettri, 302k followers) 

Shashank, a sailor and lifestyle influencer, has garnered significant attention in the past three months with a remarkable engagement rate of 47.72%. His content primarily targets the Gen Z and millennial demographics, comprising approximately 92.5% of his dedicated followers. It is worth noting that the majority of Shashank's followers are from India, showcasing his strong influence within the Indian audience. Furthermore, an overwhelming 90% of his followers are male, further highlighting his appeal to this demographic.

3. AnasSaiyad (@anas_saiyad20, 404k followers) 

Anas Saiyad, an entrepreneur and lifestyle content creator, has captivated his audience with engaging content, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 46.02%. Based on estimates, his content has reached an approximate audience of 78.35, accumulating a total of 117.53k impressions. Anas has successfully collaborated with renowned brands like Makkah Clock Royal Tower, Aabee Holidays, Instant Bollywood, and others, with 63% of his content being branded.

4. Muhammed riswan (@riswan_freestyle, 338k followers) 

Muhammed Riswan, an Indian sports enthusiast and content creator, focuses primarily on sports-related content. With an impressive engagement rate of 41.90%, Riswan has successfully captivated his audience. The majority of his followers, approximately 76.47%, are aged 21 years and above, hailing from India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Riswan's influence has led to collaborations with well-known brands such as Terminal 1 Clothing store, Red Bull India, Kerala Blasters FC, and others. 

5. Junaiz (@junaiz.vp, 338k followers) 

Junaiz, a prominent YouTuber and content creator, has carved a niche for themselves by specializing in entertaining and fashion-related content. With a commendable engagement rate of approximately 38.30%, Junaiz has succeeded in captivating its audience in a unique and compelling manner. According to the analysis by, Junaiz's content has an estimated reach of approximately 78.08k and has garnered an impressive total of 117.12k impressions. 

Top Influencers with High Follower Growth

1. Raajvir Singh (@raajvirsiingh, 99.3k followers) 

Raajvir, an Indian-based mid-tier influencer, curates lifestyle content that resonates with his audience. While primarily catering to an Indian following, he has garnered a significant fanbase from countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, and the United States. Notably, an impressive 61.19% of his followers are male. Over the past three months, Raajvir's follower count has witnessed an astounding growth of 2481.8%, showcasing his increasing influence.

2. Akshita sharma (@prettiestshadow, 120k followers) 

Akshita Sharma, an Indian mid-tier influencer, has gained significant recognition for her captivating content in the fashion and beauty niches. With an astounding follower growth rate of over 986.90%, Akshita has experienced remarkable success in expanding her audience. As per, Akshita's estimated reach stands at an impressive 24.25k, accumulating an estimated 36.38k impressions.

3. Subhalaxmi (@subhalaxmidashmusic, 143k followers) 

Subhalaxmi, a renowned artist and influencer, has captivated audiences with her soothing songs and career updates. With a predominantly male following of 75.65% and 24.35% female followers, her content has garnered immense popularity. Her follower count has experienced a staggering growth rate of 872.00%, further solidifying her influence in the industry. Notably, the majority of her followers, comprising 99.2% of her audience, hail from India, highlighting her strong connection with the Indian fanbase.

4. Venu Yeldandi (@svenuyeldandi9, 178k followers) 

Venu, a popular artist, and actor in the film industry, curates engaging content centered around lifestyle and career updates. While his primary audience comprises Indian followers, an impressive 91.02% of them are above 21 years old. Notably, Venu's fanbase predominantly consists of male followers, accounting for 89.82% of his total audience. In the past three months, Venu's follower count has witnessed a remarkable growth rate of 699.80%, showcasing his increasing popularity and influence among his audience. 

5. Ishaq Afthab (@ishaqafthab, 48.7k followers) 

Ishq Afthab, a micro-influencer, has attracted a dedicated following with his entertaining and lifestyle-focused content. In addition to his Indian followers, Ishq has garnered a significant fanbase from countries such as the UAE and Iraq. Notably, 89.56% of his followers are male, indicating his appeal to this demographic. With an impressive engagement rate of 18.51%, Ishq Afthab has successfully engaged his audience and fostered meaningful interactions. Over the past three months, his follower count has experienced an exceptional growth rate of 688.30%, solidifying his rising influence and popularity within the influencer community.

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