Indonesia's Q2 Influencer Marketing Recap: Top Brands, Hashtags, and Influencers on Instagram

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July 19, 2023
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In the second quarter,  Indonesia’s banking, fitness, lifestyle, and beauty scene  emerged as frontrunners in paid posts on Instagram. This article lists top brands, trending hashtags, and influential content creators.

Top 5 Brands Dominating With Sponsored Posts on Instagram

In our analysis of sponsored posts from various brands, we observed a fascinating mix of growth, decline, and stability across different sectors. This provides valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing in Indonesia. 

The beauty and skincare sector saw an impressive performance from Scarlett By Felicya Angelista, with a staggering 177.97% increase in sponsored posts from Q1 to Q2. This surge indicates the brand's growing popularity among influencers, cementing its position as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

While some brands thrived, others faced challenges. Bank BRI, a prominent player in the banking sector, witnessed a significant decline of 61.95% in the number of sponsored posts from Q1 to Q2. 

In the digital products category, Jual preset Lightroom experienced a 20.19% increase in sponsored posts from Q1 to Q2, demonstrating their active engagement with influencers and content creators to generate buzz around their offerings.

In the retail sector, Purr Store  Indonesia Gallery emerged as a standout performer, experiencing a remarkable 23.26% increase in sponsored posts from Q1 to Q2. Lastly, Penggemuk Badan Mw Gain, operating in the fitness sector, maintained a relatively stable presence with a modest 3.67% increase in sponsored posts. 

Indonesia’s top brands, influencers, and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram. 

Top 5 Trending  Hashtags on Instagram

The Indonesian influencer marketing space is a thriving and diverse landscape, with several popular and intriguing hashtags gaining traction among audiences.  From #scarlett, associated with one of the country's best-known beauty brands, to #tni_ad_di_hati_rakyat, which showcases passionate support for the Indonesian army.

#ptlib keeps fans updated on the Indonesian New League, while #stadionkebunbunga lets sports enthusiasts know what's on deck at one of Bandung's most popular venues. Finally, #komcad taps into an audience passionate about military affairs and patriotism. 

 Indonesia Instagram Trend Report 2022

Top Influencers with High Engagement Rates in Indonesia

1. Patrika S Anggie Paturusi (@anggiepaturusireal, 185k followers) 

Patrika, a macro influencer, boasts an outstanding engagement rate of 52.28%. With a focus on lifestyle and career updates, Patrika knows how to captivate her audience. Patrika's estimated reach is 37.12k, while her content makes a remarkable impact with an estimated 55.68k impressions.

2. Jess (@jjessicawei, 100k followers) 

Jess, a macro influencer, creates content revolving around fashion, gaming, and lifestyle, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 38.42%. A notable aspect of Jess's content is that over 86% is branded, showcasing collaborations with renowned brands like YesStyle, Romwe, Geekom PC, OLens, and others. Based on estimates provided by, Jess has an estimated reach of 19.86k and generates around 29.79k impressions.

3. Yogadeden (@yogadeden_, 68.8k followers) 


Yogadeden, an Indonesian mid-tier influencer, focuses his content on entertainment and lifestyle, and has an engagement rate of 36.58%. His estimated reach is 13.29k and generates approximately 19.93k impressions. 

4. Anitakartistry (@theanitak, 91.1k followers) 

Anitakartistry captivates her audience through compelling content centered around beauty, fitness, and fashion. With an impressive engagement rate of approximately 34.47%, her posts resonate deeply with her followers. Anitakartistry has collaborated with renowned brands like Alo Yoga, alo, Lululemon, Nike Women, and others. Her content has an estimated reach of 15.93k and generates around 23.90k impressions.

5. Adriel Susanteo (@adriel1712, 60.6k followers) 

Adriel Susanteo content is centered around travel and lifestyle. His posts in this niche have achieved an impressive engagement rate of approximately 29.93%, demonstrating his ability to resonate with his audience. He has an estimated reach of 12.14k and generates around 18.21k impressions. 

Top Influencers with High Follower Growth in Indonesia 

1. Alin Rizkiana (@alinrizkiana, 14.9k followers) 

Alin’s Instagram feed is about writing and food. Her compelling content has led to a significant surge in her follower count, experiencing a remarkable increase of 1101.40%. Alin's followers consist predominantly of Gen Z and millennials.  Approximately 86.87% of her loyal fan base belongs to Indonesia. At least 76.77% of her followers are female, highlighting the strong connection she has forged with this demographic.

2. Erwan GP (@erwan.duojaer, 17.5k followers) 

Erwan, an artist from Indonesia, focuses his content on career updates and lifestyle. With an impressive follower count growth of over 817.5%, Erwan has established himself as a prominent figure in the industry. He has successfully collaborated with renowned brands like Tarlo Entertainment, Info Mojokerto, Supertrack, and Tarlo Music, with 75% of his content being branded. Erwan has an estimated reach of 3.52k and generates around 5.28k impressions.

3. Petrus Sanong (@sanong_16, 16.2k followers) 

Petrus is a certified personal trainer who specializes in fitness and lifestyle content. With a dedicated focus he has achieved an engagement rate of 0.48%. Petrus has experienced a remarkable increase of 852.40% in his follower count, indicating a growing interest in his expertise. His estimated reach stands at 3.26k, reaching a substantial audience, and his content generates approximately 4.89k impressions. 

4. Linda Leona (@leona.linda, 55.5k followers) 

Linda, an actor, has seen a significant surge in popularity with a staggering 706.5% increase in her follower count. Her estimated reach is impressive at 10.98k, and her content has accumulated around 16.47k impressions. Approximately 17% of Linda's content is branded, indicating her collaborations with various brands.

5. Bayou Nug(@bayounug, 41.6k followers) 

Bayou, an Indonesian micro-influencer, is known for his entertainment and photography content. While his main following is from Indonesia, he has also attracted a significant audience from the United States, India, and Australia. It is interesting to note that 65.73% of his followers are male. In the past three months, Bayou's follower count has skyrocketed, experiencing an impressive growth rate of 617.2%. 

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