Malaysia's Q2 Influencer Marketing Recap: Top Brands, Hashtags, and Influencers on Instagram

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July 28, 2023
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Malaysia’s Instagram influencer marketing report explores top 5 brands of the Q2,  trending hashtags and profiles of influencers with highest engagement rates and substantial growth in their follower base.

Malaysia’s Top brands, influencers, and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram 

Top 5 Brands Dominating Instagram With Sponsored Posts 

Beauty, electronics, and food industries dominated Instagram, producing the highest number of sponsored posts. YOU Beauty Malaysia and Samsung Malaysia mainly gained prominence during this period. YOU Beauty Malaysia tripled its Instagram posts from 40 posts last quarter to an impressive 120 posts. This threefold increase in their posting activity demonstrates their strong commitment to engaging with their audience and highlights their growing presence in the beauty industry. At the same time, RLT Racing Empire's number of Instagram posts dropped from 110 in Q1 to 41 in the second quarter. 

Top 5 Trending Hashtags on Instagram

YOU Beauty Malaysia's hashtags like #youbeautymy and #youskincare stood on top, followed by the #youinwatsons hashtag, a collaboration between YOU Beauty Malaysia and Watsons, a popular retail chain in Malaysia. Another hashtag, #raya2023, celebrated the vibrant spirit of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, while #exploremore inspired users to discover new horizons. These hashtags fostered cultural celebrations.

Malaysia Instagram Trend Report in 2022

 Top Influencers with High Engagement Rates in Malaysia

1. kakak (@adahrazak_, 35.3kfollowers) 

Kakak is a fashion and lifestyle influencer with an impressive 52.43% engagement rate. As per, Kakak has an estimated reach of 6.47k and impressions of 9.71k, indicating that her posts significantly impacted her audience.

2. Rief  Daniel (@riefdaniel, 128k followers) 

Rief Daniel, a popular macro influencer from Malaysia, creates content related to lifestyle and entertainment. His engaging posts have generated an impressive engagement rate of 42.22%, and he has a diverse following with a 54.72% male and 45.28% female audience. Daniel's audience mostly comes from Malaysia and the USA, highlighting his global appeal and influence.

3. Raa  (@norelvisu._, 82k followers) 

Raa’s content focuses on beauty and skincare. Her posts in this niche have garnered an impressive engagement rate of approximately 40.89%. She has an estimated reach of 15.93k and impressions of 23.90k.

4. Büşra Derdemez (@busra.derdemez, 62.4k followers) 

Busra is a mid-tier influencer sharing lifestyle and fashion content. She has an estimated reach of 12.49k and impressions of 18.73k. Her content generates an engagement rate of 28.92%.

5. Joshua Eng (@joshiee_ifbbpro, 21.6k followers) 

Joshua is a renowned fitness influencer based in Malaysia. With an impressive engagement rate of over 28.32%, Joshua has successfully collaborated with several esteemed brands such as Milbon Malaysia, Nekderx, and Wolves Fitness. Of the total, at least 27% of his content is branded. Joshua has an estimated reach of 4.32k and estimated impressions of 6.48k.

Top Influencers with High Follower Growth in Malaysia 

1. Sid Murshid (@sid_murshid, 213k followers) 

Sid creates content on food and music with an engagement rate of 28.32%. His audience comprises a wide group of Genz and millennials, with most of them from Southeast Asia. His follower base has witnessed an impressive growth rate of 1948% in the last quarter.

2. Kazu (@kaz_inkl, 82.4k followers)

Kazu creates content on fashion, lifestyle, and travel videos. His content resonates primarily with a female audience, comprising 58.14% of his follower base. Kazu has amassed an impressive audience with a remarkable 1150% follower growth in the last one year. He has successfully collaborated with renowned brands such as PrettyAim and Fm shoes, with 38% of his content being branded. 

3. Sherlyn Heon (@sherlynheon, 110k followers) 

Sherlyn Heon, a prominent macro influencer from Malaysia, has fashion and lifestyle expertise. Her influence is reflected in a remarkable 851.1% growth in followers. Sherlyn's content resonates primarily with a male audience, making up 55.23% of her dedicated followers. Her followers are predominantly from the Gen Z demographic.

4. Timur Gabriel (@timurgabriel, 127k followers) 

Timur specializes in entertainment and lifestyle content. While her primary following is from Malaysia, she has also garnered a substantial audience from Singapore, Thailand, and India. At least 62.37% of her followers are females. Over the past three months, Timur's follower count has experienced a growth of  610.10%. 

5. Fayra (@nrfrhyn, 225k followers) 

Fayra, a content creator from Malaysia, utilizes social media platforms to share valuable insights about fashion and lifestyle. Her profile boasts an impressive engagement rate of 1.82%. Around 67.7% of her followers are from Malaysia, with 77.7% of them being above 21 years old. Fayra's profile also features 67% of branded content, highlighting successful collaborations with esteemed brands like Charles & Keith, Melueur Studio, Hijabistahub, and more. Her follower count has experienced a substantial growth of 496.40%.

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