Philippines's Q2 Influencer Marketing Recap: Top Brands, Hashtags, and Influencers on Instagram

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July 19, 2023
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In the vibrant social media landscape of the Philippines, influencer marketing has evolved into a powerful force, with Q2 witnessing the dominance of brands in the beauty, personal care, and food sectors. This article provides a comprehensive list of the top brands, hashtags, and influencers on Instagram in the Philippines. It offers insights into the latest trends and preferences of the Filipino audience. 

Top 5 Brands Dominating With Sponsored Posts on Instagram

Q2 revealed the strong influence of brands in the beauty, personal care, and food sectors in the Philippines' influencer marketing sector. Safeguard Philippines led the pack, while Ellana Cosmetics Official and Head & Shoulders Philippines experienced remarkable growth. These brands effectively engaged with consumers through strategic influencer collaborations, helping to drive brand awareness and connect with the Filipino audience.

Two standout brands in the beauty and personal care industry experienced notable growth in sponsored posts compared to Q1. Ellana Cosmetics Official saw an impressive increase of 234.2%, showcasing their effective use of influencer marketing to promote their cosmetics products. Head & Shoulders Philippines also had significant growth, with a remarkable increase of 537.9% in sponsored posts.

Pantene Philippines and McDonald's Philippines also made an impact with their sponsored posts, respectively. 

Philippine's top brands, influencers, and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram 

Top 5 Trending  Hashtags on Instagram

In Q2, Filipino Instagram creators showcased their interests in cleanliness, hygiene, and beauty through hashtags. The top 5 hashtags used during this period were #safeguardphilippines, #antibacterial, #handsoap, #hairtok, and #hairtips.

The hashtag #safeguardphilippines demonstrated the audience's focus on personal hygiene and cleanliness, aligning with Safeguard's brand image and product offerings. Hashtags like #antibacterial and #handsoap further emphasized the importance of maintaining a clean and germ-free environment.

On the other hand, the hashtags #hairtok and #hairtips highlighted the beauty and grooming needs of the Filipino audience. These hashtags indicate an interest in hair care and hairstyling, suggesting that users were seeking inspiration, tips, and tutorials related to hair.

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Top Influencers With High Engagement Rates in the Philippines

1. Mary Grace Canete (@eyes._.cream101, 43k followers) 

Mary, a micro-influencer from the Philippines, is recognized for her captivating fashion and lifestyle content. With an estimated reach of 8.21k, Mary's content generates 12.31k impressions, which substantially impacts her audience. Over the past three months, she has achieved an impressive engagement rate of 236.04%, showcasing her ability to connect and resonate with her followers.

2. Heather Alexia (@hhthr, 44.6k followers) 

Heather specializes in lifestyle and fashion content. She effectively connects with her audience with an impressive engagement rate of 105.67%. Heather’s content generates 8.92k impressions, reaching an estimated audience of 13.38k. Notably, Heather has collaborated with well-known brands such as Kiel, Garage Clothing, Jollibee, and more. Over  93% of her content consists of branded collaborations, further establishing her influence in the industry.

3. Jasmine (@Zennxinfinity, 24.1k followers) 

Jasmine creates engaging makeup and beauty videos. With an impressive engagement rate of 90.82%, Jasmine effectively connects with her audience. Her content generates 7.25k impressions, reaching an estimated audience of 4.84k. Jasmine has collaborated with well-known brands such as Forest Ink, Shien, and Skelanimals in the past. 

4. Ginregidor (@Gin, 26.1k followers) 

Ginregidor, a micro-influencer from the Philippines, specializes in lifestyle and fashion content. She has an outstanding engagement rate of 64.17% and an estimated reach of 5.23k. Her content generates an impressive 7.85k impressions.

5. Uji (@ujiii.fzh, 79.2k followers) 

Uji, a notable influencer in the food and lifestyle niche, has achieved an impressive engagement rate of 60.86%. Her estimated reach is 15.92K, and her content generates a remarkable 23.88k impressions. These numbers clearly demonstrate her posts' significant impact on her audience, showcasing her effectiveness as an influencer in the industry.

Top Influencers With High Follower Growth in the Philippines

1. Kat  (@katdafuq, 75.7k followers) 

Kat, a micro-influencer from the Philippines, specializes in lifestyle and daily life content. With an extraordinary follower growth rate of 969.30%, Kat has established a strong connection with their audience on Instagram. Kat's estimated reach is 15.24k, and her content generates an impressive 22.86k impressions.

2. Ro Miranda (@ms.romiranda, 20.1k followers) 

Ro, a micro-influencer from the Philippines, is known for her expertise in fashion and lifestyle content. While she has a significant following in her home country, she has also managed to attract a substantial audience from the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. An interesting aspect of Ro's following is that an impressive 62.94% of her followers are male. Over the past three months, Ro's follower count has skyrocketed with a remarkable growth rate of 955.80%, further solidifying her influence and expanding her reach.

3. Neil Begasa (@neilpatrckk, 56.5k followers) 

Neil is an influential content creator whose work revolves around outdoor activities and travel. With an impressive engagement rate of 20.23%, Neil captivates his audience with captivating and inspiring content. His large follower base mainly comprises individuals from the Philippines, the United States, and Indonesia. Neil's reach extends to both genders, with 53.75% of his followers being male and 46.25% female. Notably, his follower growth has experienced a remarkable increase of 526.00% over the past three months.

4. Georgia Mae Sayson (@georgiasayson, 6,853 followers) 

Georgia, a fashion and lifestyle content creator from the Philippines, has gained significant traction with her content. With an extraordinary follower growth rate of 379.80%, Georgia has successfully built an impressive audience. Notably, her content resonates primarily with a female audience, comprising 58.93% of her followers. Georgia's collaborations with renowned brands such as Shien, Uniqlo, and London Rag have further solidified her presence in the industry. At least 44% of her content consists of branded collaborations, showcasing her ability to seamlessly integrate branded content into her engaging posts.

5. Vince Flores (@titovinceflores, 720k followers) 

Vince Flores, a well-known macro influencer from the Philippines, is recognized for his multi-talented persona as a host, dancer, and artist. He primarily focuses his content on lifestyle and career updates, providing valuable insights to his audience. Vince's influence is evident in the remarkable growth of 334.90% in his follower count, indicating the expansion of his audience reach. His estimated reach is an impressive 144.31k, and his content generates 216.47k impressions, further highlighting the significant impact he has on his followers.

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