UAE's Q2 Influencer Marketing Recap: Top Brands, Hashtags, and Influencers on Instagram

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July 17, 2023
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Quarter 2 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) showcased certain brands' dominance, trending hashtags popularity, and the influential power of top content creators. Automotive brands marked the top spot with the most trending hashtags, showcasing the UAE’s dynamic and vibrant influencer marketing industry. 

Top 5 Brands Dominating With Sponsored Posts on Instagram

In the ever-evolving landscape of influencer marketing in the UAE,  WD Cars and WD Performance,  a part of the automotive industry, demonstrated impressive growth in their influencer marketing in the last three months.

Likewise, MOTF Official saw a significant growth of  6.3% in releasing sponsored posts while Shein, a fast fashion brand, showed a growth rate of 240%,  highlighting the brand’s successful influencer marketing strategy. 

UAE’s Top brands, influencers, and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram 
UAE’s Top brands, influencers, and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram 

Top 5 Trending  Hashtags on Instagram

Q2 in the UAE witnessed the popularity of hashtags related to the automobile industry, reflecting the country's passion for cars. Hashtags such as #sellin_uae, #sport_car, #uae_car_market, #uae_car, and #polish gained significant traction, revealing user interests in buying/selling cars, high-performance sports cars, the variety of car models in the market, the local car scene, and car maintenance/customization. 

These insights offer valuable guidance for businesses in the automotive sector, enabling them to effectively engage with their target audience and drive brand awareness in the thriving UAE automobile market.

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Top Instagram Influencers with High Engagement Rates in the UAE

1. Saleha Halilintar02 (@salehahalilintar02, 30.7kfollowers) 

Saleha is a mom influencer, focusing on fashion, lifestyle, and parenting. Her impressive engagement rate of 103.42%  indicates how her content resonates with her audience. According to, Saleha has an estimated reach of 6.10k and impressions of 9.15k.

2. Isabella (@wellnessbybells, 14.9k followers) 

Isabella, a micro-influencer from the UAE, focuses on health and wellness content and has an impressive engagement rate of 100.28%. Her estimated reach on Instagram is 3.30k, accumulating an estimated 4.45k impressions.

3. Daria (@okhrimrnk_daria, 19.1k followers) 

Daria, a micro-influencer, leverages social media to educate and provide finance tips, with a remarkable engagement rate of 56.08%. Daria's estimated reach stands at 3.79k, accumulating an impressive 5.69k impressions. Her content significantly impacts her audience, empowering them with financial knowledge and insights.

4. AaAlbaAa (@albaduabi, 19.1k followers) 

Alba, a captivating micro-influencer, dedicates her Instagram feed to lifestyle and fashion. Over the past three months, she has achieved an impressive engagement rate of 37.66%. Alba's estimated reach stands at 32.41k, accumulating approximately 48.62k impressions. With her unique style and captivating posts, Alba leaves a lasting impact on her audience in lifestyle and fashion niches.

5. Sabrina Rahmani (@miss_sabrina6, 61.6k followers) 

Sabrina curates a visually stunning Instagram feed that showcases lifestyle and fashion. Her compelling content has an engagement rate of 33.67%. Sabrina has collaborated with renowned brands like Stradivarius Fashion and Novikov Cafe Dubai. Her estimated reach stands at 12.33k, accumulating approximately 18.49k impressions.

Top Instagram Influencers with High Follower Growth in the UAE

1. Mc Mido (@mc_midooo, 179k followers) 

Mido, a content creator focused on music and lifestyle, has seen an impressive 4893.6% follower growth in the last three months. His audience, predominantly Gen Z and millennials, hails from the UAE, Egypt, and Switzerland. Mido has a  significant male following of 56.49%. 

2. Danal Hajali (@dr_danaalhajali, 87.6k followers) 

Danal, a micro-influencer and mom influencer based in the UAE, is known for her expertise in DDS and lifestyle content, providing valuable insights about dental health to her followers. While her primary following is from the UAE, she has also attracted a significant audience from Iraq, the USA, and Egypt. Notably, at least 67.39% of her followers are male. In the past three months, Danal has seen an impressive 1290.3% growth in her follower count.

3. Mariam Shoaib (@shriamdubailife, 29.4k followers) 

Mariam Shoaib, a UAE-based influencer, specializes in fashion, lifestyle, and travel content. With a remarkable 746.70% follower growth, Mariam has garnered a strong female audience, with 80.43% being above 21 years old. Her captivating content continues to inspire and engage her growing fan base.

4. Cinthia Valencia (@zjcinthiavalencia, 110k followers) 

Cinthia, a celebrated Zumba trainer, and dancer, shares captivating lifestyle and career updates with her audience. She has collaborated with notable brands like Sky Views Observatory, Yerman Urban Fit, and Gilba Arroyo Zumba Wear, and has an estimated reach of 18.87k and impressions of 28.31k.

5. Akbar (@akbarslife.official, 11.3k followers) 

Akbar, a content creator hailing from the UAE, shares valuable insights about content creation on social media. With an impressive 1.26% engagement rate, Akbar has collaborated with renowned brands like Pepes Piri Piri and Bubbly. Notably, his follower count has skyrocketed by 503.30%, reflecting his content's growing appeal and impact.

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