United States's Q2 Influencer Marketing Recap: Top Brands, Hashtags, and Influencers on Instagram

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July 14, 2023
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In Q2, influencer marketing in the United States witnessed the dominance of retail giants Target and Walmart, along with the success of fashion-focused brand Shein and beauty brand Sephora. In this comprehensive article, we have delved into the world of influencer marketing in the United States, covering the top brands, trending hashtags, and influential content creators.

Top 5 Brands Dominating With Sponsored Posts on Instagram

The top brands in Q2 represent different product categories and industry sectors. Target and Walmart with their range of products covering various categories underscore the importance of influencer marketing in the retail industry. SHEIN.COM's success in the fashion industry and Sephora's influence in the beauty sector highlight the effectiveness of influencer-driven campaigns in promoting and connecting with consumers in these specific categories.

USA’s Top brands, influencers and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram
USA’s Top brands, influencers and hashtags of Q2 2023 on Instagram 

Like to Know It emerged as the leading brand with at least 1,114 sponsored posts, showcasing its prowess in leveraging influencers to promote products across various categories. Compared to Q1, Like to Know emerged as the leading brand, experiencing an impressive growth rate of 113.82%.

Walmart maintained a strong presence with at least 680 posts and stood at the second position, recording a growth rate of 61.03% compared to Q1, followed by Shein.com. The brand showcased consistent performance with 610 sponsored posts in Q2, maintaining its position in the third spot.

In the last three months, Target showcased a significant increase in sponsored posts, rising from 293 to 413 and securing the fourth spot in the top 5 brands. As a well-known brand that offers a wide range of household items, electronics, clothing, and more, Target's success in influencer marketing highlights its ability to connect with consumers through strategic partnerships.

Sephora made a notable entry into the top 5 brands in Q2, replacing US.SHEIN.COM. With 410 sponsored posts, Sephora solidified its position in the influencer marketing landscape, showcasing the effectiveness of Sephora's influencer collaborations in promoting beauty and skincare products. 

USA Instagram Trend Report 2022

Top 5 Trending Hashtags on Instagram

In Q2, several popular UGC hashtags, including #ugccreator, #ugc, and #ugccommunity, emerged on Instagram in the United States. These hashtags reflect the growing importance of user-generated content on the platform.

Hashtag #Gifted was often used by influencers and content creators to indicate that they have received products or experiences as gifts from brands. 

#UGCCreator encompasses a diverse group of individuals who generate and share UGC on Instagram, including photographers, videographers, artists, and writers. #UGC is a widely-used hashtag that highlights content created by Instagram users, such as photos, videos, and reviews, and helps users discover and engage with authentic content. #UGC community fosters community building and collaboration among content creators, encouraging interaction within the UGC community. 

#FYP, short for "For You Page," refers to the personalized feed on TikTok where users discover videos tailored to their interests. Although primarily associated with TikTok, the hashtag is also used on Instagram to categorize content that is meant to gain visibility and reach a broader audience.

Learn more about UGC and its relevance in social commerce! 

Top Instagram Influencers in the USA With High Engagement Rates

1. Nick Wilkins (@n1cwilkins, 352k followers) 

Nick Wilkins Instagram profile
Nick Wilkins

Nick Wilkins, an American lifestyle influencer, captivates his audience with engaging content, boasting an impressive engagement rate of approximately 66.76%. As per affable.ai, Nick's estimated reach stands at around 70.40k, accumulating an estimated 104.60k impressions. Nick has successfully collaborated with several brands. Of the total posts, at least 5% of his content is branded.

2. Samuel Grubbs (@samuelgubbs, 350k followers) 

Samuel Grubbs Instagram profile
Samuel Grubbs

Samuel Grabbs, an American influencer specializing in entertainment and comedy, delights his audience with his unique blend of humor and engaging content. With an impressive engagement rate of 46.98%, Samuel has successfully captivated his followers. His collaborations with notable brands such as Sling TV, Body Armor, TikTok, Hoodclips, and others have further solidified his position as a sought-after influencer.  Samuel's estimated reach stands at 69.46k, accumulating an estimated 104.19k impressions.

3. Tyler (@tyamonganimals, 421k followers) 

Tyler's Instagram profile
Tyler @tyamonganimals

Tylor is a passionate American influencer and animal caretaker who creates engaging content focused on animal care and welfare. With a remarkable 37.04% engagement rate, he collaborates with notable brands like The Wag Bar and OtterBox. Tylor's estimated reach of 84.27k reflects his ability to connect with a broad audience who share his love for animals. 

4. Damian Lechoszest (@damianlechoszest, 606k followers) 

Damian Lechoszest Instagram profile
Damian Lechoszest

Damian is a talented professional artist who specializes in oil painting. Her captivating content showcases her incredible artwork, immersing viewers in the world of her paintings. With an impressive engagement rate of 32.72%, Damian has successfully connected with her audience. According to estimations, her work has reached an estimated audience of 121.10k, accumulating approximately 181.65k impressions. Damian's collaborated with esteemed brands like VA Gallery, Polans, Bloodbrush, and more with 10% of branded content.

5. Steven VanderBaan (@slickstevietv, 482k followers) 

Steven VanderBaan Instagram profile
Steven VanderBaan

Steven is an American influencer whose Instagram feed showcases lifestyle and situational comedy. With an impressive 32.21% engagement rate, he captivates his audience. Collaborating with brands like Bluechew and Too Turnt Tea, his estimated reach is 94.34k, with 141.51k impressions. Steven's content is entertaining and influential in lifestyle and comedy-focused niches. 

Top  Instagram Influencers in the USA With High Follower Growth

1. Zach Crawford (@tallguyauto, 195k followers) 

Zack Crawford Instagram profile
Zach Crawford

Zach, an American macro influencer, has experienced an astounding follower growth rate of 5838.06% in his follower count over the past three months. With his captivating lifestyle and event videos focused on the automobile industry, Zach has garnered a dedicated following from countries like India, Colombia, and Egypt. Notably, 75.68% of his followers are male, reflecting his appeal within this demographic. Zach's remarkable growth and international reach signify his influence and resonance with audiences worldwide.

2. Nigel Xavier (@nigerlxavier, 757k followers) 

Nigel Xavier Instagram profile
Nigel Xavier

Nigel, a fashion-focused influencer, enthralls fashion lovers with captivating content. Over the past three months, he has experienced an astounding follower growth rate of 4897.10%. With an estimated reach of 150.63k and 225.94k impressions, Nigel has successfully built a substantial following. Notably, his content appeals to both genders, with 43.67% female and 56.33% male audiences, showcasing the broad appeal of his fashion expertise. 

3. Phoebe (@phoeberreynolds, 173k followers) 

Phoebe Instagram profile
Phoebe @phoeberreynolds

Phoebe, a mid-tier influencer, utilizes social media to share captivating beauty and lifestyle content. With a commendable engagement rate of 2.09%, she successfully connects with her audience. The majority of Phoebe's followers, approximately 68.4%, are based in Indonesia, with 87.7% of them being above 21 years old. Notably, 65% of her content is branded, highlighting her collaborations with notable brands such as Erase SPA, Elemis, Athena Club, and more. 

4. Guille Kullak (@guillekullak, 148k followers) 

 Guille Kullak  Instagram profile
Guille Kullak

Guille Kullak, an Instagram influencer, dedicates his content to lifestyle and career updates. With an impressive follower growth rate of 1010.30% in the last three months, Guille has captured the attention of his audience. affable.ai estimates his reach at 30.40k and impressions at 45.60k, highlighting the substantial impact he has on his followers.

5. Stefano (@stefanomusic, 183k followers) 

Stefano Instagram profile
Stefano @stefanomusic

Stefano, a renowned musician from the United States, creates captivating content encompassing lifestyle and music. With an impressive engagement rate of 1.056%, his posts successfully resonate with his audience. Stefano's diverse following comprises 57.75% male and 42.25% female, showcasing his broad appeal across genders. Notably, his audience spans countries such as the USA, Philippines, and Romania, reflecting his global influence. In Q2, Stefano experienced a remarkable surge in his follower count, skyrocketing to a growth rate of 931.90%.

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